LHA maxima cut of £1billion buried in budget today! The figures here!

Within 5 minutes of downloading the budget documents I have found that the amount of Housing Benefit that will be cut in social housing with the LHA maxima policy has increased by 121% in today’s budget than Osborne stated in his Autumn Statement on 25 November 2015!

The total estimated HB cut this parliament is £1 billion cut to social housing, supported housing and sheltered housing!

Here are the figures from the Autumn Statement of 25 November 2015


And here are today’s figures:


  • The HB cut in 2018/19 increases from £120m to £265m – a 121% increase
  • The HB cut in 2019/20 increases from £170m to £335m – a 97% increase
  • The HB cut in 2020/21 increases from £225m to £390m – a 73% increase

In total for these three financial years the amount of housing benefit cut under the LHA maxima policy increases from £515 million to £990 million itself an increase of 92%!

It is any wonder why the OBR said of the figures in November that they had a medium to high level of UNCERTAINTY?!

By 2020 the estimated HB cut of £390m per year will be more than the bedroom tax which is currently a £350m per year cut to housing benefit.

Keep quiet about that one Georgie Boy didn’t you and of course your estimates will as usual be way off despite the LHA maxima cap alone being a £1 billion cut in HB this parliament.

Oh sorry I can’t say that can I?  I must be scaremongering again!!!





11 thoughts on “LHA maxima cut of £1billion buried in budget today! The figures here!

  1. Just a quick question, why are “cuts” shown as + and, I assume, additional spending shown as – ?

    I’m guessing its because a “cut” to us plebs, is money in the bank to HMG?

    Highly confusing to us mere mortals.

  2. Local Housing Allowance is a joke anyway. £495 a month in my area where there’s nothing to rent under £650 a month. I have to add £38 a week out of my £96 a week ESA. I can only afford to rent my house, not heat it

  3. Perhaps George Osbourne is assuming all the other benefit cuts will kill off thousands of claimants, (starvation, hypothermia, even more suicides, etc), and thus there will be less people needing to claim Housing Benefit????

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