Housing Day

I’m addicted to you … BUT … Don’t you know that you’re toxic? And I love what you do or at least what you could, BUT … Don’t you know that you’re toxic?

Housing in Britain or should that be housing in Britney?  Ok so I have really plunged the depths in terms of song choice and artist but the reality is that Housing is toxic as its new spandangled logo for 2016 itself proves …


Its a house for 5 people, the ubiquitous 3 bed 5 person property (36% of all social housing) that is a financially toxic product for the core social housing tenant and toxic because 7 weeks today sees the 23% cut in the Benefit Cap that will see the 2 parent 3 child household as in the spandangled logo above receive an absolute maximum of £50 per week in Housing Benefit – and about half the average social rent level for this 3 bed property.

If the Housing Day logo represents the one parent four children family then they will receive just £25 per week as the maximum in Housing Benefit or around a quarter of the average 3 bed social rent which asks the question when does toxic lapse into radioactive?

With 3.21 million of the 4.3 million social households or 75% of all social tenants reliant on Housing Benefit the toxicity level that one policy gives to the social housing model is significant.  And if you thought that having 35.9% on average 3 bed properties was bad enough please spare a thought for those social landlords who have over 70% of their stock as the ubiquitous 3 bed property.

Still at least you can merge to mitigate this …oh er hang on…

Sorry, I promised to be nice to the sector on Housing Day, so enjoy the day of euphoria as some of you still do some incredibly good work and leave the other 364.25 days of this year to considering how you can possibly survive this mortal blow along with whether you can finally have the truly radical notion of getting the approximate 5.5 million voters you accommodate in social housing selling your product and service so that government of any persuasion takes note of them which it never has of you.



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