Benefit Cap Implementation Dates From 7 Nov to 23 January 2017

The cuts to the overall benefit cap do not all begin today and the implementation is being staggered from today, 7 November until 23 January 2017.

Below are the dates for each area and note the DWP says they could all be a week later too.

Those areas with the lowest expected number of capped households begin first and those with the highest expected number start last.






16 thoughts on “Benefit Cap Implementation Dates From 7 Nov to 23 January 2017

  1. Why on earth would they stagger them in… unless they know its going to be so calamitous that they want the most numbers affected to be just after x-mass so it doesn’t look like the clusterf*ck of a policy that it is; making sure that the evictions don’t start till after the “season of good will”, when it will then be out of the public consciousness and by coming in drips and drabs they can then say “see that wasn’t so bad was it?” when the evictions are spread out and can be hidden in the usual cyclic figures of evictions… after all, whats a few extra 100 a month by the time each has been processed. Hugely cynical move by the Department for Worthless Plebs (DWP).

    1. Agree – and another cynical aspect is that the full picture for each area only emerges a few weeks after each implementation date. What this means is that the true picture of say Birmingham and other high capped areas will not be fully recorded in the February 2017 scan of data. It will then only be recorded in the May 2017 data…. which will not be released until August 2017! So the numbers affected of this policy that begins today 07/11/2016 will not be known until mid August 2017 some 9 months later and by which time the public will have become accustomed to the eviction of children just as they are accustomed to food bank use today

  2. what a lovely country we live in when the government revered, much touted tax payer rubs his hands with glee at this. Workers will be evicted probably leading to lost jobs. Children wont do well at school, so future prospects ruined. Schools will lose funding due to falling pupil count.It goes on and on. This government once again goes for the short term gain – holding off the reality, so the gullible I’m alright Jacks can feel smug.

  3. Again the government will not be in the capped criteria the poir getting stepoed on once again they should get rid of the government’s way if claiming expenses why should they live confortable when everyone else is getting screwed

  4. Joe, is there anywhere we can find out how many households are affected in each area? I’d like to find out mine to challenge our MP and local authority about what they are going to do about it.

    1. Yes. DWP have given estimates to each LA so you can ask for them. Can also do FOI request for how many LA says affected, which is usually way more than DWP figures

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