Labour manifesto abandons the flawed WCA … YES!!!

Some seriously welcome immediate pledges in the Labour manifesto launched in the last hour

The IMMEDIATE scrapping of the bedroom tax we already knew and the scrapping of the work capability assessments is fantastic news coming the day after it was revealed that the mandatory reconsideration system is a rigged sham with a predetermined target of 80% not being changed and only 20% actually ‘reconsidered’ in a system that shows the courts overturn over 60%

Pages 56 and 57 above are where you need to look.

I will be posting a far more in-depth series looking at many other aspects but the IMMEDIATE changes above, especially the scrapping of the fundamentally flawed assessment process is extremely welcome and needs commending

5 thoughts on “Labour manifesto abandons the flawed WCA … YES!!!

  1. Good as far as it goes, but weird set of priorities. Keeping Tory benefit cap . Keeping Tory freeze on working-age benefits. . Keeping Tory triple-lock on pensions.Spending £11billion on student fees\maintenance

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