41% more immigration under Theresa May

Theresa May as Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016 allowed 41% more net migration into the UK with on average 243,000 per year compared to 172,000 per year under Labour.

Theresa May allowed in more people per year with a high of 650,000 immigrants in 2016 compared to Labour’s highest figure of 596,000 in 2006.

Theresa May allowed in more foreign workers per year averaging 241,000 per year compared to 223,000 under Labour.

2016 saw Theresa May allow in 321,000 foreign workers which is 33% higher than the highest figure of 242,000 under Labour in 2007.

All of the above are the official figures from the ONS and explain why Theresa May does not want to debate in this election.

The figures are HER record as the minister responsible and no longer can the Tories say the last Labour lot opened the floodgates for immigration as her record is much worse.

It was Theresa May who set the Tories target of less than 100,000 per year for net migration and the current figure is 335,000 which is also an all time record high figure.

Theresa May’s record on immigration is one of abject failure and is far worse than under the last Labour government.

Below are two charts which give the official figures.

Fig 1 – Net Migration (How many more came in than left)


Fig 2 – Foreign workers allowed into the UK

The number of foreign workers allowed here to work is 100% within the gift of the government and Theresa May consciously let in more and more foreign workers into the UK and in 2016 Theresa May allowed in 84% more foreign workers than she did in the year ending 2012.

Theresa May as Home Secretary broke every record high on immigration as the above facts prove.

If you overhear conversations in the pub or read in the media or if any Tory MP ever says again the truly offensive term that Labour opened the floodgates with immigration you will be able to say back that Theresa May personally and the Tories since 2010 opened much wider gates than Labour did and did so as deliberate policy.




5 thoughts on “41% more immigration under Theresa May

  1. I’m laughing at something that is not funny. I voted remain because I have no axe to grind with foreign people from the EU working in our hospitals, doctors surgeries or anywhere else they are needed. The fact that so many Brexiteers voted no to membership of the EU was to stop “those foreigners” which under May have increased and will continue to do so, is the joke – on them!

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