Strong and stable

Adorable isn’t it and no apologies for its use here as we have one in the cabinet and the rest of the cabinet want to tear him to pieces with hounds.

The second day of not talking about politics and the general election because everything must go on as before!

Theresa May’s strong and stable government that has cut 20,000 police officers and that has seen a 14% cut in funding for the armed forces we really shouldn’t talk about we are told.  Nor should we mention that yesterday’s Metro newspaper (owned by the Daily Mail) had a lead story of Police Officers needing to use food banks in order to get by.  So much for strong and stable in security terms Theresa May … and let’s not even bother discussing that Trident runs on Windows XP and massively exposed to the cyber attack that hit the NHS because parts of its IT system still run, like Trident, on the 10 year old Windows XP operating system that a 3 year-old could hack!

Strong and stable my arse.

The general election as much as Theresa May only wants it to focus on Brexit has now seen security matters at least rival Brexit in terms of what it is about and more likely overtake the Brexit issues.

When I heard that Theresa May was putting the army on the streets my first thought was at least they will have something in common with rough sleepers as over 30% of those are ex forces – and rough sleeping has increased 234% with the Tories – but then the army is needed to supplement the 20,000 fewer Police Officers we have under the Tories since 2010.

48 hours for Theresa May to regroup after her Dementia Tax U-Turn in which she lied to the electorate that it wasn’t a U-Turn and said a cap was in the Tory manifesto which it wasn’t. She can’t even lie effectively she is so weak.

48 hours in which Theresa May hopes we forget her pathetic and weak interview with Andrew Neil, a powder puff interview which despite constant interruptions from him, he never got Theresa May to answer any questions.

48 hours in which Theresa May is praying the Manchester atrocity makes us all forget how weak she is in terms of policy and leadership … and exposing the real reason why she took the decision not to debate her leadership and policies and also her abysmal record of failure as Home Secretary in which she ‘let in’ far more immigrants as a matter of her policy than the last Labour lot ever did!

The above shows how many MORE immigrant workers Theresa May allowed in. The graph below shows the overall impact

Theresa May as the Home Secretary since 2010 and directly responsible for immigration not only failed, she has constantly lied since over her own immigration target being below 100,000.  She is a failure which her record on immigration, police numbers and 14% cuts to the armed forces show as irrefutable fact.

If the security risk escalates and we see tanks on the streets then will she drive one down the street adorned like Thatcher in a Union Jack headscarf? It wouldn’t surprise me.

48 hours in which the Tory right-wing press use this free time to call Corbyn an IRA sympathiser and of course say nothing about two former IRA active’terrorists’ who are councillors for the Tories.

48 hours in which Theresa May aided and abetted by the TV media can regroup and portray herself as a strong leader. There’s nothing like a conflict to sell politicians and all of the human rights regressive breaches that entails.

Any takers on the little discussed part of the Tory manifesto which seeks to control free speech on the internet now coming to the fore as the internet is used by ‘terrorists’ we will be told and this is necessary?

Theresa May is a very lucky politician. The Manchester atrocity came at a time of her being seen as extremely weak and wobbly, incompetent in policy terms, condescending and autocratic rather than a strong leader and unable to even fend off a powder puff interrogation from the Tory friendly Andrew Neil.

She will milk and is milking the Manchester atrocity for all its political worth as any incumbent Prime Minister of any party would and be stupid not to do so.

ltra left wing well before they were released and the polices are not only NOT left-wing ones, the public likes them and they are costed unlike the Tory policies.  The policies also bear scrutiny again unlike the Tory policies yet that is of little consequence when the electorate is bombarded by the Tory press in this supposed 48 hours of non election issues.

Today sees a scurrilous front page of the Sun and an equally scurrilous cartoon in the Daily Mail about Corbyn being an IRA sympathiser yet both rags conveniently forget to say that two former IRA active members are elected TORY councillors.

Oh sorry I missed the memo which said no one can say a word about Theresa May’s extreme incompetence and give free rein to the Tory media to slag off her opponents while they can do nothing in response as Theresa May manipulates the free speech of all other politicians because of the atrocity!

Clever and very nasty manipulative politics indeed!



6 thoughts on “Strong and stable

  1. If this incident proves to be a terrorist atrocity, will all those people who called for regime change and removal of a stable government whilst enabling the rise of terrorism, still support the unwarranted and merciless deaths of Syrian, Libyan, Iraqi, Yemeni and Palestinian innocent civilian lives? Will the war hawks both sides of the Westminster aisle use this incident to further an egregious and thoroughly evil agenda to follow through with their geopolitical land and resource grab or will they finally acknowledge that they have caused enough death and carnage in the numerous state destructions they hungered for? When will the copious blood on their hands sate their lust and greed for wealth and power be enough? Who, other than the real culprits – themselves, will the politicians blame for the export of Takfiri and Wahabbist terrorism from Saudi and Qatar? The illegal war which the US and it’s NATO puppet waged against Yugoslavia has resulted in more Jihadist terrorists, a much wished for radicalisation of the Balkan extremists especially the feudal and vicious Albanians and an unprecedented hatred among such extremists towards Europe. The many fractured factions of Salafists now encompass Europe and the ME to the Balkans straddling the EU all the way to Afghanistan and onward to China and beyond into Malaysia. Our war mongering politicians and governments, past and present have now, through many years of slaughter, bred terrorism as a creed of hate and we, the citizens will pay the price. The Tory plan to shrink the State alienating anyone and everyone not inclined towards their elites and wannabes, has left Britain vulnerable to such a degree, that we are totally unprepared for the predictable consequences of their actions. Any way you fucking slice it, the war hawks sponsoring proxy wars beyond our own borders are responsible. Our continued alliance with the psychotic Washington war criminals will only create more hatred and backlash and Manchester will be the beginning, not the end.

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