To solve the housing crisis, councils need to be Militant … says BBC!!!!

The BBC News at Ten today (see here) on what councils need to do to solve the ‘housing crisis’ is …. precisely what the so-called “Militant” council of Liverpool did in the mid 1980’s!!!!

Councils need to be able to borrow against the value of their existing housing so they can build again in the numbers they did before which is up to 6 times higher a number than the record number that housing associations built in 2015/16.

Yes this was really on the BBC News at Ten!!

Click on the link above and you will see Lewis Herbert of Cambridge City Council (26 minutes in) say the council has stock valued at £1.5 billion yet the problem is “Government stopped us fro what we need to do” – That is to borrow against the existing housing stock value!

Everyone outside of this home-ownership fixated Tory government believes and critically KNOWS this is the only way to solve the UK ‘housing crisis’ yet of course nobody will dare say the ‘militant’ council led by John Hamilton (Hatton was deputy leader) was right for building more council houses in Liverpool than in the rest of the UK put together, which they did!

Frankly I find the idea that the BBC News at Ten now considers what the ‘militant’ council of Liverpool did to be the solution to the ‘housing crisis ‘ hilarious, so hilarious in fact I have reacquainted myself with the awful aroma of smelling salts after I fell off the chair watching the BBC News.

Just as surprising is that the idea of large scale council housebuilding is the official policy of Corbyn’s Labour Party … which of course the BBC failed to mention as you would expect!


Yet it is and something I roundly applauded when announced … and which the 64% of the UK’s social landlords aka housing associations and their sycophantic housing press condemned as it pushed their overtly private focused noses out of joint and especially since the HA’s are snuggled closely in bed with the current Tory government!

What goes around comes around anyone?


PS John McDonnell has subsequently confirmed Labour policy does mean council housing and not ‘social housing’ which means councils and HA’s.

It is the only way to solve the ‘housing crisis’ as councils do have far more capacity than HA’s and FAR MORE IMPORTANTLY councils will build for actual housing need unlike housing associations who build for their own profits as their new development record for 2015/16 shows all too well


The risible mere 5,464 for social rent – the real housing need – and just 13.6% of all developments by housing associations built for genuine housing need while 86.4% of HA developments were built for HA profits!

The BBC News agreeing with Corbyn and the ‘militant’ Liverpool council of the 1980’s … just writing that makes me fall off my chair reader!!



5 thoughts on “To solve the housing crisis, councils need to be Militant … says BBC!!!!

  1. Council housing is the only answer if there’s any serious intention to meet actual need; councils can’t borrow against their housing stock at the present time, and plenty of councils don’t have any housing stock to borrow against anyway, because they sold the lot to housing associations (one of which I chaired: and what a disaster it was!). Measures to encourage housebuilding just announced by government seem to have received some praise from Shelter, but what’s proposed will do NOTHING to meet housing need – it’s about “starter homes”, which those who need them won’t be able to afford. I remember saying to the chief exec of my HA that the government didn’t seem to have a housing policy at all (back in ca. 1992); “oh they have”, he said; “they have a policy to get out of housing”. About right, and nothing their successors are doing is anything other than window-dressing which might actually make the problem significantly worse.

    1. The ability to borrow against assets owned does not necessarily prevent those councils with no housing stock from borrowing. It is only government policy which prevents them and has done for decades

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