Bedroom Tax is a £23.1 billion IDS failure

IF Iain Duncan Smith’s failed Housing Benefit reforms (bedroom tax, benefit cap et cetera) had not increased the HB bill by £23.1 billion more than the Tories said – which the DWP’s own official figures show  – then there would be no need for the £450 million per year saving from this ESA cut to go ahead for 50 years!!

Consequences anyone?

For example from next week new incapacitated claimants of ESA will lose £29.05 per week, around £1500 per year.- an ESA cut of £450 million per year

The House of Commons Library Briefing Paper (CBP 7649 of 7 March 2017):

In Summer Budget 2015, it was announced that the Work-Related Activity Component paid to those in the WRAG would be abolished for new claims from 3 April 2017. … This will involve a reduction of £29.05 a week (2017-18 rates) and aligns the rate of payment with those claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (£73.10 a week). … The changes were introduced to “remove the financial incentives that could otherwise discourage claimants from taking steps back to work.” £640 million a year of savings were initially forecast by 2020-21; this was later revised to £450 million a year.

Yesterday, the DWP released the actual figures for Housing Benefit and all other welfare benefits that I discussed and detailed here and this revealed that the total cumulative figure paid out in Housing Benefit over and above the Tories own target since May 2010 is £23.1 billion.

That £23.1 billion figure is up to the end of March 2016 and so will be even higher now.  This same £23.1 billion figure would be enough to pay the £450 million per year cost for a further 50 years.

Yet the chronic incompetence of Iain Duncan Smith’s HB reforms (bedroom tax, benefit cap and so on) mean that those unfortunate enough to qualify for ESA or what we used to call Incapacity Benefit, now face a £1500 per year cut to pay for the incompetence of Iain Duncan Smith’s ill-conceived ideological HB reforms.

Figure 1 – Tory record on HB since May 2010

What the above shows – and note well these are the DWP’s own official figures – is that the Tories paid out £1.6bn more than their own target in HB in 2010/11; £3.2bn more than their own target in 2011/12 and so on with the last figure being £4.85 billion more than the Tories own target in 2015/16 and add up these figures and since taking office in May 2010 the failure of the Tory Housing Benefit reforms is a cumulative £23.1 billion by the end of March 2016.

Do you remember just before the 2015 general election when the Tories said they would have to make £12 billion of cuts to welfare benefit paid in this parliament up to May 2020?

IF the bedroom tax, benefit cap and all of the other IDS Housing Benefit reforms had worked as he defiantly stated they would then the Tories would have saved £27.25 billion from them by March 2015 and had no need whatsoever to make the £12 billion further welfare benefit cuts.

Iain Duncan Smith revelled in being portrayed as the heartless bastard and pantomime villain in all forms of the media for his welfare benefit austerity cuts as it took all of the attention away from what he really was, is and always has been –  an incompetent chancer and compulsive yet very clever liar.

In a post from August 2015 entitled “Forget heartless IDS is incompetent” I said as much and had also said this in earlier posts too; and now we see IDS practising those same accomplished lying skills to his fervent hard Brexit push alongside other deluded liars.

IF IDS had not be so truly incompetent and his HB reforms had not cost the additional £32.1 billion they have done would we have the social care crisis that is said to be caused by the Tories cutting somewhere between £4.5 billion and £6.7 billion from social care budgets?

I could go on with many more examples of how the rank incompetence of Iain Duncan Smith just in terms of Housing Benefit alone now manifests in your ailing parents or your disabled child not getting social care.

However, just this once reader, indulge me in my saying I told you so when it comes to the incompetence of Iain Duncan Smith which has escaped you all by portraying him as the heartless bastard and pantomime villain and missing what an incompetent and accomplished liar and chancer he really is, was and always will be.

IDS, the chance of the exchequer.


8 thoughts on “Bedroom Tax is a £23.1 billion IDS failure

  1. Sorry Joe but you’re wrong. The cuts made in HB by IDS did not cause the HB bill to increase. The cuts were real and took money out of the pockets of claimants. Using your logic, if the cuts had been more severe, even more HB would have been paid to claimants! The cuts stopped the HB bill rising by even more than it did and the cause for the increase was the number of people in shitty zero hour and NMW wage jobs, plus profiteering landlords…..oh, and social landlords pushing up their ‘affordable’ rents to extortionate levels. It’s that runaway expenditure which is making the ‘ latest ESA/PIP/tax credit cuts “necessary” in Tory eyes. Without the hardship caused by earlier HB cuts, those April cuts would have been worse, not lesser. 

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    1. Utter nonsense!

      Do these forced to take up low paid zero hours contract jobs get more in HB than they did when they were not working? No, of course not so how can ZHC lead to an increase in the overall HB bill? It can’t.

      Profiteering landlords? Yes and No. The average amount paid out in LHA has increased by 0.13% and avg LHA was £109.79 in May 10 and at Nov 16 is £110.13 pw – a 13%+ fall in real terms. Also 1.46m LHA recipients May 10 and Nov 16 is less at 1.4m.

      Social landlords by comparison even with the 1% imposed rent cut have increased their average HB amount by 22.72% over the same period (£72.88 to £89.44) and way in excess of inflation.

      Finally, the cuts made by IDS did force the HB bill to increase as they are the direct and indirect consequences of his HB reforms (sic) – as the number of claimants has fallen in actual terms from 4.75m in May 10 to 4.55m in November 16, a reduction of 200,000 in the claimant count.

      Your assertions are not supported by any fact or evidence unlike my analysis which is based on demonstrable fact

  2. To use a space analogy, this is like a large Blackhole being engulfed by an even larger Blackhole, not talking just about the black-hearted plans of the then Chancer of Exchequer & iDS (Imbecilic Darstardly Schemer) that did at once meld, so that these crazy concepts could come about and belatedly wreak havoc on so many unfortunate people!! Blacking out the failure and mounting Debts in HB we also have the looming National Debt, which has in turn led to even harsher measures being passed under the banner of anti-austerity!! The Story of 2 Blackholes! Of course, now the Captains on their disastrous courses have left their respective Bridges as we run aground on the immense impracticalities & fiscal absurdities left in their dreadful wake!!
    To think IDS’s Father was a decorated Pilot in the RAF, who fought for a just cause to save this land against evil; whereas his Son seems determined to rip at the social fabric of the land with his Evil, twisted, vainglorious plans, coated in the self-absolution of a rabid narcissist!! Basically compounded failures!!

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