A weak and wobbly is a long time in Politics … Hail Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn is electable and he has gravitas and credibility with a stunning leadership performance in the 2017 General Election … part 1.  Part 2 is an inevitability and has been from the exit poll announcement 12 hours ago and the next 12 – 24 hours is the critical time.

Not making rash statements or promises or speculating from all of the Labour Party is the key and Jeremy Corbyn should just sit back and watch the very publicly quiet Tories implode as they will.

Corbyn did not win the election yet the Tories lost heavily.

Let that sink in with the electorate as Theresa May is toast and what is the Tory and media political establishment knee jerk solution?  Boris Johnson!  Let that sink in too with the UK electorate as they will never vote him in as Prime Minister’ he’s a caricature and admittedly clever bumbling oaf yet he is never acceptable UK Prime Minister material.

You can even let May form a coalition with the DUP as that will unravel quicker than ‘strong and stable’ as the majority English UK electorate becomes aware of just how 18th Century the DUP views are!  Let the DUP fervent hostility to for example legalising abortion and so many other policies reflect on the Tory minority government and you will have the rest of the UK behind you when a new general election is called as it inevitably will be.

Be careful Mr Corbyn of the slightest comment from anywhere within your party, and it is very much your party as the right-wing media will jump all over it much more than the have in the last eight weeks.

You are the only credible leader of any political party to emerge from yesterday’s election and the media will be apoplectic about that.

You now have credibility and now need to prove your statesmanship.

Even those who voted Conservative will know you are credible, even they will have woken up this morning to some very strong coffee, however begrudgingly they may feel about that YOU are credible and credible as a Prime Minister as you have led your party from near oblivion and against hostility writ large within that party to a credible party of government.

Your manifesto in its detail and not just its costing was clever and there is no need whatsoever to embellish it with even more policies.  Your personal honesty and integrity has shone through and been liked immensely. That is something you cannot buy or teach or fake as so many politicians try; it is inherent and part of your DNA.  You are genuine and the real deal and so much more in-tune with the British public than anyone gave you credit for; don’t lose all that with rash and hasty utterings and make sure all of your party is similarly reflective.

Let the Tories implode as they undoubtedly will.

Let the public see the ambitious manoeuvrings of not just the immediately stated et tu Brute’s as Hammond, Johnson and Rudd have no credibility and are too much associated with May and failure in the ruthless eyes of the Tory establishment. Be wary of the many equally ambitious Tory MPs circling like vultures over Theresa May’s corpse whether it be Priti Patel and the younger MPs or IDS positioning himself as the steady caretaker leader of the post May Conservative Party and both of them were clearly positioning themselves in interviews late last night and early this morning.

Let the Tories implode!

In terms of the Labour Party you have many ambitious people too and mainly from the right of the party yet they are marginalised with that Blairite association despite the right-wing media referring to them as ‘heavyweights’ as those pundits could not believe that your (softish) left policies is what has turned around Labour fortunes so convincingly.

Getting rid of Abbott despite the outrageous and scurrilously racist and sexist diatribes against her in this election would be a smart move as she has no electoral credibility outside of her seat. The public need to see a ruthless streak in all Prime Ministers.

Barry Gardiner has shone in this election campaign and Barry Who on 18 April 2017 has become a real heavyweight today which neatly shows how yesterdays alleged heavyweights of Cooper, Umunna et al are what they are in former heavyweights not current ones.

Your loyal colleagues such as McDonnell and especially Thornberry have shone and have credibility and gravitas and represent a formidable front bench  … yet these were portrayed as no-hopers just 18 months ago and have become genuine political heavyweights.

Sit back Mr Corbyn and look at these huge positives and let the Tories implode as you have made the Labour Party a credible party of and for government which is a staggering achievement.

Enjoy what you rightly deserve





4 thoughts on “A weak and wobbly is a long time in Politics … Hail Corbyn

  1. The Prime Minister is going to have to separate Northern Ireland (leaving the EU) from the Irish Republic (staying in the EU) on terms that are satisfying to the Democratic Unionist Party, with whom she’s in coalition. She’s going to have to be amazingly good to keep everyone happy.

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