Tories demolish homes owned in Cameron plan

Jeremy Corbyn asked a killer question at Prime Minister Questions today:


Last weekend Cameron told the Marr show he would be demolishing 100 council ‘sink estates’ – using his words and ignoring how pejorative that is – Yet those same council housing estates will contain many former council tenants who took up the right to buy their own home!

Cameron’s answer confirmed this is the case:

“I accept that this isn’t as carefully thought through as his reshuffle. What we want to do to communities where there are sink estates and housing estates that have held people back and agree with those local councils and agree with those local people and make sure that tenants get good homes. Make sure that homeowners get rehoused in new houses that is exactly what we want.

So in simple terms YES home owners will see their homes knocked down in this policy which Cameron himself admits is not thought through!

Very rare I praise a politician of any party and especially on a housing matter but this was an absolute killer question and exposes just how ideological and ill-conceived yet another Conservative Party housing policy is!

Digest Cameron’s answer in full and it says the agreement of those living on the estates is necessary.  So 1 former council tenant who is now a home owner having taken up the Thatcherite right to buy could block a 1000 council housing estate being demolished and regenerated Prime Minister?

It also needs the agreement of the local council from Cameron’s answer too.  So is it only council estates in Tory-run councils then Prime Minister?

Just 3 days for you latest housing initiative to fail Prime Minister?  That surely must be a record even for your incompetent government on housing policy!


Oops I forgot to say that at PMQs today Cameron said 1.3 million housing association tenants have the right to buy when his government has limited this to 6000 or just 0.46% of that 1.3m figure he claimed.  Oh he’s a bit a card isn’t he reader deliberately and knowingly deceiving like that!


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