Cameron is a racist over Syria

Here is a genuine Tory election poster from 1964 some 50 years ago.

tory 1964 election poster

If the Tories had such a poster today there would be outrage and rightly so; yet this is what Cameron is doing over Syrian refugees.

  • We are told that 4 million Syrians have been displaced in the war there.
  • We are also told most of those displaced are Kurdish in ethnicity.


Kurds have 5 religious groups of Islam, Yarsani, Yadisist, Zoroastrian and Christian. Yet our media and Conservatives link Syrian refugees with Islamic fundamentalism / terrorism and promote a view that Islamic Jihadis are rife amongst Syrian refugees  – ergo we can only take a tiny % of them and then only from the refugee camps surrounding Syria – ergo all Syrians now in Europe are Jihadists.

The UK has said it will take 4,000 per year – or a tenth of 1 per cent, 0.1% or one-thousandth of all known and internationally recognised displaced persons (ie refugees).  Yet Cameron says we are doing our bit!

If all 200 or so sovereign nation states took an equal amount of Syrian refugees – an absolute equality position – then the UK would take 0.5% of the 4,000,000 now – or 20,000 immediately and not a derisory and cherry picked 4,000 per year, if indeed we ever do take that amount.

Cherry picking on grounds or religion is what Cameron and the UK government is doing and is it conspiracy theory to think the UK position is surely we can find 4,000 Christian Kurds in the 2,000,000 or so refugees in refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan?

A mere 0.002% figure?

The Tories have not changed in 50 years as cherry picking Christian Kurds is no difference to the Conservatives 1964 election poster above or the many no Irish, no Black, no Jews posters which adorned the UK back in 1964 too.



Somewhat bizarrely a very good piece was published yesterday by the BBC’s Mark Easton on whether the Aylan incident has changed the British public’s view and he correctly said no.

When the British public was asked to describe an immigrant in a survey for the Migration Observatory a few years ago, 62% of people identified an asylum seeker – even though they account for just 4% of total immigration.

Yes that does say asylum seekers represent just 1 in every 25 people who migrate into the UK each year, a mere 4%.

24 out of every 25 immigrants into the UK are NOT asylum seekers.

Simple pie chart make it clearer for you reader?

immigrants uk 2014

The same BBC are calling this a “migrant crisis” which is total bollocks.  The Syrian situation is a humanitarian crisis , a refuge crisis and is NOT and never can be a crisis of migration.  The migration which has seen one German city in Munich take 28,000 is 3 days – a nice comparison with UK intent of 20,000 over 1,826 days! – is a symptom of the refugee crisis caused by the humanitarian crisis.

Asylum seekers and immigration are not the same thing

Syrians are all Muslims is also a fallacy

Neither is record numbers of immigrants all being from the EU which we cannot prevent – another typical Conservative / UKIP myth.  Here is the latest UK immigration details

immigration data nov 2014

The 5 countries with the most migration into the UK and we see that for the Conservative and UKIP myth that immigration is all outside the UK’s control and the EU force upon us may want to ask…

“When China, India and Australia joined the European Union??!!

Cameron and his Conservative government want the same racist assimilation as Thatcher had during the Vietnamese boat crisis all those years ago as I reported here.

Cameron is a racist.  The Conservative government is racist.  The genuine British public are being hoodwinked and deliberately deceived by its government into thinking we are doing our bit, that we are about to be swamped (Cameron’s terms) by hordes (BBC reported term) of Islamic Jihadists and that Aylan, his family and all those Syrian (and Iraqi, Afghani and Eritrean refugees) refugees fleeing war zones who have filled out TV screens for the last week are terrorists and economic migrants.

Cameron and the Conservative government are simply racist liars yet their narrative is winning aided and abetted by the right wing media and is spawning fascist upon fascist group to crawl out from underneath their stones and that Islam equates to terrorism.

Strange how Cameron wanted to bomb Assad two years ago and now wants to bomb ISIS who are in fact fighting Assad – the same Assad regime that we wanted to bomb two years ago yet sold nerve agent to 12 months ago!

Strange how Amnesty International are calling the drone killing of to British citizens as state sponsored terrorism too don’t you think?

Of course all moot points and yet they are deliberate moot points by this government to deflect away from the racist and inept actions of the UK government in facing up to its legal obligations under the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees.

If we do what we are legally obliged to do and take in our fair share of Syrian and other refugees, the UK public will blame the EU and Cameron will lose the really big political issue of the last 50 years, the EU referendum and his intention (which I share) that the UK should remain in the EU and would suffer greatly with BREXIT.

Cameron has his racist knickers in a twist so be prepared for more drone articles, more all refugees are terrorist articles, more of the S*n let’s bomb Syria articles and yet more extreme and racist xenophobic Britain.  We are all being played and time the same fan the shit is hitting blew away all the smoke and mirrors that the UK government cares or is doing its bit!








4 thoughts on “Cameron is a racist over Syria

  1. You make a good argument for the plight of the refugees, but please try and remember that this is our country, and we must first look to our people. While I do feel for the poor peoples who have been forced to flee their homes and country,I must look to my own first and foremost. If we just took in any number of refugees we would soon be in trouble ourselves. There must be a way to help these poor peoples but a method for prolonged and self determined survival should surely be the first concern. The fact is that we and our neighbours must concentrate on controlling the situation,not just running around with our arse in our hands trying to be politically correct when there is a real need to conduct ourselves with compassion and common sense.

    1. Fundamentally disagree.

      A Brit walks into hospital with a cut finger. A refugee walks in with a heart attack. You are saying we treat the cut finger first.

      See this on 29 Jan 2014 – 20 months ago aas Cameron said we must URGENTLY take in Syrian refugees

      24 in every 25 immigrants are NOT refugees and we are being fed a pack of racially motivated bullshit from Cameron and the media and if Germany can take 500,000 per year easily there is no reason why we cannot take in ten time the projected 4,000 per year

  2. Most conservatives don’t like any type of migrants or refugees nor the sick and disabled
    There is no known evidence to disprove these facts. Only when a conservative government is forced to intervene by the public to take refugees in will they do so and only then with a lot of delay

    These traits are wide world form all right wing political parties and when they do let them in they only do so like in Saudi for example to exploit them for cheep labour

    There again There is no known evidence to disprove these facts. Right wing political parties are responsible for all of the worlds ills and wars at worse and repression at best

  3. The situation with the refugees is solely caused by western foreign policy. As you pointed out Joe, they wanted to remove Assad from power and now they want to bomb ISIS to save Assad! The same man they sold weapons to despite declaring him an enemy. The Governments caused this situation for their own nefarious purposes and now the British tax payer has to fund the solution so we don’t look like racists. The Tories want to cut another £12 billion from welfare because of austerity yet this same party can put their hands down the back of the sofa and find billions more for refugees. I think we’re being conned!

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