£1500 ESA cuts as quadriplegics fit and able to work say DWP!

The new Secretary of State for Work & Pensions Stephen Crabb says people with Quadriplegia, Brain Haemorrhage, Brain Tumours, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinsons Disease and scores of other conditions are ‘able to work!’

He said so on his own Facebook page (see here) as he believes those placed in the Employment and Support Allowance Work Related Activities Group, or ESA WRAG are all fit and able for work!

Note well if they were fit for work it would mean they would be unable to claim and receive ESA in the first place!!

He wants to take away £29.05 per week from the quadriplegic and 42 other incapacitating conditions or £1514.75 per year ESA WRAG benefit and pay them the same amount as those without any incapacitating condition – the princely sum of £73.10 per week!

Stephen Crabb believes that a quadriplegic does not have any additional costs each week than the able bodied person seeking work even though (a) the benefit they receive is called Employment AND SUPPORT Allowance, and (b) if they are fit for work they are unable to claim ESA and would receive Job Seekers Allowance.

Since I posted about this yesterday morning here I have been sent a Freedom of Information Act response from the DWP that lists all of the conditions which require a doctor or physiotherapist to assess as part of the Work Capability Assessment for ESA.

The FOI response is below:


While the question asked what incapacitating issues require a Doctor or Physiotherapist to assess (rather than say a paramedic or nurse) for ESA purposes, the same list of conditions mean that all of the above ARE conditions of people in the ESA WRAG and whom Stephen Crabb says are able to work!!



A .pdf of the above FOI response is here






9 thoughts on “£1500 ESA cuts as quadriplegics fit and able to work say DWP!

  1. Clearly not the right man for the job. I would like to know who in his opinion, would be willing to employ these people. The reason job applications ask health related questions is because employers want healthy and reliable staff which is understandable. So taking in to account the many unemployed fit/ healthy able bodied people that apply for each job vacancy, does Stephen Crabb really believe they will choose to give the position to a quadriplegic?

  2. The government are taking the Mick I am unemployable what happens if I go to work tomorrow then have a flare up I don’t think I’ve ever been out of one the pain is horrendous and I try to sleep it away so if I didn’t turn up to work for the 6 days after that how do I get paid its a joke I wish it was all in my head and I didn’t have to live with the pain day after day taking painkillers to get through the day perhaps the government would like to offer me a job can’t say when I can start I will be a danger to myself and others around me but government you just keep pushing this acts through on the weakest and the poorest shame on all of you

  3. this lot dont have a clue just like tony blairs labour they stopped my dla my mums and dla all in the one month my has had two heart attacks my late dad had leaukmia i have hydrophalus and have had 9 major brain ops since 6 weeks old my spinal cord is narowing i could be chair bound in 3 years who is going to give me job with my health now i am taking mygrains answer this one mr cameron

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