Grenfell survivors now sh*t on by Tory Government

Imagine you and your family survived the horrific Grenfell Tower fire and the last thing you’d expect is to be shit on by the Government which is exactly what has happened.

We know factually, Grenfell Tower survivors were mostly social housing tenants paying around £600 per calendar month in rent yet it had some private tenants paying £2300 per calendar month we are informed and for identical properties.

Today the Government says all surviving tenants will be housed LOCALLY and nobody is saying what that means in reality.  We see Laura Kuennsberg of the BBC tweeting this and a link to the government website where the new Housing Minister Alok Sharma specifically states this.  We see what are being termed “protestors” who are likely to be activists on TV media reading out a list of demands to say the tenants HAVE to be rehoused LOCALLY  … yet that terms means nothing and even they do not realise that!

To explain imagine you were a Grenfell social tenant paying £600 in rent per calendar month yet the only accommodation the council can rehouse you in LOCALLY is private rented accommodation at £2300 or more per calendar month.

That is likely to mean you have to give up your job as you cannot afford the rent.

That then means you have given up employment and therefore do not qualify for social security benefits and/or you are sanctioned too.

Central government cannot dictate to local government that someone must be rehoused locally anyway and if they do by some means then central government must ensure that surviving Grenfell tenants are at least no worse off.

So what about the £1700+ pcm rent differential and who pays that for the added cost of interim accommodation that the London Borough Council of Kensington and Chelsea have now put out calls for?

Then even if that rent differential problem is somehow solved and the government find a way to pay the additional £1700 per month and over £20,000 more per year in extra rent what then happens if the local council wish to offer a private sector rental to the surviving former Grenfell social tenant in order to bring their homeless duty to an end?

Will the ex SRS Grenfell tenant have their interim homeless accommodation taken away from them and the local council have no housing duty at all towards if that former social tenant household refuse such a move?

These are just some of the realities that makes the government announcement that all surviving tenants will be rehoused LOCALLY a meaningless vacuous statement that is bollocks.

Sky News this afternoon interviewed Kate Webb of Shelter and I found myself screaming at the television over her non mentioning any of the above.  Instead she focused on the local council exported 75% of their homeless cases anyway so questioned how they even could rehouse locally even in the private rented sector.

In short her focus was on the council and not the surviving tenant which says a lot about Shelter and how they perceive homelessness not from the person’s perspective but from the providers housing perspective which of in all cases this Grenfell situation demands the person be first, second and third priority!

The paucity and superficiality of thought an response to this tragedy beggars belief and imagine you are that former social tenant told you must have to take a private rental out else you will lose your interim temporary homeless accommodation!!

You haven’t just lost your home and suffered imaginable trauma you are then being fucked over for your new and far less secure home costing four times as much so you do not have a hope in hell’s chance of working again!


The vacuous statement from government today is here

Housing Minister Alok Sharma also confirmed today that working with Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, the Government will guarantee that every single family from Grenfell Tower will be rehoused in the local area.


8 thoughts on “Grenfell survivors now sh*t on by Tory Government

  1. I have tried on two separate occasions to share this post on Facebook and Twitter, but it appears as though it is being deliberately moved off my page after 2 or 3 minutes. It just disappears. Can anyone tell me why?


  2. Yet more proof that the state dumped those less fortunate into these hell holes because they have no time for most of them being council tennants and on benefits. However, there is now a price to pay for their under handedness

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