On September 20th 2013 the Labour Party under Miliband vowed to scrap the bedroom tax and the Guardian and New Statesman remind us. Yet how many realise that four months earlier than that on 16 May 2013 UKIP took the decision to abolish the bedroom tax?

I truly despise UKIP and Farage and all they stand for yet it is a matter of public record that UKIP publicly stated 4 months ahead of the Labour Party that they would abolish the pernicious bedroom tax policy – and that tells you what form of Labour Party the anti Corbyn brigade wish to see Labour return to.

This is the same Miliband Labour Party that the anti Corbyn brigade wish to return to and one that was so petrified to say or do anything against austerity that they too had the overall benefit cap reducing in their May 2015 General Election manifesto – the policy that when introduced in the autumn will see a further 500,000 children homeless – and was on page 47 of the manifesto.

That is where the anti-Corbyn brigade wish to take the Labour Party, a party for those in work but not out of it according to the rabid Blarite Rachel Reeves who was Miliband’s DWP shadow minister.

For those who believe the Labour Party and especially a non Corbyn led Labour Party is a form of panacea to those most vulnerable need to ask themselves is this a party that is to the right of UKIP when it comes to social housing welfare matters? Or is this just a collection of individual MPs who are out to serve their own interests and their own personal advancement or survival.

Whichever way the no confidence vote goes there is going to be a Labour leadership context of Corbyn versus someone more to the right-wing of the Labour Party.  For once (I say very naively!!) wouldn’t it be nice to have those two candidates stating what their policies are and not an election on the perceived personalities alone.  That way the people who Labour claim to represent and target as its core voter can decide how each faction would represent them.

Now just as many people will be shocked that UKIP publicly abolished the bedroom tax before Labour ever sought to ….


11 thoughts on “Bedroom Tax & Labour to the right of UKIP?

  1. The Bitterites blindly following a soon to be disgraced but already discredited politician with discredited policies, the politics of failure.
    Not for me, JC is the man for me and I will follow wherever he may lead us as there’s almost 400,000 if not more as people are joining daily because they’ve had enough of Tory Bliar and his Bliarites ripping our party apart for no better reason than one of self interest and maintaining the status quo where the treacherous bunch have done very well thank you very much.
    Enough, no more Tory-Lite pro austerity, it’s either JC’s way or the highway and don’t slam the door on the way out!

  2. Do you remember those crowds outside every one of corbyns hustings events? If the new candidates want to be humiliated by corbyns popularity amongst clp members then bring it on.

  3. Jeremy Corbyn Needs to sort out the so called parlamentry labour party before the working class masses really revolt and withdraw support. The blairite influence that ruined the party plus Gordon Brown our unilected leader is still too strong we do not need two tory parties they can do enough damage to the masses on their own

  4. Why does everyone talk about labour s if they are only made up of blairites of whom there are many and Jeremy corbyn.

    When people talk in these terms they are suggesting that there is no alternative to corbyn on the left and therefore labour should stick with him even if he helped lose the referendum?

    It seems like a blindness bearing in mind much of the membership of labour and momentum are young people who have lost one of the things that meant the most to them – a place in Europe – because Jeremy couldn’t be arsed to campaign for it.

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