Women are second class say Theresa May, Michael Fallon and the Tories

What have Pink Floyd, Madness and Bessie Smith / Moody Blues all got in common?

Lyrics such as Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way, you’re an embarrassment and Go Now all describe Theresa May in song.

Hanging on in quiet desperation WAS the English way yet no more and all those who say Theresa May calling an election was the worst political decision ever have not properly considered her decision to get into bed with the DUP which is a thousand times worse … for the Conservatives and I say with glee!

Social media is concentrating now on the DUP’s position on LGBT and its incredulous position on Creationism which make the US Tea Party and the religious right there look like progressive.  Yet Theresa May has jumped into bed with such a regressive bunch of religious extremists who believe a woman does NOT have the right to choose what she does with her own body.

Eight weeks ago we were told Corbyn was unelectable. Today we know for certain that the Conservative Party is unelectable.

Theresa May has forever pissed off the female vote for the Conservative Party in her desperation and that will come back to haunt the Conservative Party for decades in electoral terms.  I say, with sheer unadulterated joy, that the Tories are unelectable for decades with this decision and that is the reality of this attempt by Theresa May to hang on to the last vestiges of power in acute desperation.

As soon as the electorate know what the DUP really stands for and what it stands against so fervently and zealously in being anti-abortion and denying a woman’s right to choose then the Conservative Party is in the political wilderness for decades.

The voters individual position on abortion itself is of no consequence.  The issue is the Conservative Party are in bed with lunatics who believe a woman does not have the right to choose.  That will rub off from the DUP to the Conservative Party without doubt, and the fact the Conservative Party is led by a woman and a childless woman will I suspect be played out in the media and by woman and especially Mothers.

Yet the real issue, speaking as a man and no man can possibly fully understand abortion and its many nuances as much as they may try, is how dare you say that a human being of any gender does not have the right to choose what they can legally do with their body.

Theresa May has alienated the female voter in perpetuity.

Michael Fallon when asked about the DUP’s ‘social conservatism’ on the Marr show this morning and said the DUP will support us on the critical issues alone.

A woman’s right to choose says Michael Fallon is thus NOT a critical issue!

Let that sink in!

You don’t need a feminist diatribe to see just how offensive the position of Michael Fallon, Theresa May and the Conservative Party is, though shortly the national media will be full of them and regrettably in my view.

Every article that attempts to say just how offensive a position this is will be called a feminist diatribe and polemic in an attempt to disparage the author and to downplay this truly offensive position of saying what a human being can legally do with their own body.

The electorate does not NEED feminist diatribes and polemics on this issue for the reason that they should never be needed on this issue.  Any man who believes a woman does not have the right to choose is not a man but a cave man fighting the dinosaurs the DUP believe are a hoax and never existed!

Would you Adam and Eve it!

Don’t let Theresa May and the Conservative Party hang on in quiet desperation, shout it from the rooftops that they have to Go Now!




6 thoughts on “Women are second class say Theresa May, Michael Fallon and the Tories

  1. Excellent blog, but I have just one proviso, I don’t want the Mad Nazi Bitch to jack it in I and many others who share my views, although we wished it had been Gidiot and the Pig Abuser or Dungcart Shit, we want to see her drown in the sea of shit of her own making, on live TV, 24/7 BB style, and when she comes up for air for the last time I might just send for the Emergency Service she’s so cruelly cut to the bone, though I fear it would be a waste of a 2nd Class Stamp!

  2. The trouble with May, is that she seems to have the knack of coming out of the pigsty smelling of roses – and I fear that, with the resignation of Tim Farron, this leaves whoever takes his place probably willing, and able, to back her to the hilt!
    Unfortunately, the Lib Dems got into bed with the Tories the last time they wanted some more power so, even if we can get rid of the despised DUP, it probably means the Lib Dems will support May for what they can get out of it and. no doubt, make life even worse for those who are at their wit’s end already.

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