LHA Maxima Cap – The really nasty Conservative policy the electorate knows nothing about

What does a Tory government mean with their LHA Maxima Cap policy? Their what?  You know the 6 year old policy that takes effect in 2019 …

  • No more domestic abuse refuges – Stay and be battered and abused women after all you did promise to obey!
  • No more homeless hostels – We’ve already put rough sleeping up 234% since 2010 and closed 4,000 hostel beds thus nobody cares so we will get away with not having a roof over many more heads
  • No more sheltered housing – You’ll have to put Mum into a care home and lose your inheritance with the Dementia Tax to boot!
  • No more supported housing whatever the vulnerability – Mental Health is not a real disability is it say the Conservatives and note well the Dementia Tax applies to long term disabilities and social care and support needs of all kinds not just Dementia and to adults of all ages.  A new inheritance tax at 100% rates that has insurance companies orgasmic as how much they will make off the ill health of the vulnerable!
  • The bedroom tax for pensioners -Even pensioners who are not under occupying will be hit with this in low rent areas as the Tories levy the hated bedroom tax on around 500,000 pensioners by this back door method in 2019

That is what the Conservative LHA Maxima Cap policy means and it is a policy that Labour have quite rightly committed to abandon in their manifesto.

Yet it is a policy that has never come up in this general election campaign, a six year old Conservative policy the electorate knows nothing about and a policy that will affect somebody we know over the next  five years and what you are voting for when you vote Conservative.

All of the above statements are true in this complex policy – and by complex I mean it is deliberately intended to be complex that it can’t be easily explained in the hope the electorate will not see what it means.

It is also a policy of Machiavellian deceit that sees the Conservatives able to blame local councils when (and not if) your local hostel, refuge, supported or sheltered housing service closes.  We gave your council the money they will say and hope you don’t see the complexity beneath this superficial deceit and lie.

In Conservative ideology, the LHA Maxima Cap policy (you know the one you haven’t heard or read about) dovetails beautifully with the Dementia Tax policy as the reduction in supported and sheltered housing provision the LHA Maxima Cap policy obviates means your loved one, your parents have severely reduced options to avoid the Dementia Tax.

Imagine the look on your Mother or Father’s face when they realise all of their hard work is all for nought when they can’t pass on their home to you and your children to give you a better start in life than they had?  At least they will stop fighting and die quicker though in much more pain and anguish than you could ever imagine when they believe they have failed you and your children by this asset grabbing Conservative policy.

It makes no odd that they have paid 30, 40 or 50 years of National Insurance to pay for their care in old age and they have been fed this lie all their working lives, they will know their home, their asset to give you a better start than they had will be forcibly sold by the Conservative friends, the insurance companies to pay for their care and sees the ideology of getting old a massive financial opportunity for the private sector and not a burden on the state.

If your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother gets a long term illness in the next 5 years the Conservatives will make them pay and will repossess the home they have bought and cherished with a lifetime of hard work and paying for.

If anyone you know in the next five years gets a disability, an incapacity, becomes homeless, needs to flee domestic violence and abuse or just simply gets old they are in dire straits indeed with the LHA Maxima Cap policy of the Conservatives.

This is the policy you have never been told about except in obscure blogs such as this: Indeed it was the reason I first started blogging when the Conservatives first raised the policy in July 2011 and despite being almost 6 years old it has received no coverage in the mainstream national media.

You would have thought issues such as you will have to put Mum into a care home as there is no sheltered housing or any female you know will not be able to find a domestic violence and abuse refuge or there will be far more people homeless including children would have been issue worthy of discussion in the national media.

Yet obviously not! The Conservatives know and use well that electoral truism of never underestimate the naivety of the voter and never more so than with their six year old LHA Maxima Cap policy!


6 thoughts on “LHA Maxima Cap – The really nasty Conservative policy the electorate knows nothing about

  1. I expect May will be allowing Sky to be sold entirely to Rupert Murdoch soon, that’s be the price of maintaining silence in most of the press. The public won’t hear about this even when it’s happening.

  2. This is the same with all the Tory social cleansing policies against social care, disabilities, mental health, learning disabilities , autism.
    It’s interesting how they secretly orchestrate these policies right the way through DWP, Local Authorities, Schools, Social Services.
    What is it in people that make them vote these evil people into power

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