BBC Tory bias over Right to Buy

The BBC today in an article headed “Council house sales in England back to pre-recession levels” and with unrestrained hyperbole issues this graphic


The number of council homes in England sold under the right to buy scheme has more than doubled in two years.

Is just one of the many hyperbolic statements in this overtly biased propagandist article and note the scale with last year being 12,304 RTB sales and compared to 70,000 in 2003/04.

Now here is the same BBC reporting on right to buy and with another graphic from a few years back

rtb sales thatcherNote the scale with 200,000 council right to buy sales and the BBC hyperbole over renewed RTB sales of 12,304 in 2014/15.  In short the BBC is getting its Tory knickers in a twist about council house RTB sales despite for every 1 sold off last year there were 16 times as many in 1982 and in doing so they reveal yet again that the BBC has an institutionalised Tory bias.

Public broadcaster?


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