Dodgy UK employers cause UK immigration

Put British people first! They’re economic migrants not refugees! They’re safe in France they should stay there! It’s all the EU’s fault and blah blah blah.

So many knee-jerk ill-considered comments and opinions abound in the general UK populace before we even consider this Conservative government saying they only come here for welfare benefits.

Yet how often do we hear that what attracts asylum seekers / migrants / refugees to Britain is dodgy UK employers looking to make more profit?

That is precisely what the Mayor of Calais has just said in an article today that has merit yet it is never discussed is it?

calais mayor

I have emphasised the word “and” above in the headline which reads:

“Nine in 10 migrants in Calais want to get to Britain to claim benefits and work on the black market …”

The Calais Mayor gives two reasons;

Firstly, the usual welfare benefits lure we hear so much about and irrespective of the facts of what welfare benefits an asylum seeker can actually receive;


Secondly, there is always a dodgy UK employer willing to pay cash in hand and avoid tax and avoid all of their employer responsibilities to health and safety and all other ‘cost constraints’ as these dodgy UK employers view these issues.

How about the government imposes a mandatory fine of £1,000 per illegal employee per week on dodgy British businesses who employ asylum seekers (who cannot legally work for the first 6 months) and / or  employ illegal immigrants?

Despite Natacha Bouchard the Mayor of Calais clearly seeking extra money for the costs Calais incurs and this being her main and unsurprising agenda above… I would settle for UK employers being blamed half as much as our supposed high welfare benefit levels for starters and stop the mythical half truth that all asylum seekers / immigrants / refugees only come to the UK for welfare benefits.


Cue outrage from CBI, IoD, every Tory MP and the usual suspects who like to use the phrase ‘business friendly’ all the time to mask their unlawful tax dodging practices!!

In fact as asylum seekers cannot work there is a much stronger argument that dodgy UK bosses who are willing to pay cash in hand actively encourage the illegal immigrant much more than they lure the asylum seeker.  They encourage the illegal and greater economic migrant that the genuine asylum seeker no less!




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