No job no house begins 7 November

The overall benefit cap level reduces by £115 per week from November and means no job no house.  That is not scaremongering or exaggeration it is simple fact.

As well as mass eviction of existing tenants it also means that if you have three children you will not be given a council house at a social rent, a housing association property at a social rent or affordable (sic) rent, a private rented property or any other form of housing if you are ‘workless.’  By workless I mean:

  • not in employment or in employment and not in receipt of working tax credits,
  • incapacitated in any way and not in receipt of DLA, PIP or ESA (support group)
  • being a parent to children under school age even if one child or all children are 1 day old

Table 1 – Maximum Housing Benefit you can receive from November 2016


Take a good hard look at that table which I have highlighted for just one violent aspect of the reducing overall benefit cap – that all households groups in red text are financially toxic even to the council landlord and the cheapest form of rent.

Everyone of those household composition groups from the lone parent with three children on ESA upwards are entitled to and/or living in a 3 bedroom property.

Nowhere in the regions (ie anywhere outside of London) can you rent a 3 bed property for £63.38 which is the maximum amount of HB that a social tenant can receive if they are a household of the lone parent with 3 children and in receipt of ESA; nowhere can a couple with 3 children able to rent a 3 bed council house anywhere in the UK and afford it with a maximum HB of just £50.68 per week.

Take a really good look and you will see that a single person in London cannot afford a 1 bed private rented property if they are workless and then you realise that London will become no job no house in the PRS and 100% no job no house and then revise your view on zero hour contracts or grade 1 bastards like Philip Green and the BHS closure.

More importantly will private landlords anywhere now take on a new benefit tenant as a pregnancy can make that person not afford the rent and become financially toxic? No they wont – get pregnant lose house and even if you’re raped

Will all social (?) landlords tighten up their allocation procedures and deny a lone parent with 2 children a property in case she has another child?  Yes they will just as they tightened allocation policy with the bedroom tax and just as Severn Vale HA has done in response to the shared accommodation rate by banning ALL under 36 year olds even if they are working.

How many affected?

Currently the £500 per week cap catches around 21,000 households.  The DWP estimate is woefully inadequate as I explain here and it is also what is professionally known as a pissing-in-the-wind estimate too as its estimates are banded into 0 to 199, 200 – 399 and so on and extrapolating gives a range of between 94,799 households and 177,513 households.

These households will, statistically, contain between 316,629 children and 592,893 children and all of whom are at acute risk of eviction given the statistical average cut per household of £76 per week and £3965 per year.

Should all areas have the reduced cap limit effective from 7 November 2016 and there is suggestion it will be a staged roll out, then I am confident after some very detailed modelling that the absolute minimum number of households affected will be 210,334 that will contain over 700,000 children.

Surely social landlords won’t evict!

They have no choice given the average amount of HB that is cut at £76 per week and it is easy to forget and often forgotten that 46% of those affected are in social housing already.

But won’t DHP cover this?

That is the government panacea and stock response and is bullshit when you look at the figures.

The current 21,000 have an average cut of £57 per week or a total national HB amount cut of around £61 million per year.  The top-end DWP estimate of 177,513 households affected (which is still very low) and at £76 per household per week makes a UK HB cut of over £700 million per year – and double the current bedroom tax national cut.

So there is no doubt that the DHP budgets cannot cope with an additional £640 million per year pressure from the HB cut in the reduced overall benefit cap policy and that also means the majority of those bedroom tax households who have avoided eviction due to 3.5 years of DHP will no longer get a DHP and create greater eviction there too.

But where will all these evicted families live?

The fact they are families is significant as that is who the overall benefit cap targets, households who are fully occupying the ubiquitous 3 bed property, households with children.

The overall benefit cap targets and penalises children for the sins of their parents and it evicts children for whom local councils will have a legal duty to support and which is going to cost ALL local councils what is professionally termed an abso-fucking-lute-shit-load-more in temporary homeless accommodation and/or care costs should they rehouse just the children and not the sinful parents!!

Does anyone actually give a shit Joe?

Apparently not as (a) I have been banging on about this for (literally) years and nobody takes a blind bit of notice; and (b) especially the politicians as this Tory policy of reducing the overall benefit cap level was also in the 2015 Labour Party manifesto!

I wonder how quickly the British public will become inured to seeing bailiffs evicting children from their street….hmm!?


The Benefit Cap won’t apply if either you or your partner get any of the following benefits (from CAB website link here)

  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
  • Attendance Allowance
  • the support component of Employment and Support Allowance
  • Industrial Injuries Benefit and equivalent payments as part of a war disablement pension or armed forces compensation scheme
  • War Widow’s or Widower’s Pension.
  • Carers Allowance (made exempt and CAB website needs updating)
  • Guardians Allowance (also recently added)

You will also be exempt from the Benefit Cap if a child or young person for whom you are responsible gets DLA, PIP or AFIP.

The DWP website also explains:

2. Benefits included in the cap

The cap applies to the total amount people in your household (you, your partner and any children living with you) get from the following benefits:

Payments towards carer’s costs in Universal Credit won’t be affected by the benefit cap from autumn 2016.

Benefits that aren’t included

You’re not affected by the cap if anyone in your household qualifies forWorking Tax Credit or gets any of the following benefits:

Note well: If you have adult children or non-dependants living with you and they qualify for any of these benefits, you may be affected by the cap. This is because they’re not usually included in your household.


Labour Manifesto 2015 General Election page 47


UPDATE – 15 August

The original table contained a few small errors which have been corrected.  In terms of how the overall benefit cap works which has caused much confusion here are two simple charts which show the process which is from the cap figure the amount of base benefit (JSA, IS, ESA) plus the amount of Child Tax Credits and Child Benefit is also subtracted to leave a maximum amount of HB.

The current £500 per week shows the couple with 3 children on JSA can receive up to £166. 06 per week in the rightmost column


Here is what happens from 7 November 2016 to the same couple with 3 children on JSA as the maximum HB reduces to £50.68 per week (the right most column)



78 thoughts on “No job no house begins 7 November

  1. Please look at it other ways eg; I’m 70 year old pensioner disable and being forced to down size by one bedroom my doctor told the council I need the extra room due to my medical problems but they need the bigger flats for people on BENIFITS with loads of children and most are not British I’m not rasist my wife is an imagrant and we pay full rent and council tax, but I have to move because of THEM.

    1. It annoys me when I read postings like this. Whilst I am sorry that your needs aren’t being met, I deplore the fact that you are blaming it on others. Where is your evidence (and I don’t mean anecdotal stuff published in the likes of the Sun or the Mail) for how flats are allocated? That you should make these claims without evidence means you are a racist. The fact your wife is an immigrant does not clear you of racism.

      1. sorry Deidre , you only need your eyes to see what is happening in your own local area. Having a problem with immigrants and the impact on our infrastructure does NOT make you a RACIST. and I am quite frankly fed up with people like you! who waffle on without putting your brain into gear.. we cannot take the the huge constant influx of people. you would have to be thick to not realise that a huge amount of immigrants ARE getting social housing and it is bound to have an effect on housing. I wont be forced into a ‘Bedsit’ or be forced to take in a stranger into my home to satisfy the the cock-up’s of this Government regarding immigration and housing policy.If the Government want to cater for immigrants then they had better be prepared to pay for it without using me and others like me who are in receipt of benefits to pay for it.!!

      2. The race card doesn’t mean anything any more, thanks to it’s over-use by the far left who think they can bully everyone into their white guilt agenda.

    2. Its not “because of them” its because the Tory government have changed the rules .but what is so odd about your comment is that the new rules don’t apply to those paying full rent or pensioners so it leaves me wondering if your telling the whole truth or just wanted the chance to blame them from overseas instead of the government

    3. Divide and conquer. The Tory narrative that’s obviously worked on you. You could come and fight alongside all the 1000’s of people living in fear of losing their home and the millions of people who are in dire need of social housing whatever their race or social status but no, instead you fall for the tired old Tory narrative and use capitals to over emphasise people who have no alternative but to exist on subsistence benefits. A decent home that’s fit for purpose at an affordable rent is a right not a privilege and it should be available to all, not just those who believe they’re more entitled than others.

    4. You don’t have to move because of ‘them’. I can guarantee you that ‘immigrants’ are not causing the housing crisis. There are plenty of white families that will be applying for your house if you move and it will go to the family with the greatest need or is it only the ‘immigrants’ that annoy you? The housing crisis is caused by this government and successive governments not fulfilling their obligation to build houses for a growing population, and by ‘growing’ I refer to children being born not foreigners coming here. Don’t read tabloid newspapers as they will have you believe that everything, including your toilet being blocked, is the fault of migrants. Before blaming the migrants look to the fault of politicians, greedy employers and a society that has no consideration or interest in taking responsibility for their own shortcomings.

      1. Actually it wont necessarily be going to the Family with the greatest need, The rules are changing all the time under this government and some councils are making those in work a priority

    5. There are very few people on benefits and the cost is tiny compared to say, the amount of money they have handed to bankers… Money that has in effect just paid bonuses… then there is the money that big business is avoiding paying in tax… Again vastly more than the entire benefits bill put together… We could also look at the money that working family’s get handed in housing benefit and tax credits, on the surface we are giving this to poor people, but in effect we are subsidising the very companies that are paying poverty wages. I feel sorry for anyone who suffers in these times but you don’t have any right to get angry with people struggling to get by and scrabbling around for a few crumbs from the tables of the politicians and the bankers all you can eat banquet.

      1. Quite right. It is so easy for people to blame immigrants for all the ills. If you were taken to hospital for an emergency heart op would you blame the immigrant surgeon for saving your life, or the nurses who look after you?Immigrants are exploited as are people on benefits to make profits for employers who won’t pay a decent living wage which should be paid to all workers whether British National (what’s that actually ?) or immigrants.

    6. hi.Tony , I totally understand how you are feeling and some people cant understand that you are being affected because the Government has not put in place the infrastructure needed to accommodate this influx .Its not racism its common sense. Your benefits are being cut and you feel like you are being forced to move to a smaller property, probably from a house that you have spent most of your life in.. This is because no social housing has been built, to house the population let alone immigrants..and there is no secure tenancy in over priced private accommodation, Social housing is about the bottom end of the rental market.. there is nothing below this.. so where are we supposed to go?..This is the fault of the Government past and present..this is not racism its maths, logic and plain common sense. Don’t give up your home Tony unless you want to.. if the Council could offer me something that I wanted to move into I would.. but they cant so that’s ,that i’m staying put.

  2. so they evict and then class them as making themselves homeless through not being able to pay the rent so get no help ,then social services come in and take the children into care . what sense does this make in the world of Westminster.. The caring Tories

      1. I’ve updated the post to put in a screenshot of page 47 of the Labour 2015 manifesto which went beyond the BBC report as a recommendation to SSAC was part of the manifesto to look at lowering the cap

      2. So it makes it right because Labour may have brought in a similar cut, but then again maybe that’s why there is such a fight going on between the far right and the left of the Labour party

  3. Do they live like the gypsies do and pay nothing to the government or live in tents and halve the country into squalor. Leaving those who are so rich they live in a world of their own and pay lip service to the impoverished yet to embrace this country. Children will not attend schools that they are already part of, if they are being moved around to live in B&B’s.

  4. It isn’t true that everyone without work will be affected – I’m in this position and my rent will be covered – a one bedroom property in London. I appreciate some will, and I also accept, that it will be difficult for anyone who has to find accommodation within the price bracket because the benefits no longer cover their rent – both practically and emotionally.

    There are going to be places where those who are unemployed cannot live – but there will be plenty of areas we can live – and life will go on – we will manage our life style changes and still be happy. I hope those who do need to move will find solutions or new homes and will settle and find jobs and have successful lives.

    This Universal Credit system is really going hit hard and it’s a system that has taken away local authority systems where they might have been sympathetic in some cases. By centralising payments, there is no sympathy.

    However, I doubt we will see families on the street and I doubt we will see a rise of families in bed and breakfast accommodation – agencies and support groups will spring up to balance the needs of those on benefits against the greed of landlords. There are good landlords out there – who, provided they have good tenants who pay their rents and do not cause trouble will provide housing within the cap levels. You may even see a few who may reduce rents for a season whilst a household becomes employed again.

    As to the reader who claims because they are disabled they need an extra room – I do not accept your argument – why should you have more rooms than you need? Why should a family miss out on accommodation that fits them because you consider your need greater than theirs? If you want a bigger property – buy one. If you can’t buy one then we have to consider those in greater need – and what greater needs is a family with two children needing two bedrooms over a couple who only needs one?

    It used to be the case whereby houses would be given up as families grew up and parents no longer needed them. My mum told me this was the case with her mother who moved three times from a house to accommodate 7 to one that accommodated two – herself and one son after children moved out and she became widowed, to a one bedroom flat when she was alone. Those of us who rent, whether socially or privately, have to accept that our homes are not for life and that we don’t necessarily have the choice of staying in a home we enjoy. We are lucky if we can stay – but it is not guaranteed – that is the life of a renter.

    1. Oh dear Roshan,, please remove your rose tinted opaque glasses. you sound like one of those people that lay down and get walked on..This Government have not considered how anyone will be able to afford to live and work in the London area doing the more menial lower paid jobs that are essential and need to be done.? This will create a class divide of the ‘haves and the have not’s’. The government will be responsible for creating area’s solely for the rich and the poor.. thus regurgitating the class divide of 40 yrs ago. Your mother made her own choices throughout her life of where and when to move. so please don’t even try to make that a comparison. She was never treated like a leper or faced the prospect of being herded like cattle out of the community and her home. The area and community that holds family ties.. This government wishes to split communities and the family structure…This will have a knock on affect around the country creating areas of poverty and wealth.. we will end up with ghetto’s…I have noticed that when you were awarded benefit in the past it used to say ‘ what the law says you need to live on’ this has miraculously disappeared. I wonder why that could be? In a civilised society the very least we can expect from our government is to support those that are in need, and social housing is an essential.. Secure tenancies should also be essential. wake up .. we are being bullied and treated as 2nd class citizens..

      1. my point exactly… who will clean those offices, serve you with your coffee.?? and don’t think they will jump on a train to commute , they wont earn enough

  5. I totally agree with everything you’ve written on this issue Joe: you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of organisations who are making any kind of fuss about the benefit cap (to my knowledge) ie cpag, Z2K,Benefits in the Future.
    I so admire the way you’ve kept “banging on” about it, though I fear noone will listen until those first rental payments start to be missed around Christmas / New Year. If you search Twitter you can see what a dire non-issue the benefit cap is.
    The UC benefit cap is weird in that it gets cancelled only when your net pay reaches £430/m – hours don’t come into it. Gareth Morgan has pointed out that this directly undermines pension payments. I would further point out, as a zero hours contractor myself, that net pay is often reduced by fees charged by umbrella companies and by incorrect tax codes being applied. It also really irks me that they still take 65% of you net pay on UC even if you’re on the benefit cap (although you get to keep the first £192). So for every £1 you take home after £192 you only keep 35p to help you until you are earning taking home £430/m. Then suddenly, whoosh, you’re counted as a family of human beings again, and thus IDS has created the most almighty cliff-edge in benefits history, although UC was supposed to be getting rid of them by “making work pay”. The steepness of this cliffedge is limited only by whatever that particular family’s benefit cap is.

  6. Social cleansing. The lower classes allowed to breed only to replace themselves as units of production.

    Also, I re-iterate Stefanie’s request, above. Not that I doubt your word at all, but citing one’s sources is good practice.

  7. Interesting isn’t it? So many people here are using the ‘I’m not really racist, but…’ argument to promote the utterly groundless and xenophobic notion that our system is in some way ‘overloaded’ as the result of immigration. The only things that are overloaded are the offshore bank accounts of the obscenely rich and the coffers of the corporates who prey on us. This is a classic case of blaming the needy, not the greedy. The young Duke of Westminster, for example has just benefited by the use of perfectly legal means to avoid paying £3.9bn (est) death duties – enough to wipe out the NHS deficit at a stroke. The laws which need to be changed are not those which restrict the already pathetic basic safety net provided to the poor – but the ones which allow those at the top to continue to wallow in their gluttonous trough by avoiding what they owe to society.

  8. Just read the above posts and I have to say that I am racist, but people can’t tell it like it really is.
    The long and short of this unfolding story is quite simple you can only get so many beans in a tin and right now we can’t close the lid.

    1. Bob, totally agree with everything you say except your first sentence. Since Mrs Thatcher sold us off and out to Foreign Countries.., they have lapped up the huge profits but they have not re-invested anything support this countries growing demands. Its business and their profits come first. We are now reaping what Margaret Thatcher sowed..Our health Service, Schools. and Housing cannot cope with the huge influx of people as there has been no investments made by the private sector or the Government to cope with it, That is fact not fiction!

    2. Wtf I was born in Yorkshire 51 years ago to British born parents and I’m on the benefit cap. This thread is about bcap not immigration. Why does an immigrant deserve to starve in any case, we’re all human beings yes.

  9. ESA is Employment Support allowance… So they are working households but admittedly only up to 16hrs per week.
    2 adults and 2 kids will bring in per WEEK:

    £80 Child Benefit
    £200 child tax credits
    £200 ESA
    Plus wages 1 or 2 X 16hrs
    Plus possible working tax credits due to low hours or potential low pay.

    My kids left home and I work part time. I pay full rent of £400 and £75 council tax on a single wage of £800. No HB, nothing, zip, nada. Bills are paid, I eat well and I smoke.

    You may fact check number of hours you can work on esa, average pay of esa, average child tax credits, average pay for part time workers on esa, average working tax credits for workers on esa (if entitled at all) and the average child benefit for four children.
    You may still find there is more than enough weekly income to pay their own rent.

      1. you can earn up to £115 a week on what work they allow you to do (termed permitted work) but you would not get the full £200 per couple as your incomings are deducted if over total allowance allowed..

      2. I get £61/week (and a few pennies) for 4 children as a lone parent.

        I don’t get even £200/fortnight for esa support group let alone weekly.

        And they stopped my dla when my pip claim was rejected, yeah I’m appealing but struggling to live right now…before the hb cap!

        And they reject nearly everybody for pip new claims and renewals, regardless of if you win at appeal, that’s months later!

    1. Few on ESA wrag work..You are correct there is permisable work,16 hrs.In my experience,some people do voluntary work,not many paid work.People in wrag have been assessed as ‘not fit for work’..ESA wrag is £102.15 for a single person,with a SDP of £61.85 if entitled.PIP is not classed as income,it is to cover the extra cost of having a disability..As things stand at present,I will be exempt from the cap.This does not mean that I am not disgusted with the cap & subsequent misery it will cause..& I am well aware that many people are just one assessment (PIP) away from losing exemption.Living in constant fear is,in my view,an unhealthy way to live.

    2. Your figures are rather over exaggerated:

      child benefit for 2 kids – £34.40
      Tax credits for 2 kids – £117.40
      esa Wrag – £143.90

      Total – £295.70

      Any wages aren’t added to, they are subtracted from the ESA amount, apart from a permitted amount of £20 a week, unless part of the permitted work scheme which has to be approved, is temporary on wrag and is intended to help lead back into work and off of benefits, and is set at a max of £115.50.

      1. Exaggerated? Your figure of £295.70 taken from the cap level of £384.62 is? £88.92 and which I say £88 per week and that you call “rather over exaggerated!”

      2. Joe,I can’t see a reply button under your reply to me, so I’ll post it here – I was replying to Magsscragg’s post, and her over exaggerated figures of what a benefit claimant receives, not the figures in your article, which I had no quibble over.

    3. I am so glad my children have grown up, as I fear for the poor with all these welfare “reforms”.
      I remember receiving help [after fleeing a very violent marriage] in the mid 1980s,
      I had housing help, legal aid, benefits, etc until I got on my feet.
      Because [back then] I got help, my children never knew hunger; homelessness, bedroom tax, the stress of a sanctioned parent nor were we constantly moved around [being a tenant before1989 I had security of tenure] so their schooling wasn’t interrupted.
      I was able to find work [albeit part time until my kids were old enough to be left at home] and had the satisfaction of earning a wage.
      All the help ‘invested’ in my kids paid off, they grew up healthy & educated, my eldest son lectures at Birmingham University, my daughter is an IT consultant and my youngest son [who left the military after 15 years] now has his own business. What chances have the children of today got with no investment in them? For a start [today] my third child would be a pariah that unless I was a victim of rape. I couldn’t claim benefits for.
      Sadly, sooner rather than later something’s gotta give…

  10. I am very interested in this but I don’t understand it. Its probably simple for someone who knows about housing benefits and other benefits but I am not an expert. I don’t understand the table. I have been looking at the Shelter web site and what it says there makes me think that you are saying what the margin is, that is left for housing benefits when the other benefits, like JSA for example, have been subtracted from the upper limit for all benefits. Am I right? If so its just confusing to entitle the table “Overall benefit cap”, because that’s not what the figures represent. So I think you should include some other columns to show the way the figures are generated. It probably looks simple to you but if you want a lot of people to ‘get it’ there is going to have to be some explanation at a level that can be understood by people who don’t usually think about this stuff in this detail. Like me. And the point about sources is valid. If its your spreadsheet and your formulas working on official figures we need to know the formulas (simply explained) and which official figures. Apologies if I have got all this wrong but that would show that it needs to be more simply explained. On the other hand, the emotional clout of the way you put it, “No job no house” is bag on.

  11. There is only one solution. £10 min per hour and workfare jobs for all able British Citizens without a full time job. Any extra benefits any kind that are needed are only for British citizens and that includes social housing. Nationalise all land in Britain and lease plots of land for self build groups of British citizens.

  12. My heart frankly sinks reading these posts.

    Do you not realise that a baby 1-day-old as Joe points out could be in a position where, either it has a home (and NO FOOD, or, if breastfeeding mum, has NO FOOD=NOMILK in her breasts therefore is starving aka Dickensian London OR the mum decides to camp out on the local common, and buys some food, hopefully not getting Raynaud’s syndrome in her tits so she can breastfeed her baby. Evil Evil Evil

  13. I don’t understand the top table. For instance, column A regional figures – there is no way a single person on JSA receives £276.90 pw housing benefit – that equates to £1199 pcm. Even if they are over 35 the LHA in my area (expensive south east) is £123.86 pw which is the maximum amount allowed. Please can you explain….

      1. I agree the benefit cap is ideological bullshit but that doesn’t explain your figures. Where did you get them from? Not trying to criticise – just to understand the table. Overall benefit caps are less for single people (current £350) than for families (current £500). A single person is always going to get less housing benefit than a family.

      2. The figures are the actual figures of benefit levels and levels of Child Tax Credit. To say that a single person is always going to get less HB than a family is wrong.

        The overall benefit cap now at £500 per week sees a family of a couple with 5 children get a maximum of £31.66 in housing benefit as they receive £468.34 in JSA, Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit hence they only have £31.66 left from the £500pw cap. Every single HB claimant gets more than that amount

      3. No that is an assumption. The table above details the actual figures and your assertion that “A single person is always going to get less housing benefit than a family” is incorrect however logical it may appear

  14. Ah, ok – so for line A for example you’ve subtracted £73.10 (JSA entitlement over £25) from £350 benefit cap for a single person and then said that’s the max amount of HB they can get outside of London (£276.90). However, aren’t they still restricted to local housing allowance levels, so for instance in my area the LHA is £123.86 for a single person (over 35) so the HB they actually get won’t exceed that?
    But I see what you mean – families will get less housing benefit because their JSA is higher and cap only £150 higher than for a single person – which does seem arbitrary as you’d think the cap for a family should be at least twice that of a single person.

    1. Yes still limited to LHA and the purpose of table was to show the max Housing Benefit that the OBC policy allows and aimed at the essence of it, that now it tends to only hit families with 4+ children but from November it hits families with 2+ children which is a huge increase

      1. Yeah. I know there are housing associations out there now who are not going to accept families with more than a 2 bed need if on full benefits because of the cap and affordable rent levels. Too much of a financial risk which is probably the peak of housing insanity. Where are they going to live is the unanswered question….thanks for your patience with my questions

  15. Hi I don’t understand any off this would you help mensure to see where I stand I am on my own with 2 kids and live in n e lincs it’s a shorelined house I am renting I am on income support and I get carers allowance and child tax credit where do I stand with the benefit cuts xx

    1. If you receive Carers Allowance you are exempt from the Benefit Cap. DWP changed the rules recently to include CA on exempt benefit list (and with Guardians Allowance too).

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