UK disabled persons up 12% & 22% for mental health … in just 2 years!!

The Family Resource Survey for 2015/16 has just been published and the data jumps off the page with hugely significant increases in households with disabilities.  Here is the executive summary in graphic form,

The FRS plays a huge part in the planning of (all) government social policy and has done for many years.  In short it is extremely influential and important released every two years and I have highlighted a few points :

The number of disabled persons has increased from 11.9 million to 13.3 million. This is 1.4 million more disabled persons and represents an overall 11.8% increase in UK disabled persons which is staggering in just two years.

The number of disabled persons with a mental health impairment has increased from 18% to 22% – This is a staggering 22% increase in mental health impairments in the UK.

The percentage of working age persons with a disability has increased from 16% to 18% in the same two years – a 12.5% increase in working-age disability and with all the issues that brings for the level of disability benefits and inability to work.

In the areas I have concentrated on these past 5 years just think of the impacts these huge disability increases have on bedroom tax, overall benefit cap, LHA maxima cap in supported housing – and those are just some of the disability impacts just on housing benefit.

Then consider the impacts on DLA, PIP, DLA to PIP, ESA, Universal Credit, WCA’s

Then on social care budget costs, the increase in health service costs, the increase on education costs, the changing needs and priorities of health, housing and social care strategies ….

Rather than comment on what this may mean, which would take forever and a day, in regard to work, welfare, social security benefits, education, health, social services, social care (cuts) and every other aspect I have deliberately kept this short so that these unbelievably high increases in disabilities can sink in.

The term “social care crisis” that has recently come to the top of the political agenda just got an awful lot bigger and so much more important. Watch this space!

UPDATE 17 March 2017

Increase of 1. 4 million UK disabled persons in two years from 11.9 million to 13.3 million in the Family Resource Survey figures is:

  • 700,000 new disabled persons per year
  • 58,333 new disabled persons per month
  • 13,461 new disabled persons per week
  • 1,923 new disabled persons per day
  • 80 new disabled persons per hour and,

Every 45 seconds of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month for the past two years the Tory austerity programme has created a newly disabled person … while at the same time cutting disability benefits.

That’s caring conservatism for you!

9 thoughts on “UK disabled persons up 12% & 22% for mental health … in just 2 years!!

  1. There have already been figures released by the DWP (or extracted, being honest) that in the 3 year period of IB to ESA transfer, the process created an ADDITIONAL 275,000 cases of MH illness, and an extrapolated suicide toll of 590 people. Recent research has shown that those who suffer MH problems as a result of the DWP actions are not getting better, ie the MH issues have become permanent, where as most would generally make recovery over 2 -3 years. This is also a situation which is not only of staggering size, it is of staggering importance.

  2. Joe even thought the Tories are directly to blame, both the Lib Dem’s and Labour are at fault for poor opposition to the Tories on disability issues. The total sum of opposition from those two parties IMHO is the square root of sod all. If any Liverpool Lib Dem and Labour activists are offended by that then please have the bottle to door knock my flat and we can chat about it!

  3. Labour and the Lib/Dems have an awful lot to answer for in their absolute abject failure to oppose the soul-destroying attacks on the sick, poor and disabled. They both have been as useless as a wet paper bag.

    The Tories have been allowed to run roughshod and to play literally Russian Roulette with the lives of those innocent people. When will there be genuine opposition? I will not hold my breath. But I will say this, that countless more of our people will die directly because of the lack of opposition coupled with the lethal attacks by the Tories. By the way, where on Earth is the United Nations on this?

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