Frank Field Speaks (FFS) on the bedroom tax … with Forseyable delusion

Yesterday I attacked the deluded plan of Frank Field in which he said he is (a) going to take a legal challenge to the bedroom tax which is a procedure, and (b) the challenge would be that everyone would be allowed 1 spare bedroom, where is the merit.

Any challenge to any issue has to have a way or form of being challenged and for a legal challenge this means there needs to be a permissible legal route to challenge – yet as no such legal route exists to challenge this 4 year old policy then it is impossible to take a legal challenge.

It does not matter one iota of the merit of that challenge if there is no legal route in which to challenge!

To then say you are going to take a legal challenge when no such route exists is deluded and gives false hope to those who would benefit from such a winning challenge – a challenge that can’t take place as no legal route exists to take it in the first place!!

So when Frank Field’s chief researcher Andrew Forsey then puts out this tweet this morning – which in isolation makes sense – it is (a) a counter attack on me and (b) it only goes to show that Andrew Forsey is as deluded as Frank Field … and trying to cover his backside as Frank Field was in this whole charade.


You can be as polite (and as smarmy and conceited) as you wish Andrew Forsey yet you are just as deluded and the old expression of its better to let somebody think you are an idiot than to open your mouth and confirm immediately springs to mind! Your delusion is Forseyable?

I agree with your retort as in superficial isolation terms it is right and proper to not comment on something until it is considered.  Yet in announcing that you are taking a legal challenge when no such route of challenge exists! Oh dear that is quite another matter and one you should have considered before making this charade of an announcement!

As I said in my ‘tirade’ as you call it, the merit and substance of allowing one spare bedroom is just as deluded as there being no legal route to challenge the bedroom tax.   Please correct me if I am wrong yet this is the only proposal is it not in you and your bosses narcissistic news release?

A foul-mouthed versus mealy-mouthed dichotomy, even a Forseyable dichotomy if you had done your research which after all is your job is it not?

Even if there are 1, 2 or 20 more arguments of merit and substance that you believe you now have and even if your bosses call to arms produces 20 more please advise HOW you can legally challenge the policy?

Should I assume that the request for legal help in your narcissistic call-to-arms is proof that you haven’t sought legal advice on whether any such challenge however merited can actually have a legal route to take such a challenge?

Merit and substance?

Allowing one spare bedroom? According to DWP figures 81% of all bedroom tax households have 1 spare bedroom so it would mean that 81% would be taken out of the bedroom tax altogether and thus the policy would cost more to administer than any saving it achieved.

Talking of which Andrew, assuming it is ok to call your by your first name, why has your boss Frank Field not mentioned anything about the actual cost of the bedroom tax which is more than permissible for any MP and especially one who chairs the cross party working group for the DWP?

Specifically I am thinking of why he has never mentioned that according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies, the IFS, that the bedroom tax and the other housing benefit reforms actually cost more than they save!  And not just a tiddly amount but over £1 billion per year more and in real terms too!


The IFS said this in January 2015 almost two years ago.  Do I presume that as yesterday’s deluded article revealed your boss Frank Field responds more than 3 years after the bedroom tax impacts were made known to him and everybody else in the Real Life Reform research that he will inform us of this in January 2018?

I am rather surprised that your boss Mr Field has not reported on bedroom tax affected households going without and not eating or putting on the heating that so shocked him as I presume that your boss has actually had representations from some of his constituents in Birkenhead over the past 44 months!

Perhaps none of the 2,871 bedroom tax affected households in Wirral of which the majority are in his constituency have ever troubled him at his surgeries which at at least 3 per month according to his website is over 150 constituency surgeries to date since the bedroom tax began?

On a related issue did you and Frank Field not consider how your alleged ‘shock’ would reflect on the four large housing associations you claim had (just) informed him of this when they had done a pretty good job as major players in the Real Life Reform longitudinal research project they first released 3 years ago informing all and sundry with very substantive primary research evidence of the eat or heat dilemma the bedroom tax policy causes!!

Your narcissistic news release undermined that good work as I said in my ‘tirade though perhaps after the tweet below of yesterday evening that is of diminishing concern as the CEO of one of the housing associations involved tweeted in the expected sycophantic way thus revealing that (a) he is so far removed from the reality of what the bedroom tax means to ‘his’ tenants in Halton, (b) more concerned with brown-nosing than his tenants lot, and (c) clearly odes not see the reputational damage your narcissistic news release did to the good work of RLR.


I would not be so churlish to interpret that this CEO is only concerned about his tenants lot at Christmas and not at any other time of year of course; its only the limitations of digital communication! (Or do I mean the limitations of digital-only communication Nick?)

In summary Andrew, I will gladly read whatever you and your boss come up with in terms of merit and substance against the horrendous impacts the bedroom tax policy has and the merits of any arguments to challenge it.  However, as there is NO legal route to challenge it the hugely belated concerns you have are totally meaningless and merely expose the narcissism of you and your boss Frank Field in releasing your faux concern and ignorance of the bedroom tax and the law.

In (foul-mouthed) summary – Don’t worry as I will be the one to explain to the bedroom tax victims face to face that your boss is a deluded fuckwit who in seeking self-publicity to justify his negligence in his only suggestion prior to this being tenants take a sledgehammer and knock down walls in their bedroom tax affected properties (Was that your doing too Andrew?) and pissing off hundreds of thousands of bedroom tax affected miserable as in households by giving the false hope that any fucking idiot would see was a non-starter before a word was written bullshit in this never in a million fucking years legal challenge!

To think I’d actually forgotten how Frank Field said teants should challenge the bedroom tax and the article from The Independent on 28 March 2013 did bring a chuckle and remind me why I had forgotten about it …


What a sensible man your boss is when it comes to the bedroom tax Andrew!










7 thoughts on “Frank Field Speaks (FFS) on the bedroom tax … with Forseyable delusion

  1. Oh and lets not forget to factor in the ‘savings they have made’ on all their legal teams defending this vile policy through all the courts, up to the Supreme court!! And, is still going on.
    We don’t want it ‘challenged’. We NEED it abolished. Before, even more people die.

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