Vote Brexit in haste, repent at your leisure!

When Article 50 is invoked, the clause that signals the UK will leave the European Union the guide is for two years of discussions before the leave happens.  This will be two years of austerity the likes of which we have not seen before … but at least we won’t be able to blame the mess on the EU any more.

The British electorate have been hoodwinked into blaming the EU for the UK’s ills that have been caused by the Remain contingent of the Conservative Party and very shortly the Leave contingent of the Conservative Party will take it over and make the current mess so much worse.

Already by 6 am on what is bound to become known as Black Friday  – though surely WHITE Friday is more correct – we have seen sterling lose 10% of its value and probably by the time I have finished drafting this the stock market will be suspended for the day.


So the Brexit votee is worse financially than the Winter of Discontent and the ERM! Make no mistake Brexit means recession and we all know who will bear the brunt of that …

… the same easily swayed xenophobes and closet racists who blame the country’s ills on the immigrant and who voted for it including so many closed-mind ‘socialists’ (I use the term very loosely indeed) who voted Leave as the EU is a bastion of capitalism, which is largely is.

Prepare for the likes of Nissan and other large employers whose principal markets are Europe to move out of the UK and into EU countries.  Prepare for UK exporters who sell to the USA to be closing down due to the 10% fall in the pound against the dollar .


Yet for those who used to be called ‘working class’ prepare for more austerity cuts to welfare benefits and tax credits for working age people and a surge in evictions and homelessness and food bank use and council services closing and your communities being torn apart as more and more welfare benefit and tax credit cuts will soon arrive when, and not if, the Conservatives have an emergency budget in the next few weeks.

If you have a disability or are sick then you are quite simply fucked with Brexit and I dread to think by how much sanctions will increase now that IDS is back on the scene becoming Boris Johnson’s wiff-waff partner in crime.

If you are working then redundancies, pay freezes, an increase in zero hour and other ‘flexible’ working practices are assured and you will get used to tugging your forelocks to your employer every day and your 20% increase in productivity will be rewarded with foodbank vouchers.

Make no mistake while these 2 year plus negotiations to leave the EU take place – what was euphemistically called ‘uncertainty’ in the so-called EU referendun ‘debate’ –  we will see the largest cuts to the welfare state in all its forms (education NHS, social security, housing, employment) ever seen and the largest redistribution of wealth from the poor to the rich in the UK’s history demonstrating just how much the minds of the ‘socialists’ were closed.

Anyone see Gove or Grayling halving the sentencing guidelines for racially motivated crimes?  Well with the baying right wing media and ultra right wing government in place all blaming Johnny Foreigner in much greater depth the killing of them is bound to increase while the same Brexiteers rally round to crowd fund to pay for the return of 2.2 million British ex-pats from the EU 27.

When we plunge into the depths of recession all of today’s crises such as those in housing that have been slowly climbing the political ladder all hit snakes whose tails cover 50 snakes and ladders boards and the crisis of social housing becomes priority number 3729 as home owners and mortgagees asset values fall or even plummet so the fabled necessary growth in the economy becomes negative and those aspirant persons are placated as much as possible due to their votes, just as the pensioners are ensuring the massive increase in welfare cuts for those of working age.

So many on social media sites have been clamouring for the Brexit vote to get rid of Cameron and Osborne – and now you have IDS, Gove, Grayling Johnson and Priti (vacant) Patel in their place.  Were none of you listening when IDS admitted over a month ago that Leave would mean much more austerity or were you more content to pander to your inherent Britishness – and by that I mean core racism and xenophobia a micrometre below your epidermis.

Perhaps those on the left thought they were counter intuitive and the fall of Cameron through Brexit would see the lurch to the right of the Conservatives giving Corbyn’s alleged socialism (even more loosely used) a better chance at the next election?  If the right wing media can persuade most of you to vote Brexit and have a much more right wing government than now what on earth possessed you to think Corbyn could ever win a general election with their very effective poison?

The Brexit vote means Labour will never again assume office as UKIP has tapped into their alleged core vote so even if Labour was led by a Blairite with ten times his teflon spin and bullshit they still will never get voted in as a majority government ever again.

The Brexit vote is the end of any notion of any left wing government ever again holding office in the UK.  It’s the end of the Welfare State as we now it as the incremental cuts already to the NHS and education and housing will most certainly be hastened on and cut while Johnny Foreigner and those bastards in the EU who wont let us leave for at least 2 years get the blame by the new UKIP light Conservative government post Cameron’s departure.

How many of you voted because of the immigration ‘question’ in the knowledge that 188,000 of the 330,000 net migrants to the UK were from outside the EU and hence “controllable” and that 168,000 of the 330,000 were students who are counted in the figures.  Cameron’s claim that he would get this down to less than 100,000 was impossible as it would mean all our universities would have to close as foreign students would not be allowed here and the immigration issue, aka blame Johnny Foreigner for the economic woes was a total red herring you fell for hook line and sinker!  How many did Farage say he would let in?  He didn’t give a figure at all so no promises there is what you voted for, just an Australian type points system of immigration … the one that sees higher immigrant numbers than into the UK.

Over 17 million voted for Brexit which is over 50% more than the 11.3 million who voted for the Tories at the May 2015 general election which only goes to proves that use democracy in haste and you WILL repent at your leisure.

Never underestimate the incompetence of the electorate!


The bullet point figures above found here


10 thoughts on “Vote Brexit in haste, repent at your leisure!

  1. Yes Joe I hear you but the electorate have spoken. We now have to implement what the majority of the people feel and see in their daily lives (by the way I am a frontline worker and I have seen the demands on services and changes in our society). Less of the doomsday talk!! It would be uncertain and rocky for the first few years but Britain is big, strong and ugly enough to ride it through. We do not need to be in a group of 27 to be prosperous. Let us have some faith in our abilities and look forward for a brighter future for us and our children and children’s children. This is a long-term project!!

    1. Cameron’s resignation speech – “The democratic will of the people must be RESPECTED. He did not say it must be ENACTED, which he is leaving to his successor to decide whether to invoke article 50 (or not) sometime after October 2016

  2. It has broken my heart over the past couple of weeks with the Lexit camp trying to say they don’t support the racists and xenophobes, while handing them the keys. The notion that it will lead us into a golden age of socialism has been one of the cruelest deceptions of the campaign. The disabled and ill communities are heart broken. No one came to defend us before, so we can be sure we will be the “collateral damage” the Lexit voters wanted to hasten the glorious revolution. It is a sad, and bad day.

  3. Hi Joe, Respect, I believe in you and I do not have to imagine how you must be feeling. Please don’t give up now. I am remain, went to tribunal over the Bedroom Tax (which I still pay on aroom of less/fewer than 64sq ft usable). I have to say that you appear to have faith in the sanctity of the ballot box. To me the top 1%, banksters and gangsters were going to have it their way whatever – they will have traded on a falling pound – and bought all the gold/silver/ real time assets they can if they noted the previous collapses of 3000 odd currencies that followed the worthless bits of paper model. Invested in businesses likely to prosper with a lower pound. Got out of others.They will have made obscene amounts of money and asset from this and in every other way that foreknowledge makes possible. Do you not think they will have done EVERYTHING to manipulate this and the way it will all finish up? (Was the way Google suddenly gave so many U.S. sites in search results a clue?). Almost as an aside they get this bonus of “righteous fascism” (sic) in government. Like vote for the half of the government that wants in or the half of the government that wants out. And no one notices who emerges with a mandate afterwards either way? For if they had been able to make more from Remain in this way then that is surely what would have happened. When nothing in the way of honesty, thinking for all, accountability, care for the environment/disadvantaged, anti racism, anti xenophobia etc (THE THINGS I SEE YOU STANDING UP FOR!) seems to exist for these psycho and socio paths do you think are going to respect the ballot box? Their holy grail is a tax free predictive financial algorithm and the ballot box a minor inconvenience or a stepping stone and the principles of (other) people just a tool. I’m wondering what’s going to happen when a largely protestant administration in Northern Ireland does more of all this to a largely catholic population not so long after a “peace treaty”? On a less likely violent front, the petition sites (Care2, Avaaz, 38degrees etc)have really been making an effort and now have millions of members. There are a huge number who may have different priorities but who are not unlike you and I. In my opinion (as is all) the likes of what I like to think of as “us” need to strengthen well, our walls to withstand this rising tide of fascism like Holland should maybe raise its dykes during climate change. But one day the tides will turn and go out again. Somehow we have to make it up to all the people we put through the bedroom tax etc, all those who lost someone in the huge surge of austerity related suicides, all those left on the scrap heap by Thatcher and and a succession of very un-labour or tory dictatorships. Such as Welsh miners, Beanfield hippies, Muslims in hmm anyway lots of places where we’ve helped drop bombs on them along with liberal doses of depleted uranium etc. and so many other ordinary people. There are all too many who have been vilified and/or rendered pauper or politically unacceptable DESPITE the EU to have ever voted for it whatever the consequences. We can’t expect them to see the upside of more of what they don’t need however well presented. They should not be vilified further and their chance to stick it to Cameron and all the gangsters and banksters who ALSO wanted Remain could be seen as almost laudable. I believe we have two years of more chat now before the actual leaving and that is our chance to make the abandoned less so. Something you excel at, Joe. If you see the money moving from low pound (eg UK Tourism) to high pound business, less non-EU results in Google maybe, maybe a rise in US shipping charges, a new blame someone else whatever happens especially Johnny Foreigner and yet another move to peg gold lower and prop up worthless paper then maybe expect another “shock” decision whereby we Remain (with or without the ballot box and a sick electorate) and the bankster money boys do it all a second time for free! This is what we should be trying to stop since when these worthless papers are “cashed” it is others who have to come up with the goods and services in real time and endure the injustice of tax free and private islands. Highest Regards Glenn Pope Feel free to copy all or part of this anywhere (or not).

    Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2016 06:17:28 +0000 To:

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