A toast to IDS – Resigned over benefit cuts? Away and shite!

Before I decide on a choice of Aberlour, Macallan or Glenlivet and perhaps all three (bottles!) the reason IDS has given for his is complete and utter nonsense.

My apologies Iain but I couldn’t find a single malt made in Easterhouse so these will have to do


IDS has always had ‘front’ and a Teflon-coated resilience as the Work & Pensions secretary and the idea of him resigning over the handling of or the policy to cut £4.4 billion in PIP this parliament just doesn’t wash at all.

My immediate speculation, and that’s all it can be, are this resignation is one of two other reasons – his desire for Brexit with even a potential leadership challenge as part of that; and/or the decision a day or so ago when the courts finally made him give up the real information on Universal Credit that he has fought tooth and nail to keep secret.

His resignation letter below is standard political diplomacy and not a Sir Geoffrey Howe resigning speech that killed Thatcher and includes enough repetitions of the caveat “I believe” to see that it is from his own hand and not some SPAD or flunky; though he attempts to paint a self-portrait of that mythical political figure – the caring conservative and even suggests he wanted to hit the welfare benefits of the pensioner yet was stopped (by the cabinet?) despite the pensioners share of welfare benefits rising to 70% by 2020 from 56% in 2000 and from 65% of all welfare benefit spend in 2010.

I am writing this as I am thinking and as social media is ablaze with champagne corks a popping and speculation over who will succeed; whoever does will inherit a God Almighty mess – by that I mean the real figures not the deceitful bullshit and sophistry we have only had from IDS these past 6 years and not just the ESA and PIP catastrophes.

Will this be a time for the Conservatives to say sorry and bury IDS by for example agreeing with the IFS figure that the 4 HB reforms of bedroom tax, benefit cap, LHA and SAR cap which IDS introduced with a view to saving £2 billion per year have actually increased the HB bill in real terms by over £1 billion per year – in summary a £3 billion per year failure.

I doubt it despite the truth in that and despite the fact that a more real UC picture may emerge after the courts decision though of course a sanitised version of the truth, not the whole truth and nothing but the sanitised what we can possibly get away with and /or hide to comply with the court.

IDS despises the European Union and his resignation from his post and from the cabinet allows him to become a very loud and very persistent anti EU voice before 23 June, which will expose the deep divisions in the Conservative Party… and is IDS seeking to be a temporary interim leader attracting the anyone but Boris votes after Cameron resigns?

IDS is so conceited and so much a zealot that he probably believes such a political path exists.  I never met or spoke with IDS yet I know a few who have and at length and the one word they all say about him is that he is a zealot and always has been.  He is right and the rest are wrong; he does not listen and in fact refuses to listen; he is way beyond confident, cocksure and conceited, he believes his own hype … while choosing to forget the Conservative grassroot party members voted him their worst ever leader in history.

A zealot does not resign over disability benefit cuts and IDS is the biggest zealot there is – this excuse is bullshit.

In the true spirit of the antithesis of friendship I have for the truly incompetent IDS, so much more of an incompetent than the pantomime villain heartless bastard he has as a caricature, I will let this never to be missed zealot have the last word – His phoney as hell resignation letter – Do enjoy people as much as I will the single malts which are pining for me right now!

“I am incredibly proud of the welfare reforms that the government has delivered over the last five years. Those reforms have helped to generate record rates of employment and in particular a substantial reduction in workless households.

As you know, the advancement of social justice was my driving reason for becoming part of your ministerial team and I continue to be grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to serve. You have appointed good colleagues to my department who I have enjoyed working with. It has been a particular privilege to work with with excellent civil servants and the outstanding Lord Freud and other ministers including my present team, throughout all of my time at the Department of Work and Pensions.

I truly believe that we have made changes that will greatly improve the life chances of the most disadvantaged people in this country and increase their opportunities to thrive. A nation’s commitment to the least advantaged should include the provision of a generous safety-net but it should also include incentive structures and practical assistance programmes to help them live independently of the state. Together, we’ve made enormous strides towards building a system of social security that gets the balance right between state help and self help.

Throughout these years, because of the perilous public finances we inherited from the last Labour administration, difficult cuts have been necessary. I have found some of these cuts easier to justify than others but aware of the economic situation and determined to be a team player I have accepted their necessity.

You are aware that I believe the cuts would have been even fairer to younger families and people of working age if we had been willing to reduce some of the benefits given to better-off pensioners but I have attempted to work within the constraints that you and the chancellor set.

I have for some time and rather reluctantly come to believe that the latest changes to benefits to the disabled and the context in which they’ve been made are, a compromise too far. While they are defensible in narrow terms, given the continuing deficit, they are not defensible in the way they were placed within a Budget that benefits higher earning taxpayers. They should have instead been part of a wider process to engage others in finding the best way to better focus resources on those most in need.

I am unable to watch passively whilst certain policies are enacted in order to meet the fiscal self imposed restraints that I believe are more and more perceived as distinctly political rather than in the national economic interest.

Too often my team and I have been pressured in the immediate run up to a budget or fiscal event to deliver yet more reductions to the working age benefit bill. There has been too much emphasis on money saving exercises and not enough awareness from the Treasury, in particular, that the government’s vision of a new welfare-to-work system could not be repeatedly salami-sliced.

It is therefore with enormous regret that I have decided to resign. You should be very proud of what this government has done on deficit reduction, corporate competitiveness, education reforms and devolution of power. I hope as the government goes forward you can look again, however, at the balance of the cuts you have insisted upon and wonder if enough has been done to ensure “we are all in this together”.

14 thoughts on “A toast to IDS – Resigned over benefit cuts? Away and shite!

    1. all of those at the top need to resign and the public should insist that is the case. no mp should ever be elected without putting the needs of the sick and disabled first as evil just breeds evil not only in this country but throughout the world

  1. Sounds like IDS acted like a typical officer, would not listen to common sense or superior technical advice. I believe he must have been a failure as an officer, as he only served 8 years. Time someone from the Guards, broke ranks and spilled the beans.
    And I hope you are right Nick and he does end up in dock.

    1. i would think Patrick there is a case to answer with so many deaths and negligence that has taken place

      if i had been the Work & Pensions minister there would have no deaths as i would have had solid safeguards built in to the administration of the DWP where any doubt about a claimant would have been addressed by the most senior DWP staff with a visit to the claimants house so that anything that was not as it should be could have been addressed

      it is only by visiting a claimants house can you see the full picture as filling in forms could never do that

  2. It’s obvious to me that Iain Dunked’in Shit timely resignation has nothing whatsoever to do with possible PIP cuts or even anything to do with his relationship to Europe with him having a case for an exit come the referendum.

    He’s been the main architect of 5 out of 6 ESA, DLA cutbacks as well as the driving force of the Sanctions policy of this Tory government, not to mention the author and implementer of the hated spare room subsidy removal, better known as the bedroom tax.

    He’s also solely responsible for the deaths of thousands of claimants who have died as a result of his policies, which have caused untold suffering to some of the most vulnerable amongst us. People being left in abject poverty by his decisions that they have either starved or frozen to death or who have become so despondent at the way DWP treated them they sought suicide as their only relief.

    To suddenly assume IDS has found a conscience in relation to these cuts or the people they target is to give him far too much credit in being human. The only emotion he has ever had is one of grandiose self importance and of saving his own skin, looking after number 1. He’s spent years lying about the schools and colleges he attended, qualifications attained and even lied about his Army career, boasting he had AC higher rank than he actually did!

    This shit of a man has tried to hide his Universal Credit failures for 4 years so far, even going to court to prevent publication of the Risk Register, which detail those exact failings, the true cost of the UC program so far and his stewardship of it. His last appeal went against him this week, he knows his game is up, and like the shit he is, he’s trying to avoid all responsibility for it.

    1. IDS record of death for the sick and disabled must rank the highest in the world over the past few years. i do not know of any other country that has killed more of their vulnerable people over the past 6 years ?
      there well maybe another country but i personally do not know of one

    2. Spot on A6er, you have encapsulated that brilliantly, which saves me having to! This sorry excuse of a person, sociopsycopath, is directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of the most vulnerable in our society, yet would scoff at that suggestion, he really doesn’t give a shit. Should be pursued through the courts for mal administration in public office and class genocide. Unfortunately his replacement doesn’t look to be much of an improvement, an evangelical right wing gay hater, and all IDS pernicious reforms(sic) still coming down the line, our electoral system needs radical reform to prevent these fuckers (soz) from ever getting into office.

  3. Cant believe he has gone!! yeah there was me going through all my disability papers to see if I would have been effected? turn on the laptop and there it was IDS GONE!! yippee!! Never been so relieved in my life!!

  4. Unfortunately, while it’s an enormous relief that this awful excuse for a human being has gone, we are still left with the rest of the crew who haven’t a clue how the ordinary man or woman in the street survives.
    I can’t see that his going will reverse all of the harm this party has managed to do, especially to anyone who needs to claim any type of benefit at all!
    All those decades-upon-decades of the ill and disabled fighting for the right to have an equal part in society have been ripped apart by this party, and I can’t see any reversals in their policies happening in the immediate future, if at all, just because one man has left to do his own thing!
    All I can do is hope, and pray, that something happens soon to stop the rot 😦

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