EU, immigration and political porcine faeces

Very quick post as I am sick and tired of the sh*t ALL politicians talk about immigration in the UK.

Net immigration currently running at some 330,000 or so against a government target of less than 100,000 and it is claimed that Brexit means we can ‘control’ this allegedly.

The only way to reduce immigration is to get rid of UK universities as the following taken from the Office of National Statistics in January 2016 reveals:

student net migration

Last year 2015 – 168,000 more came to study in the UK than UK students went to study abroad.  192,000 came here and 24,000 UK students studied abroad.

Politicians concentrate with their racist xenophobic predilections on workers coming into the UK and all such claim are deliberate errors of omission and commission as they ignore students. Lies in other words and known lies – or complete ignorance of the facts or both.

As we have 168,000 more students coming in than going out each year which means more than FIFTY PER CENT of net immigration is the student and they ARE counted in the net migration figure then any politician making claims over Brexit and reducing net immigration is pure unadulterated bullshit …. unless of course they plan to decimate UK higher education by banning foreign students coming here to study!!


ONS link to figures here (pdf)


3 thoughts on “EU, immigration and political porcine faeces

  1. A good point – the net figure though is about 135K a year, the 192K less the 57K known to leave.

    Your link is broken by the way – should be file://elephant/vdi_profiles/PBrowning/Downloads/internationalstudentmigration_tcm77-431150.pdf

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