Tory housing policy takes to the stage in “Oh what an UC up!”

My head hurts from falling over in laughter at the glorious irony of Conservative Housing and Housing Benefit policy.  Imagine a Whitehall farce with vicars caught with their trousers down, throw in a re-write by Kafka after a healthy dose of LSD and you  are about 5% of the way there!

A new Whitehall farce starring Iain Duncan Smith and Gavin Barwell (Housing Minister) has been announced titled “Oh what a housing UC up” and below is one of the rushes of the two principal leads …


Universal Credit the great Tory welfare reform panacea that Iain Duncan Smith told us is the canine cajones and create world peace and make you a cup of tea at the same time blah, blah, is being trialled in a full digital implementation (ah digital that other cure all for ll housing’s crises we are told) in Croydon.

Croydon just happens to be the constituency of the Housing Minister Gavin Barwell and Croydon Council is reporting that this full digital blah blah panacea of Universal Credit and the brain child of Iain Duncan Smith (who conveniently has pissed off by the way) … take TWELVE WEEKS to get the first UC payment out.

Well knock me down with a feather reader as the brain child of the arch chancer and I believe it to be so dicta in response to every fact about his beloved Universal Credit and truly heroic struggle to right the wrongs of the welfare system we now see SYSTEMICALLY creates eviction and homelessness as if you can find me a landlord who will not evict given the 12 week wait for any rent payment, then my name is …well … Iain!

Universal Credit is evicting tenants in the housing ministers constituency!

Excuse me reader I had to stop for a minute or two there as my sides are convulsed in laughter at this supreme irony!

Yes this is the same Universal Credit that even in theory will have to pay £24 billion per year more out in ‘welfare‘ – that crass Americanism that IDS loves so much – as it failed to consider that it pays out every penny that every claimant is entitled to that I discussed here. Yes reader that does say £24 BILLION MORE!

The same Universal Credit that also totally forgot to consider how supported housing would be funded when its housing payment replacement for housing benefit happens and has led to the LHA Maxima Cap policy that will close hostels, refuges and sheltered housing by the bucket load!

The details on this rectum and humerus supremely ironic catastrophe, this waiting to inevitably fail crock of equine faeces are here in a Daily Mirror article which has Croydon Council’s Director of Welfare telling the Commons Work and Pensions Committee – yes the same one chaired by Frank Field who also loves Universal Credit – the realities of this greatest social policy folly in history.

“We have seen in Croydon, on average, it’s about 12 weeks before any form of payment is awarded, which is creating considerable pressures as you can understand.

As you will know I have been banging on about how Universal Credit is a dangerous farce that has cost billions yet cannot even cope with the mere 3% of so of cases it currently deals with, the simplest least complex cases, so how will it cope with a 33-fold increase in case numbers and deal with the regular and complex cases if this dog turd with fleas is ever fully rolled out (which if it does means over half a million pensioners will be hit with a form of bedroom tax in the aforementioned LHA Maxima cap and even if they fully occupy their homes!)

I could write pages more of this yet I leave you with the stock DWP response from the stock anonymous DWP spokesman on the above UC farce:

A DWP spokesman said:

“Universal Credit is designed to mirror the world of work by giving people responsibility over their lives, and paying Housing Benefit directly to claimants is an important part of this process.

If your employer did not pay you for three months reader … would you tell him to shove his job up his arse and then haul that sorry arse into court?

Time for the DWP to adopt a lessons leaned approach anyone?





7 thoughts on “Tory housing policy takes to the stage in “Oh what an UC up!”

  1. Housing Minister Gavin Barwell’s anticipated Reply to the scandal.

    Contrary to popular belief, UC is being introduced with a considered approach. The DWP has considered the requirements, the implementation and the consequences. Yes, it is costing a considerable amount of money, money that is going into research & development for those contractors carefully chosen to accomplish this task. There is bound to be some collateral damage in the process as with any other major schemes implementation. But lets be absolutely clear on this, the rolling deadline has not been exceeded any more than the flexible budget, which is on target for completion by sometime within the next Parliament. The small number of constituents becoming homeless is a negligible and acceptable element of the schemes overall success. If the government is to improve lives, what better can there be than to remove the burden of welfare administration from the public purse and ultimately make people truly responsible for there own lives. People may find this hard to live with, at least in the short term, but will eventually come to accept it is in their own interests and realize it is not the governments remit to manage the country.

  2. would these be similar to the total waste of tax payers money spending 100s of millions on the totally useless work program ? “those contractors carefully chosen to accomplish this task” a total joke.

  3. “The small number of constituents becoming homeless is a negligible and acceptable element of the schemes overall success.”

    Oh please! Do define acceptable?” as for overall success i guess pushing people into low paid short term contract work;and ultimately them having to still be paid by the state via tax credit top ups is an overall success then.Somehow i don’t see Joe public seeing it quite like this.There is a massive knock on affect to businesses while they have employees leaving/getting fired left right and centre trying to find a job that meets the cost of living unlike the spurted minimum wage which is completely out of touch with the real world.One of our politician friends wouldn’t last a minute on Universal Credit. Its an idealistic system which only fixes the very minority of some individuals problems.

  4. Hilarious “it is not the governments remit to manage the country.” i thought thats exactly what they keep pretending to do and look at the mess we are in now.

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