Let tenants eat cake say asocial landlords

Did you enjoy your shindig last night at the UK HA awards?  Today its back to haranguing tenants to pay the bedroom tax; tenants who spend less on food in three month than your backslapping awards dinner cost last night!


The social (sic) housing sector has such awards ceremonies coming out of its ears and it would not surprise if HMRC is considering tax allowances for the obligatory dinner jackets or cocktail dresses that all social (sic) housing staff must have in order to do their jobs!

The issue here is not envy but perception.  So called social housing has these congratulatory back-slapping events weekly and housing staff and their comms team bombard social media with the pictures such as the one above and that is the same social media they all harangue the social tenant to use to pay their rent!

Tenant get our smartphone app demands the social (sic) landlord to pay your rent and report repairs (that invariably do not get done) and we reward you by bombarding your smartphone with pictures of your friendly neighbourhood rent officer tucking into £200 per head dinners in their finery while you wonder how you can make three days worth of food you have last a week until your next Universal Credit payment!

Glamour and glitz may go hand in hand in a luxury products markets but not in allegedly social housing when landlord provider after landlord provider issue PR release after PR release about how much social purpose and social ethos they have.

How nice for a tenant to have a picture of an income officer dressed to the nines so tenants, oops sorry ‘customers’ can say “There’s that bitch who said pay your bedroom tax or social services will come and take the kids!” Or  there’s the one who said pay it and we will send you a creme egg at Easter!

Social (sic) landlords simply alienate tenants all the more with these weekly and often more frequent shindigs and the cost of which is paid for by vulnerable tenants in rent and doing so before the tenant has the choice of eat or heat.

Do such landlords think that having the odd award for tenant groups that all other tenants will be happy with this?  Or does that simply make tenants realise that tenant groups and tenant board members are just poodles of the landlord and easily paid off with a seat at such a back-slapping awards table?

£200 per head then travel and overnight stays and a day off work could easily see the cost of one housing officer attending equate to 9 months bedroom tax for a social tenant.

Oh I never thought of it like that will probably be the social (sic) landlord response. Yet that’s the problem, you simply do not and never do THINK!



3 thoughts on “Let tenants eat cake say asocial landlords

  1. Our HA tend to shut down the entire office for a day when they are in for a chance of an award! Its nothing but propaganda for them: “Ooo! Look how wonderful we are! Maybe you need to pay more rent!”

    BTW Joe: Thanks for all the stuff on bedroom tax. Lost last year ‘cos I didn’t have the time or facilities to defend the UT appeal. Going for it this year though, thanks to you! All the best Joe.

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