The real crisis in social housing is Tory Housing Benefit policy

What is the point in social landlords developing more properties when the tenant on benefit cannot afford them?

The overall benefit cap means for example a couple with three children will get just £50 per week in housing benefit towards a 3 bed rent.  The national average social housing rent figures are below and reveal staggering affordability shortfalls.


Getting just £50 per week in HB towards paying a £93 or £124 per week rent means two things:

1. The existing benefit tenant cannot afford and will be evicted for arrears and become homeless, and

2. The prospective benefit tenant for the 385,000 new social housing tenancies each year will NOT get allocated a property they cannot afford and becomes a case of do not pass GO and move straight to homelessness.

The Benefit Cap thus creates systemic homelessness year on year due to its affordability impact and the real issue is the prospective social tenant who will be denied social housing each and every year and note that over 73% of social tenants are the ‘benefit tenant’ in one form or another.

How many of the 385,000 new social housing tenancies each year will be denied to benefit tenant families?

Cautiously, 150,000 families will be refused social housing and will contain 200,000 adults and 500,000 children.  These refused families will go directly to the homeless department of their local councils to be accommodated in temporary homeless provision and that is the ONLY roof they can have over their heads.

That’s half a million children each and every year  made homeless and ALL due to the policy of reducing the overall benefit cap by £500 per calendar month.


That 500,000 children and 200,000 adults in 150,000 prospective yet denied social households are additional to the existing families that the Benefit Cap will make homeless.

We have become accustomed to the private landlord saying NO DSS yet now it applies, and inevitably so due to their financial survival, to council and housing association landlords and directly because of the Benefit Cap HB policy.

No council or housing association landlord will allocate one of their properties to a family when they know that family will only get £50 or £21 per week in HB or even £0.50p per week in HB or LHA which some will get.

Note well that HA and even council housing landlords can legally refuse to accommodate these households, and make no mistake they will do so,  as they simply cannot afford to accommodate and the 150,000 families cautious figure I say will be refused social housing then becoming homeless is a case of stating the bleeding obvious!

  • Have you heard outrage from any political party to this? No!
  • Have you heard outrage from any lobby group such as Shelter or Gingerbread? No!
  • Have you heard outrage from any social landlord over this? No!
  • Have you read outrage over this from any part of the media? No!

Half a million children will become homeless in the UK each and every year in the future and not a jot of outrage to this systemic and inevitable consequence of the overall benefit cap policy.


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