IDS has gone…so what!

Iain Duncan Smith has gone. Yay!

YET the same policies remain with the same devastating impact and that includes the £4.4 billion being cut from PIP.  This policy has not been abandoned at all: It has only been deferred until the Tories can find a better way of presenting it.

Come 24th June this year, the day after the EU referendum, politics will be so volatile within the Tory party and in the public eye that the general public will by then have been persuaded of the argument along the lines of if we abandon the PIP cuts where are we going to find the £4.4bn we expected to save, blah blah, its a necessary evil, blah blah, blah…

The general public may dislike IDS yet that does not mean they dislike or disapprove of his policies.  Those affected by them despise him and his policies … the same policies that will continue and so I say ….

….IDS has gone…so what!

His replacement Stephen Crabb is an evangelical anti-gay right wing Tory who has a history of dodgy expenses and says the miners strike in Wales was the catalyst for his political beliefs … he was 11 at the time! Oh yes the spin is already coming out thick and fast on the son of a single parent who fled domestic violence and brought up in a council house, blah blah blah!

He is also just as zealous as IDS and even more ambitious and just the right political age to make an impression that he is tough and can handle a very difficult brief and be perceived as a future Tory leader.

IDS has gone…so what!

Crabb will have to be a yes man to Cameron and especially to Osborne who both want the social security net to continue to be attacked and receive far less public money.  There will be no change in welfare benefit attacks on the vulnerable and needy under this Tory government and the EU referendum and future Tory leadership contest that will happen will both deflect attention away from further welfare benefit cuts.

We will see the re-introduction of the £4.4 billion PIP cut and before April 2017 when it was intended to begin in the first place in my view.

IDS has gone…so what?

By all means enjoy the news that IDS has resigned – yet we have a bigger ‘heartless bastard’ coming in to replace him and a very ambitious one at that – so nothing will change.

The bedroom tax will remain unless we all appeal it, the ESA cuts will still take place, the 664,000 children at imminent risk of eviction and homelessness due to the overall benefit cap reductions will still take place, the LHA maxima cap and cuts will still go ahead too and all of the rest of this government’s ill-conceived and failed policies will continue … and all may have to be made much harsher as Osborne’s growth figures wont materialise which means even deeper public and welfare spending cuts will be needed!

IDS has gone…so what!




2 thoughts on “IDS has gone…so what!

  1. Sadly, Joe, you are correct. Nothing will change; the ideology will continue unabated; and all that will happen is a new figure of hate, and derision, will rise to distract away from the actual impacts of CCHQ policies.

    All that said, I do wonder what will happen to UC. If it is as shot, and unlikely to work and be truly rolled out (ie: people other than single, no dependants), as some of us think; will Mr Crabbie take the blame for its failings by trying to implement it fully or will he decide he doesn’t want the blame in 12 months or more when its still not working and get rid of it – blaming his predecessor.

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