Tories kill supported and sheltered housing OFFICIAL!

I am writing this while watching the House of Commons debate on the LHA maxima cap policy that Osborne announced out the blue in the Autumn Statement on 25 November.

This is the policy that will CLOSE all DV refuges, homeless hostels, sheltered housing and more and the debate seeks an exemption from this LHA maxima policy yet it is abundantly clear the Conservative government is NOT going to do.

Yesterday I drafted why hostel, refuge and sheltered will close FOR DUMMIES if you need background

The LHA maxima policy is a housing benefit policy therefore it comes under the remit of the DWP yet Iain Duncan Smith is nowhere to be seen and instead the government have sent the housing minister to reply.  They may as well have sent the Minister for One-Eyed fish called Ethel as this issue is absolutely bugger all to do with the housing minister and he has no authority whatsoever to say anything

Brandon Lewis, the housing minister, HAS announced that the proposed 1% rent cut for supported and sheltered housing due from April 2016  – which is a housing policy not a benefit policy – will be deferred for a year while the government awaits evidence as to its impact.

Yet that is in professional language, totally fucking meaningless, as a 1% rent cut on a service that will INEVITABLY CLOSE is about as much use as a chocolate teapot.  As the services will close – and new figures emerged saying supported and sheltered housing for 156,000 vulnerable people WILL CLOSE – then a 1% rent cut being deferred ha absolutely no impact whatsoever.  What part of the services WILL CLOSE does this imbecilic government not comprehend.

Then, note the 1% rent cut in supported housing and sheltered housing has been deferred government say because we won’t have the evidence of its impact until March 2016, is the same fucking evidence that they now admit they don’t have yet are still going ahead with the LHA maxima cap policy despite not having this evidence!!!

What part of utter duplicitous hypocrisy does the government not understand FFS!

How can you defer the 1% rent cut based on lack of evidence yet NOT defer the LHA maxima cap policy which will CLOSE those services as the evidence they do not have MUST inevitably reveal!

And where the hell is the incompetent Scarlet Pimpernel IDS? Or, also in correct professional language, where is this cowardly gobshite?!


PS – John Healey and Clive Betts aside – the lack of knowledge of the LHA maxima cap by Her Majesty’s Official Opposition, ie the Labour Party is a joke!


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