UK Immigration – the blame lies with Theresa May not the EU – as the facts prove

The latest official figures for UK net immigration are 335,000 and the majority come from OUTSIDE the EU that the UK government has full control over.

Here are the latest official statistics from the ONS which shows the total of 335,000 and the fact that 196,000 and 59% of these came from non-EU countries


In their May 2010 general election manifesto the Tories promised to get net immigration below 100,000 per year.  At that time the net immigration figure was 244,000.

Here is the Tory manifesto (page 21) and a chart showing the inherited position.


…we will take steps to take net migration back to the levels of the 1990s – tens of thousands a year, not hundreds of thousands

Tens of thousands meaning the target had to be less than 99,999.

The position inherited from the Blair / Brown governments was 244,000 as is recorded in an article in the Independent and confirmed in the ONS official figures bar chart from 1964 to 2015 further down.


The Tories Home Secretary was Theresa May who increased net immigration to the UK by 37% and by 91,000 per year and she thus failed spectacularly.  As the Tory 2010 manifesto was at pains to point out the previous Blair & Brown administrations had allowed immigration to spiral out of control yet Theresa May has increased net UK immigration by 37% above that Labour position!

The current hysteria over EU immigration is the Tories and the media hoodwinking the general public.  We need to get out of the EU and all our (claimed) immigration problems will be solved is the message and premise yet as the official statistics show this is a total red herring.

The media and political frenzy with the Brexit and post-Brexit issue of control of immigration is a false one as the UK has 100% complete control of non-EU immigration yet under Theresa May’s stewardship at the Home Office the UK allows in almost 200,000 immigrants from outside the EU.

So even if the Brexit discussions are as hard as nails and the UK says not one person can come to the UK from an EU country we will still have 200,000 immigrants per year from outside of the EU!

This is why the current political and media inspired debates over UK immigration that is blamed totally on the EU and a hard Brexit would ‘solve’ is a crock of equine faeces.

It was the last Labour lot who let immigration spiral out of control we are told by the Tories.  Yet the figures show that the Tories under Home Secretary Theresa May from 2010 onwards have allowed far HIGHER levels of net immigration than the Blair / Brown administrations ever did.  Again the pesky facts are the official figures from the ONS :


The red line I added for emphasis above is the Blair / Brown governments and as you can see from the yellow bars the Tories have allowed far greater UK immigration than the ‘last lot’ ever did!

In summary, the facts show that the current 100% blame the media and Tory Central Office put on the EU is false and the real reason for the record UK immigration figures we see today is Theresa May’s failed policies.

5 thoughts on “UK Immigration – the blame lies with Theresa May not the EU – as the facts prove

  1. T. MAY is an AMOEBA. She is insincere, false, unprincipled, two-faced, duplicitous, hypocritical, conniving, unreliable Janus faced etc.. She has more faces than our local church clock!!!!!!!!!.

    T May would not recognise, know or acknowledge truth if it smacked her in the face!

    She has met her match with Nicola Sturgeon [ thank goodness]. This quote comes to mind re T. May ” Sweetie, you simply can’t spread bullshit with sugar and call it a cupcake”. Nicola wasn’t born yesterday, or the day before and so is not stupid nor easily deceived.

    Julie. [ South Ayrshire]

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