Let’s talk rents say David Orr – A Swift response!

Dear social tenant, did you know your housing association landlord wants to voluntarily reduce your rent level??!!

Housing Associations should be free to set rents at whatever they choose without any government interference says the Chief Executive of the National (sic) Housing Federation in an article yesterday

He said …

the government gets out of rent-setting altogether and leaves this to the boards of housing associations – the people who have the legal obligation to deliver their objectives and a clear social mission to fulfil. This would allow housing associations to set higher rents in some markets for some people and, critically, to set lower rents for those on the lowest incomes.

So, housing associations would according to David Orr be able to (a) increase rents when they believed the tenant could afford to pay more; and (b) reduce rents when the tenant could afford to pay less.

Does any tenant believe their housing association landlord would voluntarily reduce their rent level as David Orr is saying here?

If so what planet are you on?

Further this policy would see Housing Associations act as a tax man – a point which David Orr fails to mention in this article – as any additional rent they saw fit to charge would go to housing association coffers but not to the Treasury as this is the same rationale as the government’s inept pay MORE to stay policy.

One wonders what part of absolute disincentive for any housing association tenant to get promoted David Orr fails to understand?!

Get on in work and pay more rent is how David Orr defines HA’s social mission!

As stated this is the exact same rationale of the governments pay more to stay policy which housing associations say they object to as they claim it will cost more money to administer than they collect from it, is precisely what David Orr is now advocating!

What planet are you on David Orr other than Planet London. London, Bloody London?

When housing associations are asked about pay MORE to stay the policy that would see a 3 bed HA property rent level increase from £140 per week to £500+ per week in London yet in some parts of the country change it from £96 per week to £90 per week (yes an actual decrease) housing associations are quick to point out that the pay MORE to stay policy would cost more to administer than they would collect.

Yet now it is national NHF policy because it suits the London based housing association landlords whose perverse views on social housing are the antithesis of the views of the vast majority of housing associations that are NOT based in London yet always hold sway with Glorious Leader Orr?

Is the name National Housing Federation in breach of the Trades Descriptions Act anyone?

Given that the NHF only promotes the housing desires of the G15 London cabal which pull its strings repeatedly the answer to that has to be a resounding YES

One final claim that David Orr makes in his abject delusion is that …

Being in control of their own rents would also give housing associations the certainty they need to continue to borrow and plan long-term to build the houses this country greatly needs. This would be a clearer, more sensible, fairer and more accountable system for housing associations and their tenants.

Giving omnipotence to housing associations to set rents at whatever level they chose would be fairer for tenants? – Ye Gods!!!

That provides the real answer as to the place of residence of David Orr – Cloud Cuckoo Land.  Though David Orr should re-read Swift and he will see that it only took the Lilliputians 37 wheelbarrows to take away Gulliver’s shit not the 1 per housing association household or 2.7 million wheelbarrows you need for David Orr’s heap of it.




4 thoughts on “Let’s talk rents say David Orr – A Swift response!

  1. Well we are certainly looking at how we can offer a sub market/sub social rent to help customers who would otherwise be excluded by LHA maxima cap especially single under 35’s. Have some faith that some of us still know why we exist!

  2. Watching all this unfold down in England with utter horror.

    For the life of me I can’t see why housing associations which retain an ethos of, er, providing housing for the ordinary person don’t leave the NHF to swan off into mega-landlord-salary-land and set up their own organisation

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