Forget heartless, austerity costs more


1. How much more does austerity cost the taxpayer?

2. How much more will the overall welfare bill increase with Universal Credit?

3. How much has the overall housing benefit bill increased despite the bedroom tax and all other HB reforms?

They are three questions that simply do not get asked never mind answered as everyone from opposition MPs to tenants to the general public refuse to even contemplate them.

YET – The full roll out of Universal Credit will cost £24 billion per year more and the Housing Benefit bill has increased by over £1 billion per year in real terms according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies.

Why do we focus on how amoral and heartless these ‘reforms’ are when we should be focussing on the fact they do not work as they cost the taxpayer more?

Are we letting the government off the hook by focussing on the amorality of their ‘reforms’ – noting that reform means to improve – by ignoring the fact they simply do not work and cost more?  

YES has to be the answer to that as there is no doubt whatsoever that UC will cost more and that the four HB reforms to date of bedroom tax, overall benefit cap, the local housing allowance cap and the shared accommodation rate cap, all cost more an in real terms.

What part of abject incompetent economic failure do we not get when numbers reveal and without any ambiguity reveal that these policies of austerity all cost the taxpayer more?

Here is why Universal Credit will cost so much more and here is the IFS report from March 2015 over Housing Benefit’s increased real term cost.

ifs hb real terms



4 thoughts on “Forget heartless, austerity costs more

  1. HI Joe, I suspect you know this already, but just in case that’s not so, Professor Simon Wren-Lewis’s mainly macro blog covers the cost of austerity in some detail, and over several time periods, in his postings. He also, within the last few weeks, covered the damage that results from Britain’s housing market on the economy.. Thanks for all your hard work


  2. Spot on here. People who vote conservative are very ready to dismiss anti-austerity arguments as just soft, woolly thinking lacking in a tough, responsible streak. The bedroom tax really made me realise that the government aren’t even fooling themselves about saving money; they’re working to create the society structure that keeps people in their place (victorian style model) whether it costs the economy or adds to it.

    I’ve made a poster illustrating Cameron’s relationship with the Uk for future protests if anyone wants to use it :

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