20 blogs expose 20 Tory blags

Tory lies on welfare (sic) and housing issues you may have missed during the year

  1. Why all DV refuges, most supported housing and most sheltered housing will close and how DWP written answers confirm that.
  2. Pensioners to pay MORE to stay in social housing due to Conservative’s Housing & Planning Bill.
  3. Why disabled tenants have been charged £48 million too much in bedroom tax!
  4. Why Universal Credit will lead to a £24 billion INCREASE in the cost of welfare!
  5. Rent a London bedsit for 3 years, pay £15k in rent and get a FREE 4 bed house in Liverpool – It can only be the right to buy!
  6. Tories housing and housing benefit record since May 2010 – The facts not the IDS “I believe it to so” nonsense!
  7. How the Tories imposed 1% social rent cut is seeing 15% service cuts to social tenants!
  8. DWP caught red-handed deliberately and knowingly lying over the overall benefit cap policy
  9. In which the Government calls its own bedroom tax sub-standard – Yes irony is not dead!
  10. Are landlords, councils and judges still ignorant of the bedroom tax?  Yes here’s why
  11. Some very detailed figures as to why the bedroom tax, benefit cap. LHA and SAR cap collectively have seen a £1 billion INCREASE in housing benefit since May 2010 – Yes that means they have all failed as policies.
  12. Is IDS heartless? Perhaps, but the reality is he’s truly incompetent as his record proves
  13. The truly bogus DWP figures given for the benefit cap reduction – this is the biggest cut of the lot…so far and over 200,000 families evicted and made homeless in 2016.
  14. Now that UC covers 1% of all it was intended for it takes 44 days for the first payment to arrive!
  15. What the benefit cap reductions really mean – numbers, how London will go from 1 in 2 cases to just 1 in 5, and a homeless epidemic in the regions
  16. The highly detailed analysis of the benefit cap reductions – the detail that everybody is follishly ignoring
  17. Why the benefit cap will cost 30 times more than it saves – Yes that’s another cautious estimate too!
  18. The disabled are exempt from the benefit cap says Cameron – Oh no they are not! Not even those on Severe Disablement Allowance!
  19. £24 billion per year and £66 million per day in welfare goes unclaimed – official DWP & HMRC figures too!
  20. A reminder from 1 May 2015 of just how incompetent Miliband Labour was over the bedroom tax and the benefit cap!

Sorry reader yet I strongly suspect this time next year it will be 50 blogs for 50 Tory blags

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