Tories subsidise UK employers by £5.476 Billion in HB

Every quarter the DWP releases the latest Housing Benefit Statistics and today see the latest sets of data. It seems Stephen Crabb is just as fond of Sir Walter Scott as his predecessor IDS

Oh, what a tangled web we weave When first we practise to deceive!

The data reveals a scandal of how Housing Benefit props up the scandalously low paying UK employer to the tune of £5.476 billion per year. Let’s begin:


Table 6 (above) shows that there are 1,089,002 families whose wages are so low they qualify for and receive Housing Benefit.  The increase on what the Tories inherited in May 2010 is a further 438,451 households who if they contain the average 2.3 persons means such low wages affect one million more people.

Below is Table 7 from the latest Housing Benefit figures:


The first point to notice is that those in work HB recipients get more than the average for all HB claimants which means on average these in-work HB claimants get full Housing Benefit.

The second point is a simple arithmetic calculation which shows wages from UK employers are that low that their workers receive £5.476 billion per year in Housing Benefit.

Linked to this is in essence this means Housing Benefit is subsidising UK employers by the same £5.476 billion per year as without the HB the workers would not be able to take up these miserly paying jobs.

The third point is that the cost of Housing Benefit to in-work recipients has gone up by a staggering £2.2 billion under the Tories watch since May 2010.  Put another way the cost of just this extra Housing Benefit to UK employers since May 2010 is over £6 million PER DAY.

Note well : All the above figures are known underestimates.  The figures only record those in receipt of Housing Benefit and do not include those in-work recipients who are on Universal Credit and who receive Housing Payment, the UC replacement for Housing Benefit.

In summary, I do note the irony that the Housing Benefit figures are always published on the same day that the unemployment figures are released and I also note the sheer hypocrisy of this DWP and government lauding the unemployment figures while it repeatedly slips their mind to mention that the same DWP gives UK employers £5.476 billion per year in Housing Benefit as reward for creating so many low paid jobs that nobody can afford to take unless they get HB!

£15 million per day of taxpayers money goes to in-work HB recipients – a price the Conservatives clearly think is small to maintain their political lies over job creation and employment




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