Why we need a TCG – Time to Act!

Here are just a few basic reasons put as simply as possible as to why all social tenants need to mobilise and get on board with the Tenant Campaign Group.


Make no mistake the Conservatives want to get rid of social housing and you can read about Osborne’s plan to privatise social housing here together with why the TCG is the best if not the only way to prevent that catastrophe.

The initial response to setting up the TCG – a fully independent and tenant led campaign group – that is all positive, you can read about here  and a simple poll is there on an important issue and please vote. It also says why the TCG is mutually beneficial to tenant and to social landlord.

You can have you say on the above with comments below or by emailing them to 10anthelp@gmail.com as hundreds of you already have in the first 24 hours.

The Tenant Campaign Group will happen, will work, so let’s make it happen and if discussing on Twitter please use #TCG

6 thoughts on “Why we need a TCG – Time to Act!

  1. Joe, I think that the idea of a Tenant campaign group is a very good idea, and I very much support the idea.I have some thoughts…relating specifically to the ‘Bedroom Tax’…and the need to try to ‘test’\establish some legal rulings, that may be more specific\determinative in nature than ‘The general approach n law to the application of the regulation’…(as stated in the ‘Nelson Decision(s)’.However,, I would like to share these with you on a more private basis than on this open forum( initially at least), for reasons that I am sure you can surmise correctly.Could you please contact me privately if you are willing to enable this? I genuinely hope that it may benefit many people. Thank you.

  2. I don’t know if anybody out there knows of or has a tenancy under the Private Sector Leasing, (PSL), Scheme, but my experience of it is that is is hell, with me having set up http://www.psl-hell.com to collect peoples experiences of living in PSL managed properties.

    There is not much there at the moment, (I only registered the domain this morning), but by the end of today I hope to have information of what the PSL Scheme, (Scam), is and some background to my own personal hell as a PSL tenant in Edinburgh.

    If you live in a PSL property and have had problems, please feel free to join out forum and tell your story, with me currently being in the process of taking High Court action against my PSL landlord, (LINK PSL), and hoping to assist others in doing the same.

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