Dicks get Crabbs

Did you know I am a hard left troll who is abusive and hide behind an avatar? That is what the MP for Lichfield Michael Fabricant thinks because I called him a dick.

I called him a dick because he is a dick and if you think that is abusive it is nothing compared to the abuse – note abuse not merely being abusive – that he practises out of ignorance, ideology and a hugely inflated ego.

This happened late last night when I said this in response to Michael Fabricant:


I was sober before you ask and I reworked the old phrase of better to let someone think you’re an idiot than open you mouth and confirm it.  I used the word ‘dick’ rather than idiot and after reading what Michael Fabricant had written in his local rag about the cut to those in the ESA WRAG which was patronising mendacious claptrap and is not even worthy of discussion.

Michael Fabricant then tweeted this:


I use an avatar Mr Fabricant, but who I am is made perfectly clear and I shall pass on any comment on being ashamed to reveal as jibes on Worzel Gummidge lookalikes spring instantly to mind,’ yet that would be too easy and more importantly far to much of a deflection from your ignorance which makes you a dick in the first place.

Yet your ignorance had to live up to your ignorance and conceit as you went on:


You really do like digging a hole for yourself don’t you?

The ESA Work Related Activity Group is for those deemed (to which I’ll return) to be able to work at some time in the future but not at the present time.  It is for people who are incapacitated and indeed ESA replaced Incapacity Benefit and such people need support to move back into employment – that is why ESA is called Employment AND Support Allowance and that is a huge caveat.

Capable of working WITH support in simple terms.

Only fair that those who can work, do work – is one of those pithy phrases you utter as a mantra and yet it can ONLY be fair for them to work IF they get support – which again is why they receive Employment AND Support Allowance – just like Incapacity Benefit which it replaced the name is self explanatory!

As I said above your truly patronising local paper comments are unworthy of comment yet they mirror the deceits of your new SSWP Stephen Crabb from his Facebook page – and apologies reader this is long as the sheer scale of the patronising bullshit and deceit is breathtaking.


Miscommunication Stephen Crabb? Is that self-criticism or irony?  Actually as one of your constituents replies you are way off the mark

No they are not able to work. If they were they would have been ineligible for ESA altogether and been told to claim JSA. The people in the WRAG have been assessed as currently unable to work but they may be able to work at some point in the future. The option to find a job to make up the lost income from the cut to WRAG payments is not currently available to them.

Those in the ESA WRAG are able to work … at some time in the future and the idea is that they are able to work within to years IF they get support.  Can you please explain how you envision this support which is undefined and glossed over is better tailored?  Does the £29.05 per week you are taking from them better enable them to take a taxi to constant assessments as they are incapable of using public transport or to take a taxi to a hospital appointment for chemotherapy for their medically diagnosed cancer?

Update 13:05pm Minister I see you haven’t changed the DWP website yet …

esa gov

That word “and” is what you are seeking to deny and knowingly so!

Your gratuitous patronising bullshit and ideological faux indignation in inferring that receipt of ESA somehow prevents those recipients from working and labelling any recipient as benefit-dependent perhaps explains why ESA recipients in the WRAG are so angry.

If it is not bad enough that a faux assessment by paramedics  overrides the qualified medical opinion of a cancer specialist or autism or other highly qualified medical professional and deems then ‘fit for work’ you are determined to label them as scroungers and benefit-dependent – and your support (sic) runs to taking away a key aspect of enabling them to get genuinely fit for work and attending the many hospital appointments they need in order to actually save their lives.

What part of being dead makes the ESA recipient fit for work Minister?

Many tens of thousands on ESA and in the WRAG have degenerative conditions, they are genuinely incapacitated and genuinely need help and support and you only seek to score cheap and bloody offensive political points that they are scroungers and receipt of ESA somehow prevents them working!!

Minister, when you look at your new departments classifications of welfare benefits you will find that ESA is not deemed a disability benefit such as DLA or PIP or Attendance Allowance, you will find that it comes under the ‘Incapacity’ benefit tag as DWP figures clearly show.  You will also find it does not come under the ‘(un)employment” benefit classification either – Yet you discuss it only in terms of disability and employment when it is an INCAPACITY benefit.

Here is a screenshot to help you understand what you choose NOT to understand and instead merely seek to score patronising, cheap and bloody offensive political points from:

esa autumn statement

As you can see these are the official figures from the Autumn Statement and reveal that ESA is an INCAPACITY benefit and not a disability benefit yet you wrongly, and knowingly, conflate this with ‘disability’ in order to make offensive and cheap political points attempting to justify the unjustifiable and disparage and label all those who receive it in attempting that!

Perhaps on your first full working day in your new position, minister, you can explain precisely what this ‘better tailored support’ you claim you are giving to those in the ESA WRAG actually is.

However I strongly suspect you will not have time as it is stated your first statement is to abandon the £4.4 billion worth of cuts to PIP, which is a disability benefit, and which will leave a £4.4 billion black hole in the chancellors budget figures from last Wednesday and be busy fielding questions as to where YOUR department will find the £4.4 billion of other spending cuts to replace it with!

Will a week be enough for you to say what ‘better tailored support’ actually means?  In outline and that shouldn’t be too difficult as it is existing policy and this much needed ‘welfare’ is called Employment AND Support Allowance!

PS – I don’t expect a response so soon as to why 60% of those who allegedly fail the ‘medical’ get this overturned on appeal though perhaps you may care to look at the responses on your offensively patronising and deceitful Facebook article for a few clues:  Here’s a selection from those who are in the ESA WRAG: –

That explanation is not strictly true. People in the WRAGroup are deemed to be capable of work “in the future”. At the time ESA is awarded they are not fit for work, if they were they would be told to claim JSA. Many people have a condition expected to improve over time. Some cancer patients may, at some point, be able to return to work but, whilst undergoing the ravages of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are often extremely ill for a long time. How will removing £30 per week “incentivise” them to move into employment?

Please get your facts right for what you vote for – people in the ESA WRAG are NOT fit for work! They have been through an assessment that says they are not currently fit for work, they may at some point be able to return to work, but currently are too sick to work. If they were deemed fit for work they would be allocated to JSA not ESA WRAG. I despair of this government and that they do not have even a basic understanding of what they are voting on.

The facts are that disabled people will be worse off while looking for work. Access to work for disabled people is harder so they are less likely to find work. Therefore they will be living on a reduced income with higher living costs than able bodied people. Also… a great many people have been labelled fit for work when they are seriously ill and unable to work. That is fact that the government keep ignoring. Your explanation is not satisfactory Mr Crabb



7 thoughts on “Dicks get Crabbs

  1. I failed my first ESA assessment and then re-claimed ESA while simultaneously appealing against my first claim being refused. My appeal ended up in the Upper Tribunal and the DWP decided to support it, after which the Judge put me in the Support Group. The whole process took two years. Anyone who gets ESA at all has had to pass an assessment.

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