Forget heartless, IDS is INCOMPETENT

The man whose policies have single handedly managed to increase the housing benefit bill by a billion pounds per year in real terms  – or about £2.74 million per day if you prefer – with the bedroom tax, benefit cap, LHA cap and SAR cap; policies which all sought to reduce it, is now concerning his pea-brain with what work those migrated from Incapacity Benefit onto ESA could do!

Yes the God-fearing Christian himself Iain Duncan Smith now wants to blame the lazy disabled bar stewards for his back of a fag packet inept policy cock-ups.

Here he is in fine form as usual in yesterdays Daily Mail:

ids can do

A new test designed to assess what work long-term sick people COULD DO!

Leaving aside that this is all about IDS seeking to blame anyone and everyone else for HIS incompetence let us explore what that wonderfully superficial phrase means.

Take the man below as a starting point:

ids fit for work

  1. The IDS plan is firstly imagine the man above with 180 less of an IQ score as (a) the work any person COULD do is infinite, and (b) 180 less on an IQ score than the man above is perhaps 99% of the population in any case.
  2. THEN take off both his legs.
  3. THEN cut off one arm
  4. THEN cut off three fingers and a thumb from the remaining hand.

Now could such a person man a supermarket checkout and scan your groceries?

Of course he COULD!  And this is what IDS means that everybody COULD DO SOMETHING and ergo if you are not doing anything you must be a lazy scrounger!

Yet any such person would also be able to do a better bloody job as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions rather than the truly incompetent and incumbent buffoon IDS.

Here once again is the excerpt from the Institute of Fiscal Studies think tank report from a few a months ago with regard to housing benefit…ah HB that burgeoning welfare benefit IDS said the last Conservative-led coalition would reduce from its £20 billion per year by nearly £2 billion with the bedroom tax, benefit cap, LHA cap and SAR cap (the HB reforms.)

ifs hb real terms

Yes over £1 billion per year MORE and in real terms for his HB reforms.

The DWP said in its magazine called HB Digest published in early July 2010 that:

The Chancellor announced a package of Housing Benefit (HB) reforms in his Budget statement on 22 June. Ministers are clear that the overall cost of HB, forecast to be around £20 billion this financial year, must be controlled and reduced. The package of reforms will save nearly £2 billion by 2014/2015

And here is Cameron telling bare-faced lies to Parliament on HB cost back on 11 January 2012 Cameron lies about Housing Benefit at PMQs today. He said:

All parties are committed, as I understand it, to reform housing benefit. That was Labour’s commitment before the last election. The housing benefit bill is completely out of control. Labour’s own welfare spokesman said last week that at £20 billion, it was unacceptable and it had to change and what we’ve seen so far, as housing benefit has been reformed and reduced, is that actually we have seen rent levels come down. So we’ve stopped ripping off the taxpayer.”

Cameron said “…as housing benefit has been reformed and reduced”

Yet the HB bill had INCREASED by 2012 and surprise, surprise, it increased again in 2013 and in 2014 and yes in 2015 just for good measure.  And Cameron has lied about HB cost a few times more at PMQs too but then given Cameron has also stated the disabled are exempt from the bedroom tax…..

The HB bill now stands at over £24 billion per year and despite the HB reforms that all deduct HB at source which means their increased real term costs are down to the HB reforms creating other and higher HB costs elsewhere.  Maybe we should all send IDS a bigger fag packet on which he can formulate policy, but please no donations or sharp pencils…

It is not what job anyone COULD do that matters is it?  It’s the performance of the person in the job that really matters and the performance of Iain Duncan Smith has been one of rank incompetence and very costly failure.

Forget that he is a truly heartless bastard which he may well be as that is the image he seeks and craves and keeps him in his job. He is incompetent.

The real issue with IDS is that he is an incompetent and dangerous chancer and it is about time we all recognised that and stopped damning him for being a heartless bastard which only serves to increase his chances of staying in post.

15 thoughts on “Forget heartless, IDS is INCOMPETENT

  1. Yes like all politicians they are incompetent by their inability to think for themselves rather, they follow political indoctrins fromeir party.

    The real problem is the civil servants that control the politicians, they have the real power, they are not elected, not accountable, self appointing and self protecting. They are (at higher levels) all ex-public school (private, privileged schools for the ruling classes, we are the only country in the world that corrupts the word ‘public’). They are taught so called leadership and of course total arrogance at these places and few have actual common sense or real intelligence, these are the human filth that ruin our country. Yes he ia also part of the ‘ruling classes’ and is incompetent but he is not the one thinking up policies, there is a whole team of powerful cretins doing that for him, the same goes for all ministers, he is just the spineless front man.

    Any fool knows that something needs to be done but tinkering with something fundamentally out of control and not fit for purpose like the benefits system is not the answer, neither is employing outside contractors (ripe for corruption), the answer is to re-write the book and the first page being a summary of the aims and principals. The system does not need REFORM, it needs a complete rethink by real practical and inteligent people, ordinary people that actually work for a living, thats you and I.

  2. PS. Kevin Elks – I don’t work for a living – having had been poisoned by big pharma – but it doesn’t stop me being able to think occasionally. I also went to a public school, through a charitable scholarship. So please try to be careful with your generalisations.

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