Half a million homeless CHILDREN … for God’s (?) sake!

Deck the halls with boughs of Holly. Tis the season to be jolly…

Yes we are rapidly approaching that time of year when the general public actually pretend to give a shit about homelessness … you know what I mean reader the we won’t see you on the streets at Christmas but in the New Year …mentality becomes rife: The season of goodwill to all and the rest of the feigned drunken bullshit that we convince ourselves that we are all part of an humane and altruistic society.

No doubt Shelter will be continuing their regular yearly campaign by reminding us how many children are homeless and living in temporary accommodation, a national scandal that will be a figure of over 100,000.

Children for God’s sake … hang on let me correctly rephrase that … they’re children for fuck’s sake as clearly God or at least His claimed representatives on earth simply don’t give a flying fig about this and are content to act as the role of saviour in having food banks operating out of their premises.

A bit like Shelter really, and Crisis and all the other organisations who pretend to give a shit about homelessness yet are only concerned with their own financial coffers and survival – the same also applies to allegedly ‘social’ landlords too.

OK I think I will have pissed off enough with that opening yet there is so much validity to this argument that is genuinely not a diatribe as I go on to explain.


100,000+ children currently have their life chances irreparably damaged by going through the trauma of eviction and then being dumped in unsuitable temporary homeless accommodation.

Shortly, according to the DWP, they will be joined by a further 250,000 or so as a direct result of the reduced Benefit Cap which begins in November.

There has to be huge doubt as to how low this additional 250,000 children figure is, and even abject mockery and incredulity about it.

I have been researching the Benefit Cap ever since it was first mooted over 6 years ago and in significant depth as it has always been for me THE most impactful and dangerously damaging of all the so-called ‘reform’ policies.

I maintain the reduced or lowered Benefit Cap level could see a further 600,000 or even more children evicted and made homeless for the ‘sins’ of their parents.  I am entirely convinced it will see at least be 400,000 more making half a million homeless children and quintupling the current already shameful and outrageous figure of 100,000 children in temporary homeless provision.

I have been ranting and raving about this issue for some time and produced detailed analyses and comments which must all seem incredulous given my figures that are way in excess of the ‘official’ DWP figures, whether estimates or scans.

Yet even if I am 100% wrong on this and the DWP is 100% correct we will still have 250,000 to 350,000 homeless children in temporary and unsuitable homeless accommodation very shortly.

So where is the national outcry from Shelter, Crisis, Child Poverty Action Group, MPs, landlords, the Churches and all other religious groups over children – FOR FUCK SAKE – not for God’s sake, in this hell?

Where is the outcry? There is no fucking outcry for God’s sake!

The general public have bought into the government scrounger narrative that is exacerbated by incessant poverty porn TV; and the language this government uses in its latest impact assessment that blames benefit recipients is the worst kind of despotic sophistry that reads like a tract of Hitler or Stalin or any despot. That too is seemingly acceptable!

I could also give strongly reasoned arguments as to why this policy has slipped under the radar for all the actors I criticise above.

I could give detailed argument of the horrors of temporary homeless provision having managed homeless families unit decades ago that no longer exist and current provision is much worse.

I could and have given strongly reasoned analysis and comment – some would say forceful – over further implications this policy will have and all of them are hugely detrimental and significantly so for today’s children, tomorrow’s children and the children after that.

I could pen simple, pithy yet valid statements such as the Benefit Cap is the death of the Welfare State or of social housing (that forgotten part of the 1948 Welfare State) and in part such statements work as one blog on this I titled No job, No home saw 112,000 views in 36 hours – that’s more than the circulation (as was) of the Independent, and huge for a ‘mere blogger‘ … but to what avail?  None at all.

I could bore you rigid with pertinent facts such as more households on ESA, which replaced Incapacity Benefit, at 15.5% are now affected than households claiming dole, or JSA at 14.4%.  If you don’t know what that means then shame on you!

I could tell you that 59% of those currently capped have children under three years of age and thus are not expected to work yet have to do so in order to avoid being capped and put at imminent risk of eviction and their children made homeless.  That even applies to a mum giving birth to triplets in the morning as she has to work in the afternoon to avoid the Benefit Cap else be evicted from even the cheapest form of housing in council housing.

Hyperbole or truth?

Its truth and fact and however much you choose not to want to believe it, and not wanting to believe it is very much an issue here, it is fact. Yet that is not the point.

The point is where is the outcry from any of the usual suspects about homeless children … for fuck’s sake!

Will watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on TV for the hundredth time this Christmas be all the more poignant?


Children for fuck’s sake!


7 thoughts on “Half a million homeless CHILDREN … for God’s (?) sake!

  1. Where is the outcry?
    It’s called the great British apathy mate!
    i.e. No one gives a toss unless they are affected by anything.
    Which gave the government a free reign to do what they like.
    Personally, I was horrified at the treatment of my disabled relative,
    who would have lost his home were it not for me, a good MP,
    CAB & his landlord’s welfare advisor.
    Notwithstanding the former, nearly 5 months he was without money
    and he has NEVER GOT OVER THE TRAUMA of how he was treated.
    Suffice to say, as long as the majority have Eastenders, Corrie etc
    they are totally oblivious to the dissemination of the NHS & Welfare State
    and will be in for a rude awakening when they need help.

  2. The TV programmes vilifying the poor, disabled – basically everyone out of work, have, as you say, brainwashed the ‘in work’ public so they don’t care anymore. The out of work are unable to fight for housing, benefits etc., as they are too busy fighting for their lives and those of their children.
    Joe, I don’t understand either why organisations, charitable or not, are ignoring this hugely uncivilized and mercenary attack on these poor, poor families. There are lots of campaigns, admirable, to save the bee, to fuck TTIP off -I think that’s been successful but not ONE organisation has even mentioned it. I find it very suspicious. Perhaps I’m being paranoid but how can the total population of the UK pretend not to know what is happening and do nothing about it?
    Joe, can you formulate appropriate wording and I’ll set up a petition through 38%s? It’s a start. Get back to me please with a nay or yay. philippajanebrown@outlook.com. I’m with you all the way!

  3. write to your mp or anyone else you can think of! your local paper! stick a poster in your window
    and car window if you have one! the only way is to stir up debate and make people squirm a bit.
    when the crap hits the fan most right thinking people will be aghast at the tories virtually killing their own citizens! kids at that! then we get a march together in the center of london and stop
    all traffic for a couple of days! prams wheelchairs, mobility scooters anything to block the streets.
    only a start!!!

  4. Well even my local labour party can’t quite get their heads round thus, even though they recommended Corbyn recently. I do go on about it but they don’t seem to take me seriously. Maybe in Nov they will wonder what’s going on.

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