No job No council house in LABOUR run Slough

No job?  Then you will not get a council house in Slough as the Labour Party controlled council there last week decided.  Where will vulnerable people live?

An article in the Slough Observer focused on council housing rents doubling which is bad enough obviously, yet what they missed is that in Slough this means no job no council house.


In the article here we find the actual detail below and why it means no job no council house I go on to explain


It is NOT the increase itself, it is what it means in simple terms.

A family can receive £20,000 per year under the new reduced benefit cap which is £1,666.66 per calendar month in the maximum benefit allowed.

The single parent with two children occupying a council two bed in Slough gets £975.86 per month in Income Support, Child Tax Credit an Child Benefit and so has a maximum amount of HB payable of £690.80 per month [£1666.66 – £975.86] … yet the rent on a COUNCIL flat is £840.32 per month which means from a subsistence level benefit income a shortfall of £149.52 per month or £34.53 per week.

I need not continue with any more figures and simply say that no benefit household can afford any of these so-called affordable (sic) new council houses that a LABOUR council has decided ONLY to offer.

In short the household who is unable to work or not expected to work cannot afford a council house in Labour controlled Slough.

By unable to work I mean those in receipt of ESA wrag who are able to work in up to two years time if they receive support – and who make up 16% of the existing benefit capped households in the UK

By not expected to work I mean the 64% (!!!) of existing capped households who have children of pre-school age.

Note that just 14.5% of existing benefit capped households claim Job Seekers Allowance and are merely unfortunate in being unemployed – and so there are many more unable to and not expected to work households who are capped than those on the dole!

I wonder what John Healey the newly appointed Labour Party Shadow Housing Minister (and darling of the social housing commentariat) makes of his colleagues saying if you want a council house then get a job you lazy bastard – which is precisely what the Labour run council in Slough has decided!!

The Labour Party in Slough and nationally will say hang on this is Tory policies of affordable (sic) rent and benefit cap reductions … yet this is a choice to adopt the affordable (sic) rent model AND the Labour Party 2015 General Election manifesto had the reduced overall benefit cap as their policy too!!

This is nothing less than the Labour Party abandoning the social housing model that was one of the five pillars of the 1948 Welfare State to slay the giant of squalor.

This is the same old right wing Labour Party policy of Rachel Reeves who infamously said that Labour is about working people not those who do not work and was Labours Shadow DWP minister at the last election when they supported the overall benefit cap reducing (page 47 of the manifesto if you’re interested.)


Fuck you sick, ill, infirm, disabled, single parent, etc is still clearly Labour Party policy when it comes to putting a roof over the head of society’s most vulnerable!


8 thoughts on “No job No council house in LABOUR run Slough

  1. It’s a hard one though, isn’t it? People in work are also priced out of housing, due to low pay. I found it impossible to justify to my low paid colleague that his unemployed neighbour had a better standard of living than he did … yes, he should have been paid more money, but that was just wishful thinking. How are you going to lift all the poor out of poverty, not just those not in work? How are you going prevent people in work being envious of people not in work having a better standard of living? (Which is the understandable emotion in the real world that forces most politicians to back a cap on benefits). I don’t see an easy way out?

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