Tories admit PIP assessments are a meaningless charade

The Tories have just admitted that the assessments for PIP are meaningless and nothing more than a charade.

MP George Freeman the head of the Number 10 Policy Board has just admitted this today on Radio 5 Live’s Pienaar Politics show and here is what he said:


The disability lobbies are fuming over these comments and rightly as Freeman is saying that mental health is not a real disability and the only ‘real’ disability is a physical or sensory one.  This is outrageous yet this focus misses a much much bigger point.

If PIP can only go “… to the most disabled”  and as the government want to make sure they “… get the money to the really disabled” then it means that the total amount of PIP paid out must be cash limited!

It means the government will NOT pay out more than a total sum and therefore means that the whole purpose of the claimed “assessments” for PIP are meaningless.

The reality of the Tory position is we have £x of money we are prepared to spend and we will not spent a penny more regardless of your disability.

The assessments are nothing more than pretence and a charade and a political device to infer that many disabled persons are faking it and/or have never been assessed previously.

Even if these assessments were fair and devoid of the huge controversy they rightfully received and evidenced more disability need that qualifies for PIP then that PIP would never be paid due to this cash limited aspect.

The fact the assessments are a sham is proven in the fact that over 60% of ‘failed’ assessments are overturned on appeal nationally – and some groups I know well such as F.A.C.E. and others have success rates of 98%+ for PIP and ESA appeals.

Here we see a Member of Parliament with no legal training or experience and a degree in geography saying he knows more about the law than high court judges as to what is and is not a mobility related disability – legal decisions that this non-legally trained chancer calls frankly bizarre!

Though it is kind of him to admit the real issue that regardless of the severity of your disability this Tory government will not pay you any benefit in order to pay for the huge added costs your face because of it.

When disabled persons do not get social security payments to enable their independence their quality of life suffers dramatically AND they give much higher public purse costs in terms of residential care and adult social care which lead to higher council taxes for all.

These additional costs are not borne by central government but transferred to local government budgets and the local taxpayer which is precisely the purpose of the Tories in cutting these PIP and other ‘welfare’ payments in the first place.

In summary I suspect there will be emotive outrage over the disgraceful attitude this Tory government is taking towards mental health and more widely to those with a disability. Yet all that does is play into the Tories hands and negates the real underlying issues of the sham assessment process and the transfer of much higher cost to local government who can then be blamed when and not if even further rationing takes place to all adult social care.


15 thoughts on “Tories admit PIP assessments are a meaningless charade

  1. Absolutely disgusting. Another way to kill of the Disabled. And leaving social care budgets totally to councils, means many are going to be left, without carers, or have their time cut. And wither away to die. Their major plan. It’s a shame there are not many more Disabled MP’s. Bot then with their salaries’, they don’t have the same worries, do they!! I wonder if any of them claim DLA/PIP. Like Cameron had the cheek to!!

  2. A PIP assessment is the same as the RAS for personal budgets. The fake news is that each individual is given to believe that funding is given to a more deserving person who in realty doesn’t exist. The assessments are factored to give a predetermined result of zero. It’s a highly sophisticated leading world economy tool version of ISIS social cleansing.

  3. my wife has had a letter to tell her her mobility allowance is stopping and she will be reassessed for pip she is waiting for 2 new knees they are so bad they are down to bone on bone she can’t hardly walk about the house apart from the fact she has arthritis every where else, it’s a joke they should spend a couple of hours in her shoes. the stress of all this is terrible

  4. My brother received a letter informing him that he has to transfer from DLA to PIP, he is insulin dependant, he has heart failure, only functioning at 19% he cannot stand up & walk around without passing out. He also developed acute Kidney & liver failure due to the side efforts of medication he was given after suffering three heart attacks before Xmas.
    The stress of waiting for the home assessment is making him worse.
    He received a letter last week from Atos saying that they had not received his forms.
    When his partner phoned them up to inform them, that his forms were photocopied and sent recorded delivery they soon changed their tune.
    It is absolutely disgusting what this Government is doing to the sick & disabled.
    I honestly believe that they hope he drops dead before he is assessed.

    1. Update on my brother John,
      My brother had his Atos assessment 7th April The stress of having to have this assessment ultimately took his life he passed away in his sleep this morning, the 9th April 2017

      Why did Atos put my brother through all this stress, they had the medical evidence how seriously ill my brother was, his heart was only working at 19%, he was asked can you walk to the bathroom, can you cook etc, My brother could not even stand up without passing out.
      The DWP should be made accountable for all these deaths.

      Rest in peace now my dear brother xxxx

  5. I know 5 people who have been told their forms were not received! I know 4 who were told they were sent an appointment for an interview they had missed and payments stopped! If they knew how the disabled dread the brown envelope arriving they would know that no way could you miss one arriving, never mind miss an appointment!! The whole process is terrifying!!

  6. Every single last one of them should be sacked. They should also be brought before an Independent Body who overseers Ministers actions within Government and made to explain themselves over this.

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