Twitchy bum time for Theresa May

Imagine winning the first leg 24 nil and in the second leg you are 19 nil down with 21 minutes to go … severely twitchy bum time!

That is a direct analogy for the 2017 general election polls which saw Theresa May have a 24 point lead at the start of the election and now has a 5 point lead as of the latest You Gov poll yesterday.





11 thoughts on “Twitchy bum time for Theresa May

    1. 24 nil lead is first leg and we are 77% through the election campaign = 21 minutes left to score 5 or more and second leg scored a goal every 3.6 minutes thus far …

  1. How long can this poor woman endure the hate from the legacy of her predecessor. Can it not be a fresh start for her, she means well for many of the people of Britain. Come with me, strengthen my hand, she has begged us. OK, things have not gone as planned for her cabinet, but she has managed to get the national debt to one that compares favorably with the USA, a truly remarkable feat, and a direction she knows we must follow for our own salvation, the NHS, the police, not to mention pensioners and education reforms seem a small price to pay and can reshape this country into a new undreamed off era, one in which hard working people can strive for those distant opportunities to which they have always aspired. It may cost a little more in the long run, and will involve sacrifices, but are not we to be inspired by her vision, her sense of history, to make this country great once again, like it was many years ago, to be strong and stable, with those in charge who truly know how to manage our life’s & finances.
    Look at Brexit as an example, a bad deal, means no deal, I too would rather have nothing to do with those johnny foreigners than make a humiliating compromise. If only people would just listen, Many have labeled her untruthful, and fear-mongering with outlandish propaganda. But, tell me this, how can the respected BBC, and most of the papers be wrong, that would be like ludicrously saying the Nazi’s were about to re-emerge, and impose their ideals on us. One would almost believe the media were in her employ to listen to some of the vile comments I hear. It’s time we took our destiny to task and register our support at the ballot box by voting for the one person that can rescue us from the otherwise inevitable doom we face. There really is no alternative to the populous being strong & stable.

    1. Bless her cotton socks!!

      You know the Tories are in deep panic when they comment here and defend the incompetent and the indefensible and weak and arrogant failure that is Theresa May.

      Some facts convenient missed:

      Theresa May has tripled the deficit

      She let in (as Home Sec since 2010) many more tens of thousands of immigrants than the last ‘lot.’

      The economy is tanking and inflationary

      She invented and then tried to distance herself from the Dementia Tax

      She deliberately and knowingly lied when she said the Dementia Cap policy was in the Tory manifesto as it was not.

      She cut 20,000 police officers and cut funding to the armed forces by 14% since 2010

      But … she’s just a poor woman enduring the hate of Cameron and possibly even has fragrant ankles like Thatcher …

    2. Oh poor little Theresa! Such a little innocent, like little red riding hood, making her way gaily to the office at No 10, only to find that grandma is now the big bad wolf! Oh, come on, really? I actually thought your post was satire at first. Indeed it still counts as a fine example of the genre even knowing you appear to be so earnest on her behalf.

      Surely you cannot mean the same Mrs May who forced cut after cut since 2010, undermining our physical and cyber security, a 4% cut in police budgets every year, the loss of 20,000 police? The 15% cut forced on the border agency? The one who was warned that such cuts were a threat to operational capability, and knowing that she created the “panic” fallback plan to use the army? The army on UK streets is neither wise or desirable.

      As one of those pensioners whose “reforms” you seem so keen on taking the hit to give her a “brand new start”, aka bully one-woman personality politics, I have paid in 50 years of NI, and I expect to die before I see a penny. In fact, the govt policies seem designed to make us die off more quickly just in case the nugatory and amazingly difficult to claim benefits for the sick and elderly were not already seeing off an additional 30,000 a year already (and rising). Now that’s not reform, that’s democide, death by govt. Please, if you want to have a great big dirty cull of all the useless eaters to further your Social Darwinist (eugenicist) future, just have the guts to say so. These fluffy warm posts cannot hide the stench of your policies. And BTW , in case you thought satire was dead, lets have a walk down memory lane to see the last time someone wanted a fresh start and a compliant public:-

  2. Really, I didn’t expect such a backlash of vitriol. You can not deny that such reforms, take welfare as an example, have stopped the cadging cheats who call themselves disabled from being the scourge of our resources. I heard one upstanding citizen only yesterday on the BBC commenting on how they sit on a couch all day, drinking and, watching plasma screen colour TV’s. Who is funding all this, the hard working people of this country, leaving these to laze at our expense. You really should get your facts right.

    1. Here’s a fact for you about welfare – the housing benefit ‘reforms’ that were intended to save £2bn per year by 2015 (eg bedroom tax etc) actually cost £1bn more and in real terms says the IFS and using official DWP figures.

    2. You are a complete and utter idiot who obviously finds their information from the pages of the Sun and the daily fail ,the disabled of this country have been subjected to an unprecedented attack since the start of this ideological austerity campaign .The poorest ,most vulnerable members of society hounded and vilified by the media and terrorised by the dwp .At a minimum 40,000 people have died,hundreds have taken their own lives,and the rest live in fear .All this and it has cost the government more not less money.Benefit fraud was a tiny 0.07% but that doesnt fit the conservative narrative so is ignored ,inconvenient truth sacrificed to right wing propoganda.If karma exists hopefully the likes of you will find out from the sharp end.

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