Aylan – the death of a child whose face was not white enough for Cameron

Aylan, an innocent child, died because he is not white enough for this Conservative government.


Anywhere but Britain is Cameron’s position on the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Europe.  Even the right-wing BBC is writing about Aylan and his family in sympathetic terms here in which they say they were FORCED to flee.

Quite a contrast from the economic migrant position adopted by some Conservative MPs and UKIP and from George Osborne saying the fault belongs to ISIS and Europe and the UK are not to blame.

Adopting this overtly racist position is also handing a huge propaganda coup to ISIS who can now say even the western pig-dogs hate Kurds.

The BBC while they touch on how Kurds are stateless in Turkey the BBC fails to really mention the persecution Kurds face in Turkey and of course fail to include a picture or Kobane from where Aylan’s family fled.


Now why would anyone think the above is NOT a genuine reason to flee? Apart from being ignorant and innately and overtly racist I mean!

The real issue with Cameron and his cronies on TV media this morning is the touting of the Conservative line of we pay hugely for camps IN Syria and we ‘may’ take more refugees from Syrian camps but not from Hungarian railways stations or once these refugees reach Europe.

This is out-and-out Conservative Party racism that stems from Thatcher’s personal and hugely overt racism as this Guardian article from 2009 below reveals when the 30 year rule revealed Thatcher’s 1979 minutes over the Vietnamese ‘boat people.’

I have cut and pasted this article in its entirety below as the Thatcherite position of overt personal racism is the Conservative Party position of today.  I have merely highlighted and emphasised the outrageous racist views of Thatcher which can be clearly seen in the truly offensive and overt racist position taken today by Cameron and the UK government.

The article…

National Archives

Margaret Thatcher reluctant to give boat people refuge in Britain. PM warned of riots on streets if Vietnamese were given council housing, Downing Street papers reveal.  Margaret Thatcher, soon after taking power as prime minister, initially refused to give 10,000 Vietnamese ‘boat people’ refuge in Britain.

thatcher racist boat people

Photograph: PA PA/PA

Alan Travis, home affairs editor

Wednesday 30 December 200900.05 GMT Last modified on Wednesday 11 June 201418.51 BST

Margaret Thatcher initially refused to give 10,000 Vietnamese boat people refuge in Britain, privately warning her ministers that there would be riots on the streets if they were given council housing, Downing Street papers reveal.

The papers also show how Thatcher told her foreign secretary, Lord Carrington, and her home secretary, Willie Whitelaw, that it was “quite wrong that immigrants should be given council housing whereas white citizens were not“.

The Downing Street files provide shocking evidence that a personal element of racism, not evident in her public statements as prime minister, lay behind her reluctance to agree to a private and informal request from the United Nations high commissioner for refugees for Britain to take in 10,000 refugees who had fled Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in April 1975.

The papers, released at theNational Archives today, show that her reluctance to take in any of the Vietnamese boat people led to her making a proposal to the Australian prime minister, Malcolm Fraser, that they jointly buy an Indonesian or Philippine island “not only as a staging post but as a place of settlement” for them all. This proposal was blocked by Lee Kuan Yu of Singapore, who feared it might become a “rival entrepreneurial city”.

The new prime minister went on to tell Carrington and Whitelaw that those who were pressing the government to help the Vietnamese boat people “should be invited to accept one into their homes” and she asked if they could not simply be “shifted from one warehouse in Hong Kong to another in the UK. At an earlier meeting, the Downing Street files show that she warned her colleagues that there “would be riots in the streets if the government had to put refugees into council houses”.

By July 1979 more than 60,000 were in camps in Hong Kong, then still a British colony, and they were arriving at the rate of 500 a month. British merchant ships were continuing to pick up large numbers in the South China sea.

Hundreds of thousands were fleeing Vietnam and Cambodia and Britain had led the calls for an international conference.

Thatcher made it clear that any admission of Vietnamese boat people would have to be matched by a cut in the level of immigration to Britain, particularly in the admission of dependants. Thatcher said “that she had far less objection to refugees, such as Rhodesians, Poles and Hungarians, since they could more easily be assimilated into British society”.

Her reluctance to take in Britain’s UN quota of 10,000 was all the more embarrassing in that it came after Thatcher had lectured the Soviet premier, Alexey Kosygin, on the plight of the Vietnamese boat people after fleeing “the tyranny of communism”. Britain had also played a leading role in calling for a UN conference to tackle the humanitarian crisis in the South China seas.

On 9 July in the run-up to the UN conference, the Downing Street files show that Carrington and Whitelaw cornered her in an informal meeting. Carrington gave a vivid first-hand account of conditions in the camps in Hong Kong and suggested that Britain take the 10,000 spread over two years, and those picked up by British sea captains should be included in the quota. Whitelaw made it clear that 3,000 a year could be accommodated in Britain without the need for extra camps. He also promised Thatcher a new crackdown on immigrant male fiances, saying that he was thinking of “a kind of steeplechase designed to weed out south Asians in particular”.

The official minute says: “The prime minister said, that on humanitarian grounds, she would much rather see the UK take in refugees than immigrants. With some exceptions there had been no humanitarian case for accepting 1½ million immigrants from South Asia and elsewhere. It was essential to draw the line somewhere.”

When Whitelaw said his own postbag indicated a shift of opinion in favour of accepting more refugees, the prime minister said that “in her view all those who wrote letters in this sense should be invited to accept one into their homes. She thought it was quite wrong that immigrants should be given council housing whereas white citizens were not.”

As the UN conference loomed, Thatcher relented and agreed that 10,000 should be let in, spread over three years, with a preference for those who spoke English and had no medical problems.

Visit the National Archives site for the 1979 papers


The prime minister said, that on humanitarian grounds, she would much rather see the UK take in refugees than immigrants.

This is the same position the Conservative Party are taking today and the official party line that Ed Vasey spouted on BBC and ITV and Sky this morning.  We will take (weeded out?) refugees from camps in Syria but not take ‘immigrants’ who like Aylan and his family had managed to flee the war zone they used to call home.

Yes that means Cameron is just as much an out and out racist as Thatcher and the line of we spend money on camps and on overseas aid and all of the rest of these arguments are merely code for the British government racist position of anywhere but Britain – even too the Kurdish families who are fighting the latest British bogeyman of ISIS and being FORCED to flee.

You can just imagine an ISIS fighter in Syria saying to the Kurds there “…even the Western Infidels hate Kurds!”

The innate racism of the Conservatives is handing a huge propaganda coup to ISIS on a silver platter!

Aylan – a child allowed to die because his face was not white enough for the racist UK Conservative government anyone?  Yes!

PS – Pictures of 3 more children washed up dead on European beaches… it’s not just Aylan

syria 1

syria 2

syria 3

I was criticised for putting up those pictures a few days ago.  How opinion changes very quickly and how fickle the public are and how much they have been brainwashed and inculcated by the UKIP, Tory and Daily Mail messages of being swamped.

Here is a little graphic that the right-wing Times published yesterday

asylum claims times 2 sep 2015

All of you proud and overtly racist Germanic / Dutch / Danish mongrels out there (the Anglo Saxons) are you proud of how little your country is doing?

My surname is Anglo-Saxon so I am one of this mongrel race and I have a white face too and I am deeply ashamed to call myself British due to the overt racism of our leaders and most of the general public who want to believe the absolute shite they are fed daily with Britain is full up and we are being swamped and the migrant is responsible for it all.

Still over 300,000 UK citizens had the decency to sign a petition in 24 hours telling the racists in government that they have to do something.  Forcing the hand of a government who do not want to do anything over those FORCED to flee war zones that they had a huge hand in creating.

Having worked with asylum seekers ( a term first recorded in print in 1996) and refugees and those with ILR and ELR and what this racist Conservative government and its racist media aparatchniks like to call the ‘migrant’ in a bloody offensive and racist manner, they are all people, humans just like the bloody rest of us

This was back in the day when we had 120,000 or so asylum applications per year and in contrast to the 7,335 in a quarter now and the Daily Mail et al was in full flow with economic migrant scare stories.  4 years ago I put out a very short blog post that revealed once the many (unintentionally?) racist colleagues I was working with changed their view overnight when they discovered the simple realities of what seeking asylum and fleeing a war zone means for a child.

Many years ago I headed up a councils programme for dispersed asylum seekers at a time when asylum seeker was the headline in the Daily Mail everyday. You can imagine the type of headlines!  The large open-plan council office I was in would often hear ‘grumblings’ about asylum seekers but carefully not in my earshot.

One day I returned to the office and asked did anyone have any old football boots to fit a 7 year old. I explained he was football mad but only had one pair of shoes and his Mother wouldnt let him use them as these needed to be kept for school and church on Sunday.

I left for the evening and next morning on my desk were 17 pairs of football boots, assorted football kits and a note which said – “Its only when you put their problems into real life that we realise – keep up the good work!”

I took them out to the family and the 7 year old boy disappeared coming back two minutes later with a single flower which he gave to me and kissed me on both cheeks (while his Mother cried) and in broken English he said Thank you Mr Joe.

Just one reason why we do and have done these jobs and why they give amazing levels of job satisfaction

That is the short blog from Sept 2011.  The 300,000 + petition, the humanitarian crisis the likes of which we have never seen becoming front page and lead TV news story is an extension of the same principle the above blog revealed.  I still have hope that the real British people have the “there for the Grace of God go I” doctrine as part of them and not the “there for the Grace of God go…I couldn’t give a shit” doctrine of this innately racist Conservative government.

I may be an optimist in that hope, and even naive, yet what is cold hard fact is that the UK Conservative government are died in the wool racists and children are dying because of it!

Can you picture this Sunday, Cameron and the rest of the God-fearing purported Christians in his party going to church and singing God’s praises?

Altogether now join in….

Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red & yellow,black & white
they’re precious in his sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world

Jesus cares for all the children
All the children of the world
Black and yellow, red and white
They’re all precious in His sight
Jesus cares for the children of the world

For an avowed atheist how strange I remember all those Sunday School hymns which taught us what the word “Christian” actually means….

The Church of England still the Tory Party at Prayer anyone?


Lo and behold and hour after I publish the above Cameron confirms his racism and keeps on with the only those in UN camps are refugees and all those who fled are economic migrants bullshit


PPS – Wow 4,000 more (selected) refugees – compared to 800,000 being taken by Germany – Yes that means 200 times more taken by Germany and that fulfils Britain’s moral duty according to the racist Cameron!


6 thoughts on “Aylan – the death of a child whose face was not white enough for Cameron

  1. Joe, you are aware aren’t you that this family had sought asylum in Turkey and had been there for three years? The father needed dental work but his sister Teema Kurdi said she wasn’t allowed to send the $14,000 usd for the father to have his teeth implants in Turkey. The family then suggested they move to Europe so the dental work could be carried out. They got on a boat, hoping to reach Europe for the dental work but, the boat capsized. The children and mother didn’t have life jackets but, the father DID. He has now returned to Syria to live

    1. If you read the BBC article in the post you will see that Kurds have no status to be able to seek asylum in Turkey as Kurds are not recognised there and Turks oppress Kurds in Turkey

  2. Joe, I don’t think that this family wasn’t white enough – it’s that they weren’t RICH enough. Cameron would have welcomed them with open arms if they were millionaires wanting to buy up London property. It’s being poor he doesn’t like – God knows, you have to admit, he’s just as evil to his own (white but poor!) citizens.

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