Vacancy for scarecrow. All disabled to apply says DWP

Anyone know a mentally deranged paraplegic that I can tie to a post and employ as a scarecrow?


…if I only had a brain

Offended by that? You should be as that is what the disabled want to work means in the mantra of Iain Duncan Smith and what the Tory government pay foreign private firms to find in their work capability assessments (sic) tests so they can cut disability benefits.

These alleged work capability assessments are not assessments at all as George Freeman stated last week here that the amount of money the government is willing to spend is limited by its amount and not by levels of disability need.

I called that post “Tories admit that PIP assessments are a meaningless charade” which is what they are. You remember he called two Upper Tribunal (High Court) decisions bizarre because the claimants had mental health problems and those nasty judges paid out more than they should have done.

Those ‘nasty’ bizarre judges have only done what the government regulations said these regulations were for – they have interpreted the regulations correctly:


This is from the governments consultation response back in 2010 (here) and so what the government is now calling bizarre decisions by the judges are the judges interpreting the law as the government intended and wanted the system to work!

These individuals “…could potentially score …” points in a number of descriptors in the activity concerned.  This was the governments stated intention and why they have now changed the law as any appeal to the Court of Appeal or Supreme Court would have to find that this was the intention and so those with mental health issues relating to this activity would get disability benefit which the government now disallows by changing the law.

In short the government has chosen not to appeal the legality of these decisions because they know they would lose; instead they simply changed the law to prevent any similar legally correct decisions. There was and is nothing bizarre about these decisions at all.

We know see George Freeman MP forced to apologise for his not disabled enough comments an the media attention moves away from the facts of the case and onto this disgraceful expression.  Clever deflection and nothing more.

Yet not disabled enough is not just an offensive phrase, it is a continually higher bar the government is setting when it comes to having to pay disability benefit.

The alleged assessments are a charade and yet a politically powerful one.  They infer that the disabled person is assessed in an objective way and only get what they deserve.  They further infer that many disabled persons are swinging the lead and on dozens of occasions IDS and McVey stating that many got these benefits without being assessed.

The narrative ever since 2010 is that those who have a disability are scroungers.

All of these inferences are ‘allowable’ IF the so called assessments are seen as just and objective yet they are not and we have seen literally hundreds of cases in which people have been found ‘fit for work’ when they are clearly not.  Many hundreds have died within weeks of being apparently found fit for work and the article in the Guardian today only tells a very mild example by comparison of a disabled person found fit for work.

Yet the media and regrettable the politicians focus on the individual cases, the human interest stories as this sells copy and not on the highly subjective and fundamentally flawed basis for each one of those decisions in the work capability assessments (sic) which they should.  Both the media and the politicians are doing the disabled (another offensive phrase) a huge disservice by this human interest story approach designed to sell copy and not to get the failing system changed.

One final point on that aspect is we see and read hundreds and hundreds of these human interest stories yet nobody seeks to ask how can these all have come about … and the common denominator is the WCA that created each and every one of them!

In not challenging the WCA system we don’t scrutinise and we let the government off the political hook and pretty soon we all become inured to what is only the latest human interest story, a compassion fatigue sets in and the DWP grins like a Cheshire Cat as they have achieved their aim of cutting money from those who are disabled without the political backlash they deserve.


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