DWP lying to LA’s and Supreme Court re Bedroom Tax changes

The DWP is deliberately misleading local councils in applying the new bedroom tax regulations which came into force after the Supreme Court ruling in the Carmichael.

Not only that they are seeking to limit Carmichael type bedroom tax cases just to physical disability and not to apply for any other type of disability such as a mental health one.

Take a look at the quick graphic below and you will see the HB regulations they have changed do NOT limit disability just to a physical one YET the standard letter the DWP has drafted to local councils who administer the bedroom tax tells the to limit case ONLY to physical disabilities!!


What the hell are you playing at DWP?

I mean apart from deliberately and knowingly deceiving local authorities and issuing guidance that is contrary to the Supreme Court decision!!

Any opposition party of any note would jump all over this as not only are the Tories defying the fact and substance of the Supreme Court ruling which did not in any way restrict on grounds of mental health or indeed other disability such as learning or sensory, they are also once again saying that a mental health disability is not a real disability!


A3 / 2017 here 



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