Elvis is alive on the moon made from cream cheese (aka Rough Sleeper Count)

Today sees the release of the official rough sleepers count (sic) in England of 4,134 persons.  You may as well count the number of people who believe the moon is made out of cream cheese which is more purposeful than this claimed count.

  • Did you know that Wigan (pop. 97,000) has 33% more rough sleepers than Liverpool with a population of 466,000?
  • Did you know that Kings Lynn and West Norfolk has twice the number of rough sleepers than Liverpool?
  • Did you know that Milton Keynes has 80% more rough sleepers than Liverpool?
  • Did you know that Liverpool has twice as many rough sleepers as Tower Hamlets?
  • Did you know that less than 7% of rough sleepers are under 25?

They are all true reader, they must be because these are what the official rough sleeper count says!!!

Homeless man with dog and sign


There are probably more than 21 people in Liverpool, the official count figure, who believe that the moon really is made out of cream cheese and probably more than 21 who hold that view varied only by a tiny part of the moon made from rock so Elvis can park his London red double-decker bus in which he lives according to the infamous front page headline of the Daily Sport all those years ago.

From my professional experience I can relate dozens of tales as to the efficacy of the rough sleeper count with the best one probably being I used to advise a rough sleeper service in the West Midlands who had a supporting people funded service for up to 68 persons per night that the council liked and assessed as excellent with good reason … and the official rough sleeper count there was ZERO.

To relate to rural areas one such provider said to me you needed a helicopter with a thermal imaging system to record all the rough sleepers under hedgerows and barns locally so when todays count says Kings Lynn and West Norfolk (at least semi rural) has twice as many rough sleepers as Liverpool ….

That is the same Liverpool whose own homeless strategy launch a few months before the official (ahem) count (ahem!) recorded over three times the number of hard core rough sleepers in just the city centre alone or just 5% of the city – revealing another farce in the efficacy of the counts as Liverpool does have people sleeping rough in parks and elsewhere outside the city centre, as will all cities.

The same Liverpool who extol the No Second Night Out (NSNO) rough sleeper system … that sees rough sleeping count numbers increase in Liverpool this year by 40% over the previous years count figure which was 88% higher than the year before!

So if the count was purposeful in any evidentiary way it would say that the much locally trumpeted NSNO is a chronic failure as rough sleeping has increased by 163% in Liverpool from 2014 to 2016!

The rough sleeper count was introduced under Labour and saw Blair appoint Louise Casey (now Dame Louise Casey) as the rough sleeper czar and it has always been as useful as the chocolate teapot Elvis uses on his red double decker bus on the cream cheese moon.  So thoroughly useless that Louise Casey was the appointed the equally discredited Troubled Families Czar by Cameron … and made a Dame for these two utterly useless projects.

Apparently, that is according to the official rough sleeper counts, the number fell from 1850 in 1998 to around 550 in 2002 under the rough sleeper Czar Casey and which was still not enough for the Tories in 2010 and their housing minister Grant Shapps said he would eliminate rough sleeping altogether.

The 2010 rough sleeper count (sic) of 1768 that the Tories said they would reduce to zero now stands 234% higher than the Tories inherited!

So even the hugely discredited and frankly meaningless rough sleeper count figures record a 234% increase under the Conservatives while still chronically under recording the actual numbers.

What the hell is the purpose of the rough sleeper count!!??


Source for 234%



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    Caps intended readers, apologies. This government angers / frustrates / irks me to my core

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