The “brilliant” CIH submit appalling LHA maxima submission..

Oh dear CIH what on earth is your budget submission about to the Chancellor with regards to the LHA maxima cut?! When you advertise yourself and your services by stating you are brilliant then you really do need to live up to that!


Brilliant?! ….Do read on

You say:

cih budget submission

Is that really the best you can do with all your resources?

  1. An extra care scheme may leave tenants with a shortfall of UP TO £67 per week
  2. A social landlord may see an £18 million per year cut

In terms of extra care schemes …

In response to a blog on this 4 weeks ago I had the following comment from a policy officer at a Housing Association in the North East (hardly the high rent extra care capital!):

..just submitted a briefing to the leadership team at the HA I work for. I included this example: We have just opened a multi million pound Extra Care scheme… all singing, all dancing, providing excellent facilities for vulnerable people, commissioned by the LA and supported by grant funding because this accommodation is sorely needed. But for anyone moving in after April, the situation looks like this:

I have put the figures stated in tabular form below for ease of understanding:

thirteen ha extra care

Just 50% higher than “..up to £67 per week” and revealing your submission to be a chronic understatement of the extra care position.

How much more powerful a point would be made telling the Chancellor that his announced policy expects a vulnerable pensioner to find over £5,000 per year just to make the rent in the low rent North East!

More importantly, why isn’t the CIH telling the BBC and ITV and all other mainstream news media that George Osborne will be cutting housing benefit to the most vulnerable pensioners by £100 per week.  

In terms of overall HB cut per year to providers – You could do worse than look at the detail of how YMCA (England) will lose over £40 million per year here which is 122% higher than the figure you quote or you could look to some reports in Inside Housing that reveal one social landlord with a £23 million + HB cut per year which is 28% higher than you quote!

Is there any reason other than sloppiness to blame for your figures as given you claim to represent housing then your figures are way off – 50% understated for extra care and over 100% understated for some social landlords.

Your submission is also woefully thin on HB cuts to short term services such as homeless hostels and DV refuges and please find below a table showing cuts to such services in Liverpool


As you can see I have anonymised the supported housing providers yet you can see both the percentage cut and the total yearly amounts which are very significant.  One project as you can see in the rightmost column is facing a cut of £12,445 per year which is £238.67 per week and a lot higher than you choose to mention in your submission.

You could also see here in which I compiled a very quick table showing the amount of HB that will be cut to sheltered housing services based on a current HB eligible rent of £140 per week in all BMRAs in England


Note well this is for entry level sheltered housing not the much higher rent and service intensive extra care model and as you can see in Hull your figures of ‘up to £67 per week for extra care are woefully deficient.

What is all the more surprising is that these CIH figures come from Terrie Alafat its Chief Executive who headed up the Supporting People programme at the DWP that concerned the funding of supported housing services and was then Director of Housing at CLG and who also regularly writes article for Inside Housing.

If this submission is the best CIH could do then I fail to see why they bothered at all as all CIH has done is chronically understate the impact of the LHA maxima policy.

Truly brilliant in its abject woefulness!!


6 thoughts on “The “brilliant” CIH submit appalling LHA maxima submission..

  1. Shine a light, the ‘sector’ is quick to blame the Government tho repeatedly fails to learn from its mistakes. Social housings mindset with Tory policy is to view it as an no-win scenario(s) akin to the Kobayashi Maru, ffs some housing professions need to learn to change the rules with original thinking or please Scotty beam Kirk to the bridge!

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