Cam pain and compassionate conservatism

Prime Minister, I have a question on ESA from Rachael from Swindon who has been asking your colleagues the same…


alan duncan alan haselhurst

Andrew Mitchell andrew rosindell

ben howlett boris johnson

brandon lewis chris pincher jeremy hunt

damiencollins eric pickles

geoffrey cox george osborne

grant shapps helen grant

ids jacob rees mogg

justin tomlinson kit malthouse

lucy allen maria miller

mel stride michael tomlinson

nadhim zahawi nadine dorries

nick boles nicky morgan

nigel mills oliverletwin

peter bottomley peter lilley

priti patel richard benyon

rober buckland sarah newton

stephen crabb stephen crabb 2

steve double steweart jackson

therese coffey tobias ellwood

will quince william wragg

zac goldsmith

Oh sorry the question…

What part of the word “and” do your colleagues NOT understand?

esa gov

Oh and here is Rachael from Swindon who has been so wonderfully persistent on asking your colleagues this very same question!


I also think she may have been asking are we really all in this together and even what dictionary has your definition of the word ‘compassionate?’

Dave, I gather this lady is very persistent too and intends to keep on asking these questions until you do what you previously have not, you know, actually answer a question.

Dave, I also get the impression that many more like her will take up this brilliantly simple campaign of cam pain and spread the above which some of your colleagues are calling ‘vicious’ as they are being held to account.

This is clearly getting under the collar of a number of your colleagues as they may also be forced to answer questions from their own constituents too

Do you have an answer for her Prime Minister?  Oh finally you may want to tell the poisoned chalice holder Stephen Crabb that he is being accused – rightly – that he has deliberately misled when he said that those on ESA and in WRAG are deemed fit for work as they are not.  Just a gentle reminder that its one thing to mislead your constituents but now he is the minister responsible all the eyes of the country are on him.



Rachael, whoever you are, well done! Fabulous campaign.






6 thoughts on “Cam pain and compassionate conservatism

  1. every single one of them is bent, the local MP for totnes in south Devon Dr Sarah Wollaston has been informed on numerous occasions about a massive fraud on the public purse happening in her own constituency , that is quite possibly also happening country wide yet she has ignored the evidence and refused to even look into it. now things like this make you wonder, is it down to pure laziness? or does her party or even she have a part to play in it and want it kept quiet? like the election expenses?

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