The Grenfell Inquiry liar – Theresa May

On the 22 June Theresa May made a statement in the House of Commons over the Grenfell Tower fire.  This is what she said as Hansard records:

As the scale of the tragedy became clear we quickly decided there had to be an independent public inquiry. As I said to the House yesterday, it will be chaired by a judge to get to the truth about what happened and who was responsible, and to provide justice for the victims and their families who suffered so terribly … All those with an interest—including survivors and victims’ families—will be consulted about the terms of reference, and we will pay for legal representation for those affected. …

For too long residents have been overlooked and ignored. We will ensure that they are involved in every step of this process. No stone will be left unturned in this inquiry, and there will be nowhere for any guilty parties to hide. 

Now we see the independent judge criticise the narrow scope of the Inquiry and the media saying that Theresa May herself has set the narrow terms of reference and of course she has not consulted the survivors and victims families over the scope of the Inquiry at all.

Instead we have the media focusing on the judge appointed and not on the fact that Theresa May is breaching every one of her promises she made in the House of Commons.  This example from the BBC website is typical:

Sir Martin’s appointment last week has been widely criticised but a source has told the BBC that he is prepared to be “open-minded” and “very broad” in his inquiry.

Although the remit will be decided by the prime minister, it is understood the inquiry will consider in detail whether the nature of the building regulations contributed to the fire.

Notice how the BBC slip in that the remit of the Inquiry will be decided by the prime minister as an afterthought to the criticism of the judge.

This is the same Theresa May who said to parliament and the TV cameras that the remit will see the survivors and victims families consulted over that remit and they will be involved every step of the way and no stone unturned will be left unturned!

Why is the mainstream media focusing on the judge or what the local Labour MP says about the judge when the real issue is that Theresa May lied to parliament about what the Inquiry would be about.

How can Theresa May say For too long residents have been overlooked and ignored and then overlook and ignore them some more after giving them false hope in the first place that they would be fully involved!!


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