Strong and stable Tory CUTS make us all less safe and secure

Did you know the Tories have cut the police budget in real terms by £2 billion per year since 2010?  It was £13.62 billion in 2010 and now it is £11.7 billion which is a £37 million per week cut and over £5 million per day.

Did you know the Tories have cut the UK armed forces by 20,000 since 2010 too?

This is the fabled party of law and order who have made you, me and everyone else in the UK much less safe and secure by these strong and stable cuts.

Did you know that the Tories have let in far more immigrants and especially immigrant workers than the last Labour lot ever did?  Yes the same Tories who say Labour are the party of uncontrolled immigration which is what both Theresa May and Philip Hammond the Chancellor have said in the last week.

You are being lied to by the Tories and deliberately and knowingly lied to by them as all the above are that pesky thing called irrefutable fact.

Let me be clear I am not associating terrorist acts with immigrants or seeking to say that the Manchester atrocity was directed caused by either immigrants or the massive cuts to the security services – I am merely saying that the Tories have deliberately lied to you the electorate and they have committed strong cuts to those services that protect every one of us.

These cuts have been savage and deliberate and we are being fed the line that the UK is somehow less safe with Corbyn than May yet Corbyn has stated he will have 10,000 more police officers and he will fully fund the armed forces and security services.

The line is not less safe with Labour than with the Tories but less safe with Corbyn than May and Theresa May has chosen to personalise this election campaign as one between her and Corbyn, between the strong and stable May against the bogey man of Corbyn.  In doing so Theresa May has only exposed Corbyn to be a decent man who has policies that the electorate like and have been costed and exposed herself to be robotic and arrogant and has policies such as the Dementia Tax that are incredibly ill-conceived, that the public do not like one bit and which have not been costed.

The strategy of you must elect me as you could not possibly elect Corbyn so I can say and do anything I like as you will never elect the ‘unelectable’ Corbyn; this strategy has seen a 24% point lead dwindle to just 5% in the latest You Gov poll.

Trust me to get the best Brexit deal for Britain as you can’t trust Corbyn said Theresa May that is what the election is all about she said and even refused to debate with Corbyn such was her supreme arrogance on a personal and political level which is also an affront to democracy and an insult to the electorate who would just have to vote for her and not for him, the bogey man Corbyn.

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters  – Albert Einstein

May when having to defend her policies and herself as the electorate have seen Corbyn to be principled and decent and not the bogey an as the Tories portrayed has been found wanting, she has not engendered any trust in her abilities … which is probably why she dogmatically refused to debate in the first place!

This is not a U-Turn she asserted while everyone else said it was a U-Turn on Dementia Tax even the Tory friendly media.   The cap on this is in the manifesto she said but it isn’t. Her refusal to answer any questions at all in the powderpuff Andrew Neil interview and instead falling back on extremely vague slogans of strong and secure to any question looked extremely weak and also deceitful.

Now Theresa May has been hidden away from the public glare and it is said Amber Rudd will deputise for her in a leaders debate suggesting the electorate don’t deserve her time and Theresa May is far too (self?) important for such trivial matters as debating her policies!  She is aloof and distant and showing no leadership qualities at all – and in stark contrast to Corbyn who has been grilled far more intensely from the media and come out of this unscathed and showing he is not afraid to answer tough questions unlike May. There’s no duck and dive with Corbyn as there is with May.

Trust is what we all have to give when we vote.  It is not something you can simply say you don’t have to trust me because the other chap is not to be trusted and other vague assertions.

In Theresa May’s case this personal trust issue and the scrutiny of her policies is what she wanted to avoid more than anything with the Jeremy Corbyn in the bogey man strategy, which has spectacularly failed.  We now have to judge her in the same personal terms as we have always judged every potential prime minister we elect and in that and her proposed policies she has been found extremely wanting.

We also have the right and ability to judge her on her past policies as both a Tory minister and especially when it comes to her resign as the second longest Home Secretary in modern political history and specifically the police and security services and immigration.

Here are those facts I started this with and they read very very poorly indeed for Theresa May.

Theresa May’s Police Record

A near £2 billion per year cut to the police service in real terms too! Strong and stable cuts


Theresa May’s immigrant record


These show how May personally as Home Secretary has chosen to let into the UK far more migrant workers and also show she has let in far more immigrants than the last Labour ‘lot’ she and her party say who have uncontrolled immigration too!

Theresa May’s armed forces record

Everything the Tories do is said to be done ‘more efficiently’ including the cutting of 20,000 armed forces personnel from 2010 to 2018 … which they achieved by 2015 and 3 years ahead of schedule. Below is how the BBC reported this in 2015:

We are less safe and less secure as a country under the Tories.  Our armed forces and our police services require and deserve the correct level of funding they need and which has, like it or not, increased due to foreign policy such as invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and a point made by Corbyn in 2003 and by Cameron and Boris Johnson in 2006 and also made by two former heads of M15 with the greatest of all gravitas and credibility.

Corbyn this week in a very brave and honest speech said his policy will have 10,000 more police and will ensure the armed forces get the resources they need and deserve.  He did not shy away from difficult questions at an incredibly sensitive time after the atrocity in Manchester, which he could have done. He stood up and led on the issue in the full knowledge that the right wing media had analysed his speech for 24 hours before he said what he said and had their daggers drawn.

His speech it seems has the backing of 65% of the electorate in the only opinion polls and so does what he said and how he said it in such a very fraught set of circumstances so soon after Manchester.  He said it forcefully and diplomatically and that is real leadership unlike May on this issue who has largely been hiding and content to have a clear run of 72 hours of TV and media coverage yet said nothing of any note.

In fact the public have been saying how have you left s so insecure with the Police Federation especially critical of her significantly funding cuts to them which as the above shows is almost £2 billion per year in real terms and a 15% cut in funding.

Do an increased job police forces, a job with an increased threat and do it with 15% less money is what Theresa May’s record as Home Secretary has said ..


13 thoughts on “Strong and stable Tory CUTS make us all less safe and secure

  1. I am fed up of Tory lies, trying to hoodwink the public.Unfortunately most people are too busy with trying to make ends meet and family life to follow politics intensively. What you say is true and you have showed us the facts from political documents to prove it. Well done……….spread the word.

  2. Joe. If the statement: how much the law says you need to live on per week, for JSA is lawful then, how can local councils take money from people receiving JSA by charging them 25% council tax? Surely this is not lawful!
    Our local council charged 8.5%, then, 18.5% and now, 25%.
    Thanks in advance for any info.

    1. Entirely lawful. Council Tax is a separate charge like any bill which you pay out of your income.
      Council Tax Benefit was abolished in April 2013 and each local council now decides how much, if anything, those on benefit pay

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