Book, faced or economy is just deeply deeply in it – RED

The £4.4 billion cut to Personal Independent Payment is still in the Red Book said IDS on the Marr show.

IF the PIP cuts are reversed then the government has to find somewhere else from the DWP spending to take this £4.4 billion from in simple terms.

The same goes for the ESA cuts and for the LHA maxima cuts and the pay (MORE) to stay cuts and everything else that is in the Red Book.

As I said yesterday IDS has gone…so what and the policies still continue!

Cameron has done his snake oil salesman best as indeed has Stephen Crabb to say the PIP cuts in their current form will not go ahead; yet the savings from those cuts still have to be found elsewhere and it is highly probable the PIP cuts will resurface in a new form. 

Why did Osborne NEED to reduce PIP by £4.375 billion?  His own budget data tells us on page 68…


Because the welfare cap makes the budget a zero sum game and Osborne’s cock up over RBS share values meant he had a £5.8 billion hole in his figures, so he had to find £5.8 billion worth of savings (cuts) from elsewhere.  Let’s shaft ‘the disabled’ in PIP and claw back £4.4 billion from those ‘disabled shirkers!’

Put another way ‘the disabled’ paid the cost of bailing out the bankers!

Here is the £4.375 billion cut to PIP this parliament from the budget of last week:


Add up the totals and here is the £4.375 billion cut to PIP that the Tories are constantly telling us is just £1.2 billion, or £1.3 billion – you know lies tend to be see further lies and further convenient memories when all we have to do is look at the facts of what is said in the red book.

In the same way as with PIP note the line below it reveals that council tenants will be shafted for a further £1.03 billion this parliament with the pay MORE to stay policy.  Note that this figure can ONLY be for council tenants as their increased rent goes back to the government when housing associations increased rent in pay MORE to stay stays with the housing associations.

So the £5.8 billion black hole created by Osborne’s cock up with the bailing out of the RBS bankers means that ‘the disabled’ and the council tenant gets shafted to pay for Osborne’s cock up.

The Budget 2016 official data in the Red Book also reveals that the LHA maxima cap policy sees a cut of £990 million this parliament and like PIP and PMS (Pay More to Stay) if the LHA maxima policy does go on to exempt supported and sheltered housing then another £990 million of cuts will have to be found elsewhere!

So what else is going to be cut to pay for DV refuges, homeless hostels and sheltered housing to be able to survive is one question?  Another is that alternative benefit cuts will not be found and all homeless hostels, DV refuges and sheltered housing will close.

PIP cuts of £4,375 million plus £1,030 million in pay MORE to stay plus £990 million in cuts from closing all DV refuges equals necessary (!!) cuts for Osborne’s cock up in bailing out the RBS merchant bankers!

We all know who the biggest merchant banker is don’t we my old china!






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